And not against them, but him.

Back in the dining room, he had reduced me to a spineless, mumbling mess and I wanted nothing more than to do the same to him. To crack through that impenetrable shell, and to prove to myself and him that he was just as susceptible as the rest of us.

I focused more on the thick, throbbing length of meat in my hand and mouth and once again marveled at the sight. I had felt how huge he was inside of me from being so thoroughly filled and stretched, but this was the first time that I was so close to it.

Salvatore’s cock had been disgusting to look at, long, thin, and bent and hardly ever fully erect. Each time I even glimpsed it I’d gagged internally. One time, I couldn’t hold back and nearly threw up when he had tried to shove that weak thing into my mouth. I then had to pretend I had a bad stomach.

With Luca, I couldn’t look away, or get enough of how he looked, felt, and tasted.

His skin was silky smooth, and the slight whiff of musk mixed with the scent of tobacco and a spice… perhaps cinnamon swirled around my nostrils, and spurred my enjoyment of him. I sucked feverishly on the large head, drawing out as much of his cum as I could into my mouth. Adding both my hands into the task of blowing him, I quickly found a rhythm that made his back arch.

“Fuck,” he cursed out again, his voice low and raspy.

And I loved it.

With my hand gripping the pulsing head, I ran my tongue down the thick length until I arrived at his balls, tight and heavy. I sucked on them, softly caressing the two sacks with my free hand before licking my way back up his length. I paused on the way to place sensual kisses along the bulging veins and his responding twitches spurred me on.

He was now slick with a mix of saliva and cum and it only made me greedier.

My knees hurt being pressed against the rug, but I could feel my own juices running down my thighs and I was desperate to have his cock inside me. I adjusted myself so I could take him even more deeply into my mouth, but about mid-way down his length, he hit the back of my throat, and I was forced to halt, but I didn’t take things easy. Once again, I could sense that I was losing myself, but I didn’t know how to hold back. I was just as aroused as he was and perhaps even more so, and the need to see him climax was even more gnawing than my own anguished need for a release.

My cheeks hollowed and I began to bob my head up and down his rock-hard length.

“Jesus,” he muttered almost as if in disbelief.

My heart jumped and so did my pace.

He rocked his hips to my hard and rapid rhythm and soon he was fucking mindlessly into my mouth, the guttural groans that rumbled through his body sent electric tingles down my spine.

I was now desperate for his release so that I could get my own. Both my hands wrapped around his hardness and joined in the sensuous pumping towards his climax.

His groans drove me on, until suddenly he came, bursting into the back of my throat. Thick and hot and unbearably hot. I grabbed onto his clenched thighs as he pounded his fist onto the bed. His throat was strained, the veins popping, and his body was twisted with the intensity of his release.

As he took great gasping breaths I kept on sucking him, unwilling to let a single drop go to waste as his spurts kept coming. His eyes were wide open and glued to the ceiling as I slavishly licked every inch of his cock clean. When it was finally over I let go of him and stood looking down at him. He stared up at me and the seconds stretched. I could not tell what he was thinking or how long I stood there entranced by his translucent eyes. I only knew I could not tear my eyes away from him.

Without warning, he moved so quickly, it shocked me when I felt his grip capture my thighs and felt myself being dumped on the bed.

A startled cry escaped my lips but before I could gather my wits, he rolled on top of me and licked my mouth.

The act was so animalistic I froze in shock.

He hooked my tongue with his and sucked it into his mouth. I was so astonished I couldn’t even respond. Then he began to suck on my tongue, greedily, hungrily, as if he couldn’t get enough. My belly contracted and it felt as if my soul was being sucked out of my body. Suddenly, I became afraid of the sensations inside my body. I recognized the undeniable fact that I was losing control of myself.

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