I straightened from the door and walked over to her. Stopping a couple of feet away from her I held out the thin sheaf of papers in my hand. She took them from me wordlessly and glanced at it.

“Ah, the contract… and NDA. So quickly,” she murmured.

“Yes, I had my solicitor draw it up as we drove here. It’s pretty standard stuff.”

“Do you have a pen?” Her voice was small, defeated.

It made me angry. I didn’t want her to be small and defeated. I wanted her to be wild and strong. “Don’t you want to read it first?”

“Not really.”

I frowned. “Haven’t you learned anything from your dealings with Salvatore? Read the contract. It’s only a page long. You can go through the NDA tomorrow.”

“Okay,” she said.

I brought my pen out of my pocket and handed it to her. Then I headed over to the velvet armchair that directly faced the bed and settled into it.

Silence descended upon the room as she went through the contract.

There wasn’t a time in my past when I would have sat down to watch someone read a contract. I’d have been bored to tears, but I couldn’t stop watching her. It seemed as if she wasn’t quite reading the thing. Just letting random words jump out at her. She exhaled softly and lowered the documents to her lap. Then she uncapped my fountain pen and began to sign, date, and enter her address into all the places that required it.

A quiet excitement buzzed through my veins. Now she was mine.

When she was done, she placed the signed papers on the bed next to her and raised her eyes towards me.

“Let your hair loose,” I said.

She lifted her arms to undo the pins that held up her hair and I saw again the ugly bruises the two-bit hustler had left on her skin. It made me angry. I examined the emotion curiously. Strange, anger was not an emotion I associated with women. Actually, other than the deep feelings I had for my mother, I never felt anything for the female species. Other than lust, of course.

Shiny blonde hair fell in a cascade down her shoulders and back. Her beauty took my breath away.

“Good. Now, strip,” I ordered.

Her blue-eyed gaze collided with mine, and what I saw in them sent a powerful kick to my libido. I was used to timidity, flirtatiousness, eagerness to please, sometimes even fear in the women I took to bed, but never outright defiance and smoldering hate.

“Changed your mind, Skye?” I taunted, when I knew she had done nothing of the sort. She was so desperate to save her father and get out of Salvatore’s clutches she would have sold herself to Shylock himself.

She didn't say a word. She didn't look away from me, and she didn’t stand either when she hooked a hand under the thick strap of her white dress and let it slip off one shoulder. She was trying to make the strip as unsexy as possible. She had no idea. There was nothing she could have done to make this less sexy. The other strap followed, a couple of buttons at her side were unhooked, and the material slid down her torso.

She was wearing a nippleless lacy black bra. I knew instantly she would be wearing matching crotchless panties, and that the hustler had forced this unimaginative paraphernalia of a sexual slave on her. I let my eyes travel over her pink nipples and creamy skin and felt my dick hot and hard against my stomach.

She had to do a slight shimmy to get the dress off her hips and down to her knees. Then the dress slid down her legs and pooled at her feet. I saw more blue-black bruises on her hip which pissed me off. She sat in her matching slut’s bra and panties and stared at me as though she was hoping I wouldn’t ask her to go any further than this.

As if that were possible.

I always got my money’s worth.

“Open your thighs. Wide,” I commanded.

She pressed her lips together, looked away from me, and spread her legs. And I saw what I had stolen away from her captor. Both her inner thighs had ugly bruises, but inside the crotchless panties her pussy was young, freshly shaven, and sweetly pink. It looked like a fruit that had just been cut open to reveal the juicy insides. My mouth began to water.

“Take off the bra.” I could hear the sexual tension in my voice. I was holding myself tightly in check. I wanted her on my face and rocking that pretty pussy into my mouth.

She reached behind her and pulled away the offensive garment. Her full, gorgeous breasts popped into view.

I stared at the erect mounds. The pale pink buds were flat and unaroused. I liked that. It aroused the hunter in me. I’d never had any woman so unaffected in my presence before.

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