Suddenly, she lifted her face to mine. There, exactly how I liked her. Defiance, hatred, and something else swirling between us. I could already feel her neat little pussy stretched tightly around my cock.Chapter 9SkyeIt took everything I had to keep staring into the raw hunger in his piercing eyes. Thanks to the ridiculous panties Salvatore insisted I always wear I was basically naked. And my legs were open like a whore’s, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing how exposed, humiliated and vulnerable I felt at being treated like a piece of meat.

I stared at him defiantly until something strange happened, the feelings of shame and humiliation dissipated and were replaced by something else. Something that had never happened with Salvatore. I was becoming wildly aroused. The throbbing between my legs was becoming an unbearable ache. Even though I tried to damp it down, thick liquid started to ooze out of my sex. I wanted to clench my thighs together to hide the wetness, but I knew if I did I would only be calling attention to my own shameful lust.

Thank God, the room was lit by just the bedside lamp behind and to the left of me, and maybe, just maybe those translucent wolf’s eyes could not see what was happening in the shadows between my legs.

He stood and I froze. I thought he was going to approach me, but he sauntered over to a bank of switches on the wall and turned one on.

“Damn you,” I swore under my breath as I squinted in the harsh light that poured down on me. My only refuge was gone.

As my eyes adjusted I realized the light only illuminated the area I was sitting in. The rest of the room was still in the shadows. I could barely make him out anymore as he returned to the armchair and lowered himself lazily into it.

“Play with yourself, Skye. Make yourself come.” It was a command, but it was strangely seductive.

I drew a sharp breath of shock. No one had ever asked me to masturbate while they sat in the shadows and watched. I didn’t want to do it. The thought of letting myself go and climaxing in front of a fully clothed stranger made me shudder. But as if on autopilot my hand moved towards my sex to comply with that silky command. The willingness of my body to obey him, even against my will made me realize I had sold myself to the devil himself.

Gently, my fingers circled my clit.

“Finger fuck yourself,” he called out from the darkness. There was something new and cruel in his voice. He didn’t want softness. He wanted to keep it callous and unemotional. He wanted me to behave like a prostitute.

My teeth sank into my bottom lip to keep it from trembling, but I complied. I pushed two fingers into myself. The rough entry made a squelching sound, and an involuntary sound escaped from him.

That was the moment everything changed.

That was the moment I knew. I was not a pitiful creature he had bought. One who could be made to open her legs and treated like a whore. I had the same power Delilah had over the mighty Samson. One day I could get him to cut his hair.

And he knew it too.

I licked my lips and with my other hand I touched my nipple. I let my thumb flick at the swollen peak. In the shadows, I saw him stiffen. Moaning softly, I pinched my nipple and increased the speed of my fingers. I couldn’t climax in this way, but this was not for me. This was to bring him to his knees.

Falling back on the bed I raised my legs in the air and slowly opened them into a big V. I stretched my legs as far as they would go, until they were almost touching the bed. Now he could see all of me. The slutty panties would even give him a view of my butthole. As I could no longer see his reactions I carried on fucking myself, I knew I had to be careful not to make my show last too long. I didn’t want to bore him.

With a groan, I arched my back sensuously, clenched my body, and started to shake as I went into my big orgasm act. I’d gotten very good at it with Salvatore. It was a necessary evil. Sometimes it would cut the time he pumped into me by less than half.

When I finished my performance, I lay on the bed panting, my legs collapsed on the bed on either side of me. I knew his eyes were focused on me. I could feel them watching me. I didn’t know what came next, but I imagined he would come over and have sex with me. It shouldn’t have, but the thought of being under his strong, lean body excited me. Made my sex tingle.

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