I was not a fool, so from the first moment I had laid eyes on him, I was very aware that I was wildly and irrationally attracted to him and it would be quite easy to fall maddeningly and senselessly in love with him.

But I had convinced myself that sleeping with him would be an ordeal I must endure for my father, just like I had with Salvatore. I pretended to myself that my greatest danger was not that he would break my heart and leave me inconsolable, but that I would feel like a prostitute. Now I could see clearly that I would not come out of this ordeal unscarred.

As the kiss went deeper, his taste began to filter into me. He was delicious. I pushed away the sad thoughts and with my eyes clenched shut I swung my arms around him, determined to have my fill before I lost him forever.

I sucked wildly on his tongue and it took me to another plane of bliss and intimacy. The barrage of emotions and sensations were overwhelming and I felt as if I was close to passing out.

Stop… my mind vaguely registered my weak plea, but he didn’t listen.

It was clear that we were both wrapped in a cocoon of dangerous attraction and molten lust and it was a state that neither of us wanted to come out from. But I was actually frighteningly dizzy and I broke the kiss and turned my face away from him. I felt hot all over and I could feel my blood pounding in my veins.

“Look at me,” he snarled.

I heard his command, but I couldn’t.

I felt his hands part my thighs roughly and I let him.

His cock arrived, silky and pushed at my entrance, and I held my breath in anticipation of his violent thrust, but he slid into me, slowly and purposefully. I expelled the breath I was holding. I turned my head to look at him and the look in his eyes shocked me. I gasped.

Possessive. God, so possessive.

He pumped into me slowly, deliberately until I was writhing across the bed, one hand in my hair and the other gripping his shoulder.

My head rolled from side to side. Then he reached down once again and captured my lips with his and I forgot the look in his eyes, the feel of his body on top of mine, the way his cock reached the depths of my core. I even forgot the exquisite sensation of blazing lust spreading through our bodies.

I climaxed. So hard my eyes rolled to the back of my head, my whole body froze, and I saw colors.

I was so lost I did not realize that he had stopped fucking me, and was ravenously drinking in my juices. He lapped it all up while I panted and gasped my way back to reality. I felt weak and exposed. His mouth kept on sucking at my sex until I lay my hands on his head.

“Enough,” I whispered, my pussy felt as if it was swollen to twice its size.

He raised his head and body then. I could feel something change between us, as he held me tightly in his hands and tasted every inch of my body like he worshiped me.

As I watched, he returned his cock back into me. I swallowed. His cock felt unbearably big in my swollen flesh. As if he knew he was hurting me, he traced searing, deep kisses along my torso and breasts.

When he started to move I expected him to slam into me violently like he always did, but he didn’t. His strokes were languid and gentle. I buried my face in his neck to muffle my whimpering at the emotions that spread through me as he rocked his hips into me.

I wanted to open my eyes and look into his beautiful light eyes, but I wanted this moment to be untampered with. What if I saw something there I didn’t want to see? I wanted this moment to remain the perfection it was. One day I would be abandoned, left high and dry, and I knew it would be this moment that would be etched forever into my mind, into my old age, and finally to my dying moments, and I refused to allow any rocks of reality to spoil it.

I wanted to bask in the lie that this was the sweetest thing I’d ever experienced. It didn’t matter if it was a lie.

Slowly, slowly, I lost my mind again. And it was beautiful. It never registered whether he came or not because I was too far gone. All that occurred to me was my own disintegrating, shattering into tiny, tiny pieces in his arms.

I cried out, my throat burning with his name.

For a long time, he remained glued to me, inside me. I felt an exhaustion deep in my bones that I hadn’t felt in so long and it was shutting my entire system down.

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