For a few seconds there was silence in the room, then I heard the sound of clapping.Chapter 10Luca

-Sweet Child O’ Mine-I stopped clapping as she raised herself on one elbow to squint into the darkness. There was something arrestingly beautiful about the pose she had unconsciously adopted. It had been quite fascinating to watch the routine she’d put on, but this, this unrehearsed response was what I had bought.

Her face was a myriad of fleeting emotions, all of which I could guess. I dealt with criminals on a daily basis, for me this woman was an open book, all her feelings displayed clearly on her face.

“Do it all again, but this time for real,” I said.

“W-what?” she breathed, her eyes large with shock or dread.

“Scoot up to the pillows. Lay against them. Open your legs, and start all over again,” I explained in a bored voice.

At first, she didn’t react, then she flopped back on the bed, and stared up at the ceiling. I supposed she was weighing her options. My cock was hot and heavy, but I was in no hurry. She had no options. Minutes passed while she ran through the possibilities open to her.

Then she did something authentic. Something that made me lean forward with interest.

She ripped the vulgar panties off her body and flung it away. There was genuine passion in that action. She detested them as much as I did. All of my attention narrowed in on that moment. Without even a glance in my direction she crawled towards the pillows. I watched her pussy with the greed of a fucking caveman. She positioned herself so I could see her face clearly. It was full of fury and insubordination.

She hated my guts. And that was exactly how I wanted it.

“Open your legs more,” I commanded.

She spread her legs further apart.

“That’s better,” I murmured approvingly. Now I could see every part of her.

“Fuck you,” she lashed out.

I stilled and so did she.

I stared at her and she stared back... I could see the fear in her eyes, but her mouth was tight and her gaze hard. She was refusing to take the words back or even apologize. She stared at me as though she hated me with every fiber of her being, and was not afraid to let me know it. And I loved it. A woman who stood up to me. Well, well.

Suddenly, I was desperate to be inside her, but I didn’t want her to know just how much I wanted her. And even more than the urge to fuck her senseless was my need not to let her win this first round.

“Only one of us is getting fucked tonight and it won’t be me. Now carry on,” I said softly.

She swallowed. It was a mixture of relief and fury. Then she grabbed her mound roughly and my breath caught in my throat at the sudden and violently sensual move. I was more aroused than I ever thought I could be as I watched her face. I couldn’t believe such a girl had been with that slime, Salvatore. But the ugly blots on her hips and the insides of her thighs never let me forget. I hated that he had made them. I wanted them to be my bruises. Marks I’d made.

Her thumb began to massage the area around her engorged clit.

I could see now that she was also becoming aroused. Despite how hard she tried to fight it, the muscles of her lower stomach were beginning to softly contract, her eyes were becoming glazed.

My skin prickled with excitement as she slipped her middle finger between the slit and began to stroke along the length of it. I felt my cock double in size.

She couldn’t hold back her moan, it was low, almost a sigh, and of a completely different timbre from the ones she had entertained me with earlier. Despite how soft it was the sound floated over to me. Her neck arched, exposing the long whiteness of it. Then she slipped her soaked finger inside her little pussy, and my entire pelvis went numb.

She ground her hips upon that finger, her eyes now barely open, before allowing another finger to join the show.

“Three fingers!” I rasped, my voice hoarse and strained, foreign even to my own ears.

She responded intuitively and immediately to the command. A third finger joined the ones that were already inside her and then her back arched. She pushed gently in and out of her at first, and then her speed increased.

In almost the blink of an eye she went from a languid and slow rhythm to fast and almost brutal thrusts as she finger-fucked herself. My mouth dried as I watched her hips respond eagerly to the onslaught, pumping uninhibitedly to the rhythm of her fingers until her moans broke through.

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