It’s been a year now since AJ’s been pain free. That first year of recovery was rough. He could hardly move without the pain torturing him. But after a few surgeries and physical therapy, he’s back to his old self, and he’s definitely making up for the intimate time we missed.

He begins to stir behind me in bed as I rub my naked butt against him. He makes a groggy sound of approval. His hand cups my ass and spreads me so he can ease into my eagerly awaiting pussy. I moan as he fills me. Neither of us seem to be in any hurry. It’s a lazy morning; being together feels too good to rush things. He slowly thrusts into me while I push back onto him, creating a perfect rhythm. His strong arms hold me tight, his hands gripping my breasts, fingers rolling my hard nipples while he kisses the back of my neck.

“Good morning, wife,” he whispers in my ear before gently biting my shoulder and pushing harder, making me gasp. He reaches around, toying with my clit.

He pulls out of me, leaving me empty and hollow. I make a sound of disappointment. He chuckles.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’m far from finished with you,” he says.

He rolls me onto my back and spreads my legs wide. He kisses me deeply, our tongues twisting in a sensual dance that wakes up my body and sends a shiver through me. His lips part from mine and kiss their way down my chin, lingering for a moment at my neck before finding their way to my breasts. His tongue works furiously at my nipples, flicking and sucking, sending electricity straight to my clit as if the two parts of me were connected.

“Holy shit,” I say as my clit hardens and pulses.

He releases my erect nipple from his mouth. It’s swollen and bright pink from the attention. Kissing his way down my stomach, he finally reaches the spot I’ve been craving. His delicate kisses cover the mound of soft waxed flesh. Taking the outer lips into his mouth he sucks and stretches them, bringing even more blood flow to the area.

I gasp and moan when his tongue finally searches out my clit. He laps at it, gentle, but firm, making these glorious circles that have my body singing. My wetness spills out of me, dripping down my asshole.

Stretching my legs wider, opening me, his long tongue dives into my eager hole. “Oh fuck,” I cry as he tongue-fucks me vigorously. I spread my pussy lips wide to give him plenty of room.

He groans. “God, you have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen.”

“Let’s watch the thing,” I suggest.

He stops abruptly, looking at me with a wide smile, his lips glossy from my wetness.


I smile back at him. “Yeah.”

He gets up and takes his phone, attaching it to the big screen TV on the wall of our bedroom.

One night, when we were feeling particularly naughty, we decided to record ourselves. It’s been months since we recorded it, and yet we haven’t watched it together.

I’m a little shocked at first to see my naked body up on the screen. It’s so strange to see myself like that. In the video, AJ is holding the phone, focusing in on my spread legs and my glistening pussy. I have to admit, as far as pussies go, mine is pretty. The skin is soft and pink and wet. The camera shakes just a little as he puts two of his fingers inside me and slowly finger fucks me.

AJ comes back to the bed while still watching us on TV. “Hands and knees,” he orders. I do what I’m told. He climbs behind me so we’re doggy style and we both have a perfect view of the TV. He pushes into me from behind. I wince as he bottoms out. It takes me a moment to get used to this depth, but the pain and pressure soon subside into bliss.

The video shows the first time we tried anal together. I remember being so nervous. I was convinced he wouldn’t fit. We bought a bottle of lube as well as an egg vibrator that night. The video cuts out for a moment while he sets up the tripod for the phone and he zoomed in on my ass. He makes me so comfortable with my body that I’m not embarrassed seeing my exposed asshole filling up the TV screen. With anyone else it would have been awkward, but he makes me feel sexier than I’ve ever felt in my life, and so I like seeing myself that way.

He lathered up his fingers and pushed them into my asshole. My moans were low and steady throughout the video. I remember the feeling being strange, but not painful. He worked my asshole with his fingers for a long time, continuously adding lube until the strangeness turned into pure pleasure.

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