“Look at me!” he growled.

The quiet threat in his tone frightened me and I swiveled my head around.

He had his cock out, and it was the most massive, thickest, most aggressive looking cock I had ever seen. Throbbing veins snaked along the smooth skin. Something strange happened inside me. The hate was replaced by liquid desire. It flowed into every crevice and cell inside me.

I wanted that angry, untamed cock deep inside. Deeper than any man had gone before. I felt close to combusting and needed my release. Afterwards, I could run away and hide, but now…

My hips jerked shamelessly forward with the strength of the need clawing inside me. Gripping the base of his cock he pushed it along the slit of my sex to spread my slickness all over the shaft. With his gaze boring into mine, he bent his knees, positioned the thick head of his rock-hard cock at my entrance, and rammed it into me in one vicious thrust.

I hissed.

He was so big for a second I’d felt as if I’d been split open. Then my head fell backwards as I relished the unfamiliar sensation of being that stretched. He thought he had hurt me and stilled, but he didn’t know I had welcomed the sweet pain. I wanted it this way. The way beasts did it. Wild, and without apologies. Without pretending anything.

Pinned to the door, I ground my hips on him, the soaked, engorged bud of my clit rubbing desperately along his skin.

“Don’t stop,” I urged, unable to take the torment any longer.

“Beg for it,” he growled.

“Fuck me, Luca. Please fuck me,” I snarled back.

I’d lost control. I didn’t care about anything else except the need to feel the delicious friction of him moving inside me. My hands went to his ass and I fought to pull him even further into me, but his body was like sculptured granite. I couldn’t move him even an inch. I couldn’t stop my cry of frustration.

“Please, Luca, please,” I pleaded. I felt nearly half-mad with desire.

He stared down into my desperate eyes. Hard lust and satisfaction were mixed in his. Then he started to withdraw out of me. Without thinking I slipped my fingers into his hair and pulled hard, trying to draw him towards me. He didn’t seem to feel it.

His large hands cradled my hips. Then his knees lowered a little more, and he finally gave me what I wanted. He slammed into me. Hard. With that one thrust, he hit a spot inside of me that no one had ever reached, and I felt a pleasure I’d never known before start radiating out. I was filled to bursting and had never felt more complete. Even the pain from the thickness of his length was inconsequential as I reveled in the ecstasy of being so completely possessed by him.

When he buried his face in the crook of my neck, I sank my teeth into his shoulder. He didn’t flinch. His fingers dug into my ass and I ground my groin on his. It felt amazing. He gripped the back of my thighs and lifted my feet clear off the ground, forcing my arms around his neck and my feet to curl around his waist.

He fucked me ruthlessly, uncontrollably. The room filled with sounds of our smacking flesh and the animal grunts that came out of my own mouth. The grating of his flesh against my inner walls, and the heat that engulfed me from the tips of my toes to the crown of my head made the world tilt around me. I crushed myself to his body as I felt my spirit lift just an inch further out of my body.

“Wow,” I gasped.

I never wanted this to end. I never wanted to come out of this state where it was for certain that I had transcended into a different plane. He positioned me against the wall and began thrusting with a relaxed rhythm.

I was perfectly content with this new pace. Tortured but at the same time willing to drag this out for as long as was possible. He took his time and it was delicious. I felt myself hover on the edge of the abyss. “I’m going to come,” I choked out.

Immediately, he increased his pace to a crazed tempo. My cries rang out across the room as he slammed over and over into me. I pushed onto him, wanting the roughness. We had both gone mad, and my pussy suffered for it. My inner walls felt bruised with the force of his fucking.

And then I climaxed. Harder and more intensely than I’d ever had in my entire life.

Tears stung my eyes and rolled down my face and I didn’t even give a fuck. I screamed into his shoulder as the orgasm took over. I couldn’t recognize myself as the restraint that I had promised I would hold on to, was ripped from me. In that crazy moment I felt the burst of his hot seed inside me, and I was completely undone.

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