He gripped my waist, as his thrusts came faster and pretty soon I could no longer keep up. He was furious and I could hear it in his grunts. He cursed into my ear and my eyes fluttered closed to savor the sounds. It had been two days since I had last seen him and the truth was that I had missed him, and it was pure bliss to have him inside me.

My hand moved to stroke my clit. I circled the swollen bud at a maddened pace until I burst. Surprisingly, he was the one whose hand came over my mouth to muffle my scream. I bit his hand hard.

I heard the gruff announcement of his own release as he buried his face into my neck, while his seed shot thick, and hot into me, flooding my sex.

I stood and stumbled away from him as quickly as I could. As he zipped himself back into his trousers, I returned to my seat. I felt confused and embarrassed. I could see the wet patch on his tablecloth I had left. Still far away from normal, I picked up my glass of champagne, drained it, and placed it back down.

“I want to leave,” I told him.

“Not till after dinner,” he said, as he retrieved his napkin. He took his time unfolding the cloth and then laying it on his lap before returning his gaze to mine.

I couldn’t hold back my tongue.

“I can’t eat here.”

He cocked his head. “Why not?”

“Everyone heard us!”

He refilled my glass. “Eat your food and walk out as you normally would. No one knows you and no one cares.”

“Someone knows me here.” I lashed out before I could stop myself.

His eyes narrowed. “Is that why you’re embarrassed?”

I realized then what had provoked him. I shook my head in disbelief. “Is that why you did it? Because I met a friend here? I didn’t realize that you were insecure.”

His expression didn’t change, however his hand slowly unwrapped from the stem of the glass and rested on the table. His gaze darkened as the fingers began to tap one after the other and I knew then I had crossed a line, but I would never apologize… not even if he hurt me.

My hand trembled as I reached for my drink so I immediately pulled it back and hid it under the table. The fact that he wasn’t an ordinary person and didn’t manage a garbage disposal company like Salvatore began to dawn on me.

What if he put out a hit on James? Men like him were capable of anything without blinking an eye. Jesus, what on earth was I playing with here?

The words spilled out from my lips in a rush. “I’m sorry,” I said. “Please… please don’t hurt James. I’m sorry for what I said.”

He looked at me curiously. As if I was a creature he did not understand. There was a soft tap on our door and I jumped.

“Come in,” he called, and the door was slid open.

Two waiters, one pushing a trolley stood outside. He had a tight smile for us and began to lay our order across the table. I didn’t pay attention because my gaze was solely on him and on the fact that he wasn’t James.

“Enjoy,” he said when he was done, but before he could move away, I asked, “Where’s James?”

He seemed startled at the question. Then his eyes shifted nervously between Luca and I. “He had to attend to a personal matter,” he said apologetically, before shutting the door and leaving.

I knew that someone who guarded Luca’s best interests had seen James and me hugging and thought it was inappropriate or disrespectful to Luca. Before I could speak Luca intercepted me.

“I want to enjoy this meal,” he said, picking up his cutlery. “So eat. Don’t piss me off more than I already am.”

I could feel his cum leaking out of me as I picked up my fork.Chapter 27LucaWe were riding back to Torrington Hall. Our bodies at least two feet apart. I stared out at trees, all cast in darkness, as we left the city.

Who was I angry at? Was it at myself? For reacting like a jealous fool. Or was it at her for pointing it out? I couldn’t decide, but either way it didn’t feel good.

I knew she was scared for her friend’s safety, but I had no intentions of doing anything to him. At that moment when I saw him touch her so casually I wanted to throttle him, but now that my blood was no longer boiling, I could clearly see he was only a little gnat. Even the tiny effort required to squash him would not be worth my time.

“ I… uh… I wanted to speak to you tonight about the greenhouse,” she said hesitantly. Her tone was soft and docile.

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