“I think I can satisfy that,” he says. “Climb up, baby.”

I take off my panties and toss them and the vibrator aside. Carefully I straddle AJ, making sure not to put any weight on his leg, and being sure that he doesn’t try to move me himself. Just last week he forgot all about his injury while he was fucking me like this, and when he tried to flip me over, the pain was excruciating.

I ease myself down onto him, loving the sight of his massive cock disappearing inside me. When I’m firmly seated on him, I lean over and kiss him. “Now you remember the rules, don’t you, AJ?” I ask, lifting my hips just an inch and falling back down on him. He takes my face in his huge hands and captures my lips again, kissing me while nodding. “I do,” he murmurs.

I rock my hips again, eliciting a low groan from deep inside him. “Tell me,” I say, firmly.

“If I move too much, you stop,” he says. “And fuck. . .I don’t want you to stop.”

“That’s right.”

I stay low, my tits pressed against his chest, and fuck him slowly, raising my hips and taking him almost all the way out before I slam back down onto him. Our foreheads are against each other, and I love the sexy look of determination and concentration on his face. As much as he loves to be buried inside me, it’s an exquisite kind of torture for him to let me be totally in charge. But he has no choice. Until that apparatus comes off his leg, there’s no other way.

I sit up, and start bouncing on him, and his hands fly up to my tits, kneading them and holding them as they jiggle. He’s tweaking at my nipples and I feel a fresh burst of wetness flood me. Shit, it feels so good. I close my eyes and throw my head back, riding him now for just my pleasure, loving the way his cock can drag across my g-spot when I lean back.

Suddenly I hear the hum of my vibrator and see a devilish expression come over AJ’s face. He’s gently circling my clit with the toy. I stay in this position, giving him access to my clit and fucking him faster. I can only brace myself with one arm on his one leg, but when I’m this close to coming, I find I can hold any position, no matter how precarious.

The feeling is radiating from my clit and out to the tips if my fingers and my toes. Everything is starting to feel fuzzy, and my hips are rocking back and forth faster and faster. “That’s it, baby,” AJ says. “I want to see you come for me.” That’s all I need. I was tight as a trip wire and the sound of AJ’s voice sends me over. I fall forward, fucking AJ furiously as wave after wave breaks over me. AJ frees his hand from between our bodies and grabs my ass. He holds my ass firmly against him and I feel him shake underneath me as his hot cum shoots inside me. I feel the vibration of his moan in my body more than I hear it. Finally, his hands relax on my ass and I roll over to my side of the bed, completely spent.

I look over across the pillows at AJ, he’s looking at me and he has a huge smile on his face.

“Morning,” he says.

“Morning,” I reply.

And we stare at each other just like that. And I love this feeling of never wanting to run from him ever again.EpilogueClaireWaking up in this gorgeous house is still a surprise to me. Even though I’ve lived here for a year, and I feel perfectly at home, I still can’t believe how absolutely settled I feel. How different my life is now. Being with AJ has changed everything.

Professionally I couldn’t be any better. Hope Center is a model of excellence, and doctors from around the country come to us all the time trying to improve their own clinics. I’ve even been asked to speak at conferences, and as much as I enjoy treating patients, I’ve found my true passion is making health care systems run better. I love brainstorming with nurses and doctors and administrators, trying to find ways to increase positive patient outcomes and experiences. And after the months of taking AJ to doctors’ appointments and physical therapy, I gained a whole new perspective on what it feels like to experience these places as a patient.

AJ and I have been home from our honeymoon for a week now. As much as tabloid pictures almost derailed our relationship, we actually took a lot of pleasure in selling splashy pictures of our wedding and from our honeymoon to the tabloids. We raised a ton of money for the second Hope Center, and I have to say, I have a taste for this exhibitionist lifestyle.

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