Taking one more step, the backs of her knees meet the edge of my bed. I push her down with a hand to her chest, and then hook my fingers in the waistband of her thong and strip her of that too. She’s completely waxed and smooth. I marvel at the sloping mound between her legs. I lust after what’s hidden behind the folds of delicate skin.

I decide to take my time with this part. This is my first time with the girl of my dreams and I want to make it last. I run my hand over the soft flesh and watch as her skin breaks out into goosebumps. Her breathing comes in heavy bursts, her chest heaving. She lifts her feet to rest on the bed, causing her folds to part just enough to slightly see the pink treasure within. Finally, after taking in the sight of her, I reach between her legs and spread her skin apart. My cock is so hard at this point it could break glass. Her wetness glistens from a swollen opening, as pink as her parted mouth. Her clit stands at attention.

“Fuck me,” she begs, but I have no intention of letting her get off that easily. No, I’m taking my time with this one.

I push her knees toward her chest, seeing just the hint of a cute little asshole. Her pussy spreads wider, the opening slightly gaping. I bend my head to taste her and sure enough, she’s as sweet as I knew she’d be.

Her moans grow louder as my tongue explores. I dive deep into her depths. She smells clean and … I’m not sure how to explain it other than horny. It’s a scent girls put off that triggers something in a man’s mind to drive them absolutely insane. Yet, of the other girls I’ve been with, there’s never been anyone who can devastate my senses the way she has. I have to hold myself back with every ounce of self-control I have, when all of me just wants to fuck the shit out of her.

Her moans fill the room as I finally make the journey up to her clit. My mouth wraps around it, not sucking just yet, not licking, more like embracing it like a warm hug. It drives her wild and she starts to move her hips until she’s humping my face.

“Fuck, you’re good,” she says, almost like she’s surprised.

She combs her fingers through my hair, her head lifting off the pillow, watching me with rapt attention as though she’s trying to figure out some puzzle that’s not entirely making sense.

I slip two fingers into her tight pussy and watch her fall apart.

If two fingers barely fit, how will my cock fit? I’m bigger than most guys. Definitely bigger than anyone on my team. There are a lot of naked dudes running around a football locker room, and my size doesn’t go unnoticed by my team members. They make jokes about me being half donkey, half man, and jokes about keeping me away from their girlfriends. I’ve picked up a ridiculous locker room nickname along the way: Elephant Cock. When I step into the showers after practice and games, everyone stands back as a joke as if they’re making room for me and the snake between my legs.

I feel her muscles clench around my fingers as I find the ridged surface of her g-spot and massage it. Her hips roll and her ass cheeks squeeze together. But still, I’m not ready to let her come just yet.

I pull out suddenly. She makes a slight sound of disappointment and opens her eyes to look at me. I wriggle out of my jeans and strip my shirt off over my head. Behind me, thrown on a table, are several condoms. I grab one and open it with my teeth. Her scowl turns into a look of wonder as I slip on the condom.

She reaches down and spreads her pussy lips wide. The air I’ve been holding in my lungs escapes. “You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.”

She bites her lip and smiles, then her fingers slip between her legs to play with her clit. The sound that escapes her lips as she rolls her clit between her fingers undoes me. I can’t take it anymore. I dive onto the bed, and settle between her legs

She screams as I shove my cock deep inside of her.

“Oh my fucking God,” she cries out. I can’t tell if I’ve hurt her at first. I almost pull out, but her hips start to roll and she thrusts her pelvis toward me, shoving me deeper inside her.

I take her small hips in my hands and start to fuck her like a wild animal. She growls and grunts, letting out the occasional yelp and scream. At times I wonder if she can be heard over the pounding bass.

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