Reaching between my legs he began to stroke me, his fingers sinking between my folds and tormenting the swollen bud of my arousal. I pursed my lips to keep all of my whimpering at bay, but then his middle finger slipped into my sex and I held unto the edge of the table, the glasses on it softly rattling at the sudden movement.

He began to finger me, and soon another finger joined the intrusion. I almost cried out. What would never get old was just how delicious it felt to have his fingers inside me. A couple passed by us and they felt so close that I could have reached out to touch them except that they couldn’t see us.

“Oh God,” I muttered, my head thrown back and my eyes clenched shut, as his thrusts became faster.

I tightened my hand on the table to stabilize myself when he didn’t slow down his pace. In no time my body was wound as tightly as an instrument, and then I was coming. My toes curled and my frame writhed as the orgasm tore through my body.

I would have completely fallen over if he hadn’t caught me. He held me with one hand around my midriff, while the other continued to play with my pussy. I could see I had stained the table cloth. It was embarrassing, but he seemed not to care at all. He pulled my thighs further apart and ran his tongue on my wet slit. I let him lick me clean. It felt good to see his head between my legs.

“Sit astride me,” he ordered suddenly.

I shook my head in horror. At this point, I was sure that we had been heard enough. I knew I could never have sex with him without screaming the whole place down.

“I want to… I have to go to the Ladies,” I said as I began to get off the table. Before I knew it, he bodily lifted me and put me on his lap. Although I struggled with him I was mindful of not making too much noise. The last thing I needed was to cause such a ruckus that every eye on the roof top would be on the commotion coming from our space. I watched his hand quickly and expertly release his cock. Before I knew it, I was astride him and being lowered onto his thick angry cock.

I couldn’t believe that we were doing this here, but as soon as I felt the hardness of his length as it curved into me, I couldn’t help riding on it. With my ass thrust up, I smeared my slickness all over the smooth mushroom head.

“Stop,” I whispered, but my words no longer meant a thing.

He shoved the hardness into me and a deep gasp escaped my lips as I felt how tightly sheathed he was inside me. My hand slapped over my mouth to muffle any other sudden exclamations. Slowly, I began to bounce on his cock, and the plush head of his cock prodded at that elusive spot inside of me. I whimpered with shock, my head falling onto his shoulders until I was on the verge of another orgasm.

“Fuck,” I cried out, unable to control myself.

I hated that he could reduce me to this state, but there was not a thing I could do to stop myself. This was beyond me. I was helpless to stop my body from betraying me. I was just going to let my body ride him just as hard and take what it needed from him. My fingers found their way into his hair and I pulled as hard as I could. My punishment was a painful smack to my ass.

“Let go!” he commanded harshly.

I did, but to my surprise, the burn of his smack had been a most welcome ache. I felt myself leak out even more down my thighs. With my feet solidly positioned on the floor, and my hand gripping his shoulders, I began to ride him. He pumped his hips up to thrust brutally into me and I met every vicious drive. Then he ground his hips into my groin. With hands around my waist he pulled me up until only the broad mushroom head of his cock was inside me. Staring into my eyes he pushed me down his shaft, until I was balls deep. I gasped with shock.

That was just the beginning.

He fucked me harder than I thought possible. The sounds of our moans, harsh breathings and of flesh smacking against flesh filled the space around us and surely escaped the enclosure. I gazed out to the skyline as he took me to the heights of ecstasy, and it was breathtakingly dreamlike. The sparkling lights, the dark cloudless sky, and the half-moon hanging up above. I would never forget it as long as I lived.

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