Oh God!

I flopped back on the bed and closed my eyes. The way I had behaved last night. I cringed with the memory of me ravenously sucking my own juices off my fingers. That was totally, completely, and utterly not me. I was actually extremely conservative and unadventurous in bed. I didn’t like giving blowjobs, no back-door, no threesomes, no BDSM, not even light spanking. Once, when Salvatore lost his temper, he told the truth of what he really thought of me and called me frigid.

I had no idea what had come over me last night, but I was unrecognizable to myself. I wanted him inside me, and desperately. Unbidden the reel of the best orgasm I had ever had in my life began to play in my head. That orgasm was so strong, so overwhelming, it felt as if it had pulled my soul out of my body. Even now my body began to crave the same kind of release again.

I pulled my thoughts around sharply. Beyond the discovery that such orgasms existed even for me, my situation was hardly anything to celebrate.

I had sold myself to another man, and I was now the prisoner and sexual plaything to a cold, ruthless beast of a man. I thought of his translucent eyes again. How icy they were. Even when his mouth was on my sex and he was looking up into my face.

Other things fluttered into my head. Things I didn’t want to think about. Like that powerful, irresistible attraction I felt for him. It was almost as if he had some strange dark power over me. I had felt it the moment our eyes met. Almost as if I belonged to him. Of course, it was no such thing. Nobody belonged to a man like that. And he couldn’t have made it clearer. I was just a sex object to him. If nothing else his abrupt exit last night was the clearest declaration of that fact.

I reached for my phone and looked at the time. It was actually already half-past seven, but the thick curtains had kept the light out of the room. It was too early to call my dad, but I promised to go see him later, and I had to somehow arrange the visit with Luca’s staff. I got off the bed and naked, padded over to one of the windows. I pulled the curtains open, and gasped. It had snowed during the night and the grounds were covered in a blanket of white.

I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

Wow! How lucky anybody who lived like this was. For a long time, I let my eyes drink in the special peace and quiet that came from centuries old trees standing in the soft snow.

Eventually, I headed to the gorgeous bathroom. To my surprise the marble floor was not cold on my bare feet. I had never experienced underfloor heating before and I relished in such delicious luxury.

I got into the glass cubicle and turned the shower on.

The powerful cascade washed over my body, and I basked in its soothing warmth. I squirted some body wash onto my hands, but I felt almost hesitant to touch myself.

It reminded me too much of last night and him… the cold, pitiless gaze in his eyes, the quiet steel of his voice, and the pure magic of his lips and hands. Deliberately, I forced his image out of my head and swiftly washed myself.

After my shower, I slipped into a thick bathrobe that had been neatly folded on a blue and white armchair. I used the hairdryer and finger dried my hair. It didn’t look too bad. Then I brushed my teeth using one of the travel packs that had been laid out neatly next to the basin.

There was nothing for me to change into so I put on my white mini again. I wondered if I should run over to my apartment to get some clothes, but I remembered one of the conditions of the contract I signed was all necessary provisions for my wellbeing within the stipulated period of thirty days including shelter, meals, residence, and attire was to be provided by only him.

As I was getting into my shoes my phone began to ring. It was Katie, my best friend. She had seen me through some bad times, that was for sure.

“Skye,” Katie’s airy voice came through, and boy was I happy to hear it. “Where are you?”

I remembered the first time she asked me this question. When I had first hooked up with Salvatore. She had asked me where I was and I couldn’t answer. Only after she had threatened to go to the police and report me as missing, had I finally spilled the truth.

At first I had begged her not to interfere in my life, but Katie was like a terrier. She never gave up. In the end, it was a great relief to tell her, and although difficult to admit even to myself what I had done, I had needed someone to cry my heart out to. Someone who didn’t judge me.

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