I started pounding my hips against his, desperate to milk out every ounce of pleasure left between us. It was as though nothing else beyond that mattered. All I could think of was drawing out the orgasm, needing my spirit to continue to transcend till the point of no return.

His hand smacked painfully into the side of my ass and the sharp strike drew out another burst of sensation. I was shaking as I held onto him, unwilling to be apart. Unwilling to face what he had done to me.

Sex with Salvatore had been a revolting experience, and even before that it had been no big deal. I could take it or leave it. To be honest, I got more pleasure from my vibrator than any man I had been with.

Now I knew what all the fuss was about.

I could have never imagined it could feel this way. That something that felt this amazing could even exist. I kept pumping my hips into him, until my body couldn’t make any more movements, but I didn’t stop shaking. It was impossible he was also as unraveled as I was, but it was as though we had become melded into one devastatingly satiated being.

Then I felt him start to pull away and I clung on. Before I could be pushed off him like a dog I let go, loosening my legs from around him. But I couldn’t stay up. My knees were like jelly. All the strength had been drained from my body. I felt myself collapse slowly to the floor.

He stepped away from me.

I was slumped on the floor and leaning weakly against the door. I felt exposed and vulnerable, chaffed and bruised, but I looked up at him defiantly. Fuck him. I refused to feel shame.

He stared down at me expressionlessly as he tucked his dick back into his pants, and zipped up the fabric.

Then he opened the door I was now leaning against, and he walked away. I could do nothing but listen to the sound of his polished shoes on the hard floors, until they faded away.

I dropped my head into my hands. How could it be that the best sex I would probably ever have in my life would come from a man that I would no doubt come to loathe like no other.

I wished I would never have to see him again, but I was well aware my body was already counting the seconds until I would.Chapter 18LucaI’d wanted to stay with her. And hold her.

The startling need had crackled through my chest.

So I’d forced myself to walk away. Now I stood in the middle of my study staring out of the window almost in a daze. My breathing was still uneven, my heart racing, and my body thrumming with the afterglow pleasure and heat. What the fuck just happened?

I’d fucked so many women in my life, all as beautiful and some even more beautiful than her, but none of those encounters even vaguely resembled what had just happened. For fucks sake I had unraveled like a dropped old movie reel. It was the closest thing to a miracle I’d ever experienced in years.

What was it about her? Why did she have this effect on me? She was just a dumb broad. Dumb enough to get entangled with a fool like Salvatore and a monster like me. But from the first moment I’d laid eyes on her, something inside of me had stirred to life. And I had wanted to see what it was.

Now I knew. Now I fucking knew.

I had to get rid of the turbulence inside me. With a shuddering sigh, my gaze went over to the tray with a bottle of aged whiskey and a single crystal glass on the low table next to the fireplace. Every night it was put out for me. Some nights I came and drank it, others I didn’t. I went over and poured myself a generous measure of the golden liquor.

Then I collapsed onto the sofa and leaned back into the comfortable leather. The fire crackled. I took a sip, watched the dancing fire before me, but saw only her… in that red dress. I’d been with heiresses who would not have been able to pull off the regality she brought to that dress. I thought of the shocked expression on her face when I ripped the dress. She loved that dress. Someone like her would never have been able to afford a dress like that.

Without warning I experienced a twinge of regret. It was so rare I studied it as it appeared in my head and moved to somewhere in the region of my heart. I didn’t like the feeling. I shouldn’t have destroyed the dress. It was not right. When she left in twenty-nine days I wanted her to take it with her. I pulled my phone out of my jacket and sent a message to my PA.

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