“Seared scallops with parsnip cream and spicy shrimp tapas,” she announced as the girls placed our plates of starters in front of us, and poured wine into our glasses. All the while I never took my eyes away from Skye’s, and as if hypnotized, she couldn’t pull her gaze away from mine.

The need to possess her was so strong, again I wanted to sweep the food, wine, and bread off the table, and mate with her for days. Until I could put her away from me and walk away in the opposite direction of her and her troubled life.

Pulling my hand away from her warm skin, I picked up my glass of wine and took a sip. As I released her gaze I felt her expel her breath in a rush of relief. The wine felt cool on my tongue. Later, I would taste her on my tongue.Chapter 16SkyeIf I had hoped for an uneventful dinner I would have been very disappointed. He had come so quietly he had startled me out of my own dream world, and now I found it hard to find my equilibrium.

To start with I was already in a complicated mood. On one hand, I was ecstatically happy to know my father was finally going to get the best care possible, but on the other, I felt like a cat on a hot tin roof about my own situation. Being with Luca was nothing like it had been with Salvatore. With the other I was in full control of my feelings and the way my body responded. The only emotions I ever experienced were either shame or disgust, both of which I could handle.

With Luca, I was like dry tinder. One touch and I went up in flames.

Even just now, when he touched my throat, the desire to have his tongue on me again, and to know what his cock inside me would feel like, was so strong I felt heat radiate out of my core. It made my skin feel extra sensitive and I could feel my skin begin to flush.

Luca highly intrigued, attracted, and confused me.

He was so mesmerizing and all I wanted to do was keep on staring at him, but I forced my gaze to drop to my plate. Away from his wolf’s eyes and the scar running down his cheek that his dark evening stubble made more visible. It made him sinfully gorgeous.

What the hell was the matter with me? I stared at my food. It looked more like a piece of modern art than a plate of food. But I could still feel myself free-falling down an unknown abyss, where there was only darkness and those eyes, those translucent eyes watching me fall. Jesus, I really had to get a hold of myself. Before I did something really stupid… like fall in love with him.

I was already acting in ways I never normally would dream of.

Like wearing this red dress tonight. Why had I done it? Did I want him to see me as someone regal and sophisticated and not some woman he had acquired from a two-bit hustler? But how could I possibly want him when he had made it so damn clear all he wanted from me was sex? When he had shown not one ounce of affection. In fact, if I was truly honest with myself he treated me more like a prostitute than Salvatore had ever done. Salvatore had always wrapped it up with indulgence, endearments, presents, and looks of adoration.

I picked up my knife and fork and cut into a golden scallop. I put a tiny dollop of the parsnip cream on it, and slipped it into my mouth. It melted luxuriously on my tongue, and was truly the most delicious thing I’d ever eaten. If I had been with anyone else I would have made a long ‘mmmm’ sound of appreciation, rolled my eyes, and enthusiastically commented on how delicious it was, but with him I was like a frozen statue.

I stole a glance at him and saw no appreciation at all for the delicious food. He appeared to eat his food in the same way I would eat a slice of toast. As if it was not special at all.

Reaching for my glass of wine, I lifted it to my lips and took a sip, and without me realizing it my eyes had found his scar. Something about it drew me. From the first moment I had seen it, I had wanted to run my fingers along the mangled line.

He must have felt my gaze, because he turned suddenly and caught me staring at it. I quickly returned my eyes to my meal, but it was too late. I had fully incited his attention.

His eyes remained on me as I put my glass down and tried to stab a spicy prawn as casually as I could and bring it to my lips. Self-consciously I chewed on the flesh and swallowed, but the heavy silence that filled the space between us made me feel like I was swallowing a tasteless stone. I couldn’t take it anymore. I cleared my throat.

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