She shook her head silently. There was something sad and pitiful about her tonight. And I didn’t like it. I thought back to how violently she had trembled earlier in the evening and how she had clung to me almost refusing to let go and the challenge to once again lower her to that state burned in my chest.

I let my other hand move to the bruises between her thighs and she flinched automatically. “Do these hurt?”

She shook her head again.

I wanted to lean forward and lick her little pussy, but I didn’t give in to the temptation. With my shoe, I kicked her towel away.

“Get to work,” I said, spreading my legs further apart and resting my palms on the bed.

Her knees hit the floor and her hands moved towards the zip of my slacks. Although my whole body was brimming with anticipation for the moment her hands and mouth would make contact with my skin, her amateurish fumbling with my zipper and then my briefs as she tried to pull them down was thrilling. It was clear she was not as experienced as I had imagined, and for some bizarre reason the idea excited and thrilled me.

I watched as she took in my size, jutting out from the dark briefs. And then her eyes lifted upwards to steal a glance. To my shock her eyes were filled with desire. She wanted to suck me off!

I lifted my butt off the bed and she quickly hooked her fingers into my briefs on either side of my hips and pulled them down. For a second she did nothing, just stared at my erect cock as if hypnotized, then her hand slipped up my thigh. I watched in fascination as her pale fingers snaked through the dark hair smattering across my crotch towards my cock. When she made contact with my cock, it jerked and pre-cum flowed out.

“Lick it,” I rasped.

Gently she curled her slender fingers around my cock, and moved her swollen mouth towards my cum. Her tongue flicked out and she let the tip run along the drip. It was all I could do to sit still while she played around with my dick like a little kitten. But sit still I did. No woman had done that to me before. Explored my taste with such curiosity.

Her plump, pink lips parted and I held my breath as she stretched it and covered the mushroom head of my cock. A groan rumbled in my chest as my head fell back, and for a moment I considered just giving in to the weakness that had overtaken my arms.

It would be a delight to just lie back and give in to the maddening sensation of her touch, but that would be not only leaving my guard down, but also missing the expressions fleeting across her face as she blew me.

I didn’t want to miss that for anything.

My cock seemed monstrous compared to the size of her mouth, as she struggled to take a decent amount of me into it. She had never learned to deep-throat. The honest struggle was somewhat endearing, and I couldn’t help reaching out to hold the back of her head in place.

Her hair was wet to the touch, and for a moment it distracted me, and an image flashed into my mind. She was sitting on the bed, and I was taking a dryer to the shiny gold tresses, working my fingers through it as I dried it.

A deep, guttural groan escaped my lips, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the hard suction from her mouth, or from the image of the warmly romantic, but extremely unlikely situation that had floated into my mind.

I shook my head to clear it and focused my gaze on her lips, stretched across my width. I watched her careful and rhythmic sucking of the head, and the jolts of pleasure that zinged through my body made me quiver. I was meant to be minimally affected like I had always been, but the sweet agony was too much to bear.

“Fuck!” I hissed and clenched my eyes shut.

Tightening her grip, she slid her hand down my slick length and then began to milk me. Slowly at first, but as she became more confident, she increased her pace, and I was reduced to a breathless fool. Then she leaned forward again, adding her mouth to the tease and I was gone.

My back gave out and I collapsed onto the bed… and completely gave in to her magic. And it was magic. Witches magic. Very dangerous, but I was past caring.Chapter 19SkyeSeeing him in this way was exhilarating.

I never wanted to be excited or turned on, but I was already soaked and dripping wet between my thighs. It felt as if an entire colony of hornets were buzzing in my belly. I wanted to squash them all dead, but I couldn’t feel enough malice to attack them. What I truly wanted in that moment was revenge.

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