Padding down the stairs I check my cell phone, and just as I’d expected, I see a dozen calls from the wedding planner. I don’t know if it was the pain medication that AJ’s been taking or the fact that we’re both so excited, but our wedding is turning into an over-the-top party. We set a date for next year, since we want AJ fully recovered so he can spin me on the dance floor. Most of all, though, AJ says he wants to be able to fuck me properly on our wedding night. Sex hasn’t been so easy in his recovery, although it’s harder to keep our sex drives in check so we’ve had to get very creative.

I scoop some coffee into the coffee maker and flip it on, stepping outside onto the deck to let the chilly air wake me up. I take a few deep breaths, centering myself for the day. After I told AJ I would be with him, things didn’t automatically slip into place. It’s been a bit of a learning curve learning to trust him and open up to him. But he’s only ever met me with kindness and patience, even on the days when he’s wracked with pain and frustration from his recovery. When I think back to my old defensive ways, I don’t even understand it. I guess a strategy I picked up in college to help me focus on my studies turned into a habit that kept me alone. Although I can hardly regret it now. All those years alone led me to my amazing career and eventually to AJ. The coffee maker beeps to let me know the pot is brewed and I go inside.

I walk slowly and carefully up the stairs balancing the tray with coffees. I told AJ not to get too used to this. I expect once he’s recovered he’ll be the one waiting on me. At least sometimes. I slip into our bedroom and I see AJ is still asleep. His chest rises and falls with his deep breaths, the white sheet draped over his waist. I see the outline of his morning erection against the linen. I can’t resist.

I quietly place the tray beside my bed and slip back into bed. But first, I take the bottle of lube out of my drawer. I squeeze a healthy dollop into my hand. I prop myself up on my elbow close to AJ and reach under the sheet. His cock jerks in my hand when I first touch it, but aside from that, AJ doesn’t stir. I rub the lube all over his hard shaft, coating it thoroughly. I feel a tingle between my legs as I trace my fingers over the veins running up and down his cock, as I circle my thumb around the swelling head.

I nip at his shoulder, wanting to taste his skin. I suck a little, getting turned on thinking about leaving a mark that his nurse may see later. I pump his cock in sure and steady strokes, and he starts to respond in his sleep. He lets out a long sigh, and his hips start to move, meeting my strokes. I squeeze my thighs together trying to quell the growing feeling between my legs but deciding instead to really take care of myself.

I roll over back to my table and grab my small vibrator. I turn it on low and position it just above my clit, held in place by my panties. I enjoy the feeling for a beat, adjusting the vibrator so it hits me just where I want it, and then turn my attention back to AJ, his erection now creating a full on tent with the sheet. I pull the sheet aside and take in the gorgeous sight. On my knees, I lower my mouth to him, and suck on the head. I’m ready for him to wake up now. I’m ready to play. Small, short strokes in and out of my mouth finally get me the response I’m looking for, and I feel AJ’s fingers weaving through my hair, massaging my scalp and urging me to take him deeper.

“Good morning,” he grumbles, his voice gravely with sleep.

I can’t respond with his dick in my mouth, but I snake my hand up his chest and pinch his nipple. His hips come off the bed and he hisses in response. “Fuck, do that again.” He loves it when I play with his nipples. I take his nipple between my fingers and pinch, hard. His hand creeps down my body, and lands on my panties. “What do we have here?” he asks, amusement in his voice when he feels my panties vibrating.

I let his cock fall out of my mouth and rest my head on his stomach, looking up at him. “I just found myself in a particular mood this morning,” I tell him.

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