“Did you have a good day?” Great, my voice worked. A bit strained but it sounded clear and calm enough.

“Please do not engage in small talk with me,” he said quietly and carried on eating.

My eyes widened with astonishment. He actually intended to have this whole meal in complete silence. The message couldn’t be clearer: in his opinion nothing I said could be of value and talking to me would be a bore.

Well, I also had a message of mine to send. I allowed my fork to clatter to the plate and it rang loudly in the silence, but I didn’t care. That was the point. Shame my heavy chair made no sound on the plush rug as I scraped it backwards, and rose to my feet.

“In that case, there is no point in me sitting here,” I told him, my voice shaking with emotion. “If you need me later on, you know where to find me.”

A part of me expected him to be rough with me, to grab my hand and pull me back down, but instead he watched me, his light eyes utterly unreadable.

I turned around to walk away and he didn’t stop me. My knees were trembling, in anticipation of retribution.

“Come back and sit down,” his quiet voice cut across the room.

I froze mid-step. Slowly, I turned back around to face him. My lips parted slightly with a response but nothing came out. My blood was roaring in my ear. With a mix of anger and fear churning in my chest I tried again. “What for? It’s clear I have no value for you other than sex. I will wait for you in bed.”

A smile appeared on his lips, but it was brief and mocking. “Is bed the only place you have sex in?”

My mind had gone blank. I swallowed and tried to think of a suitable retort, but there was nothing in my head.

His gaze bored into mine as he leaned into his chair, and the confidence emanating from him felt like a punch to the gut because once again he had succeeded in making me feel gauche and naïve. He picked up a small device on the table and pressed one of the buttons on it. Then his hand went to the buckle of his belt as he said, “Come here.”

I felt my eyes open wide with shock. “The staff…” I whispered in horror. “Any one of them could come in and see us…”

“I’ve activated the Do Not Disturb sign,” he said with a careless shrug, as he rose to his feet and started walking towards me.

My heart jumped into my throat and a lie came to my lips. “I need to use the bathroom first.”

He stopped and looked at me with those unreadable eyes. “No lies, Skye. Remember?”

I stared at him like a deer caught in headlights. “Sorry,” I whispered.

He continued his approach and suddenly, without warning, I felt terror seize me. A deep-seated fear that had me on the edge of sprinting. Not because I didn’t want him to touch me, but because I wanted him to… desperately. I already knew he possessed the ability to bring to life something in me I’d never suspected lay buried inside me.

I tried to stand my ground, but my legs took on a life of their own. They began to retreat until my back hit the wide double doors, and there was nowhere else to escape.Chapter 17Skyehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfSN_lJ7cuw

-When I need You-His eyes never left mine, and I stared hypnotized into those truly strange and exciting eyes. I was trembling and my heart was pounding so hard in my chest my blood roared in my ears. I remained frozen even when his hand touched my cheek. It felt like hot coals on my skin. I inhaled deeply and breathed in his scent. It was unbelievable the effect this man had on me.

I tried my hardest to act unaffected but failed miserably when he curled his hand till his knuckles replaced his palm and brushed them gently across my cheeks. I could feel the flush spread across my face like a burn.

Then his hand reached my bottom lip and his gaze dropped to the quivering flesh. Using the smooth pad of his thumb he pulled my bottom lip down, let it go, then watched it bounce back into place with a curious expression on his face. The only way I could describe the look in his eyes was the way a cat plays with a mouse. Pawing it; throwing it in the air and letting it run; catching it again with quick reflexes; letting it run…

Slowly, his gaze returned to mine. Kiss me, my heart pleaded, but I was still sane enough not to say it aloud. My hands clenched into fists by my side. I was aching with the gnawing need to grab him and kiss that sensuous mouth, or to push him very far away from me.

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