“Come here,” I invited softly.

At first she hesitated, then she walked towards me, her hands still behind her back still trying hard to get it down. As soon as she was a foot away, she turned around, her hands falling to her sides. I gazed at her creamy skin already exposed. The middle of her shoulder was dotted with a tiny brown mole. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the detail that I’d never noticed before. My hands went to the zip, but my fingers encountered her warm skin and I felt a jolt of static electricity zap me. She felt it too because she jumped. I fiddled with it carefully. I didn’t want to ruin another dress. It gave and I started to pull the tab down. The material fell on either side. She didn’t have a bra on underneath and the dress opened up to reveal flawless skin.

My hands slipped into her dress, curved around her smooth shoulders, and pulled her dress down her arms. Then I watched as she wriggled out of the material. Only the mood lights were on, so the room was lit mostly with the bright yellow flames in the massive fireplace. The mood was intimate and fiery and every movement seemed simultaneously too slow and too fast. I peeled the dress down her flaring hips and it puddled around her feet. She was left completely naked before me and I couldn’t help but stare at all that beauty. My eyes traced the beautiful and delicate curves of her body, the dip of her waist and the curve of her ass.

Tenderly, I brushed her hair over one shoulder, and lowered until my lips connected with her creamy flesh. She was warm, incredibly so, and she smelled like heaven. A sweet mix of roses and some other notes I couldn’t quite identify. My arms slunk around her waist.

I heard her light gasp at the pressing of skin against skin, her head tilting to the side as I continued my trail of kisses across her shoulders. They were unhurried and heated, and with each soft suction I savored the taste of her skin. She grew restless, her body squirming and with my lips I began to suck at that tiny mole on her back. She turned in my arms and I let her. She gazed into my eyes, hers heavy-lidded with a need that sent a painful jolt of arousal to my already aching cock.

“Fuck me,” she said, her eyes sliding away. “There’s no need to pretend this is anything more than… just sex.”

My heart thundered loudly in my chest, and for a muscle that had been trained over the years to maintain its calmness regardless of what external dilemmas I was facing, my reaction to her was disappointing to say the least. I grabbed her chin and turned her face till her gaze returned to mine.

Don’t tell me what to do, I wanted to say to her, but the words wouldn’t come to my lips in that moment, because I was entranced by her eyes. Suddenly in the blue pools I saw unimaginable depths of selflessness and resolution.

I stared into her eyes and without realizing it my grip had become too hard. Her hands wrapped around my wrist in protest and only when I saw her pained expression did I realize that I was slightly out of control. I released my grip of her and she staggered backwards, her golden hair bouncing.

She straightened and stared back at me, her chest heaving.

I couldn’t look away at the picture she made. She was an angel and I was a sinner. I didn’t deserve to even touch such pure flesh. Well, what did it matter? Luca Messana was going to hell and there would be no angels there for me to fuck. All the angels I got would be here, on God’s beautiful earth. This was all I was getting and it was damn well good enough.

“Go lie down on the rug and open your legs,” I commanded harshly.Chapter 28Skyehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF8BRvqGCNs

-Stay-I could barely catch my breath.

My jaw still tingled from his grip, but it was not that which caused me concern. It was the almost violent tug of the desperate need to have him thrust so hard into me that my fingers claw down his expansive back. He had turned his back to me and I watched his sculpted muscles hungrily, every movement of his arms caused a shift in his muscles that was simply mesmerizing.

I knew I shouldn’t have been so rude to him, but the kisses down my back had scared me. It was the kisses of a lover, someone who cared. I was already in a place where I kept forgetting he had bought me and planned to discard me in less than a month, but if he was going to take his time and start devoting his attention to every part of my body, then I was finished.

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