Detachment was what I needed. I desperately needed him to be the distant, cruel man who saw me as nothing more than a body at his disposal for the coming weeks. That was how I needed my perception of him to remain.

I headed over to the plush rug. It was white and furry, and deliciously sensuous. I almost moaned when the exquisite fabric came in contact with my skin. I didn’t want to be caught staring at him so I deliberately moved my gaze to the crackling hearth before me. I watched the logs burn and had a surreal impression that I was not on earth anymore. I was in some fantasy world or inside a fairytale. Maybe a castle in the middle of a dark forest filled with tall, narrow trees.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the metal buckle of his belt.

It seemed to pierce the atmosphere of the room. I looked up at his undeniably beautiful face, even the scar only added to his mystery and beauty. His face was focused and on guard as he worked the fly of his pants. I was stiff and on alert as I watched his trousers slip down his muscled thighs. He stepped out of them and continued towards me in his dark briefs bulging with his aroused cock.

My heart caught in my throat and I quickly moved my gaze away from it to the muscles in his thighs, then to the flat of his stomach. There was a light smattering of hair coursing through the region, and disappearing into his briefs it completely struck me with wonder at just how sculpted the man was, with barely a trace of fat anywhere on his body.

“Lie down,” he ordered as he lowered himself to the rug.

I obeyed, and he kneeled astride me and moved up until his groin was poised over my face. I licked my lips in uncontrollable anticipation of what was to come. His hand slid into his briefs. His cock was pulled out and I couldn’t help staring at his angry cock as it throbbed and pulsed in his hand. Before he could even lean towards me, I had already lifted my weight onto my elbows and parted my lips to capture the wide head.

Whatever he had been about to say died in his throat as a raspy groan at the contact made his chest heave. My hands curled around his hips and I pulled him forward so my back could return to softly rest against the fur as I sucked him… hard. I tried to keep my eyes open however, the deep rhythmic hollowing of my cheeks as I milked the first small spurt of cum out of him had me intoxicated. With one hand closed around the base of his thick width I let my head bob continuously.

Up and down. Up and down.

I knew I was driving him crazy. I could tell by the bob of his Adam’s apple, the beautifully twisted expression on his face, and his clenched fists. I couldn’t help myself from touching him. My hand moved upwards and I laid my hand on the flat of his abdomen.

Pushing at that slab of muscle I tried to slide out from underneath him, but the breathless moan died in his lips.

“Stay” he rasped.

But like a little eel I wriggled and completely came out from under him. To my surprise, he didn’t protest and just watched me with his wolf’s eyes. I decided then that I was going to do whatever I wanted to him. I knelt just as he did and threw my arms around his neck. He watched me as my head tilted to nibble lightly on his jaw line. I didn’t miss his sharp intake of breath.

“Listening is not one of your strong suits, is it?” he asked drily.

I mumbled my answer against his overheated flesh as I trailed kisses down the thick muscles of his arms. “It is. Obedience is not.”

He made a muffled sound. It might have been laughter, but it could have been annoyance too.

I straightened once again, my breasts pressed against his chest and his cock poking hard against my belly.

“I’m going to kiss you,” I told him and he frowned, however he didn’t try to stop me.

My audacity came from a driving need inside me to possess him in the same way he had done to me. We were in his private space and just as he had come into mine and shattered me to pieces I was desperate to do just the same to him.

I caught his bottom lip between my teeth and nibbled softly on the delicate flesh. His eyes were still open and watching me, and it sent chills down my back. But it also stoked a fire in my gut that consumed me from the inside. I sucked softly on that tasty bottom lip, then moved on to the upper. Soon his lips parted to catch his breath and I slipped my tongue in. My arms tightened around him as I stroked his tongue with mine, and then delved even deeper to draw out as much of his taste as I could. His eyes fluttered closed at the long and deep kiss that followed, and I felt my body weaken. It was not supposed to be that shattered, but here I was again. Falling apart.

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