With a hand around my waist, he lowered me gently onto the rug.

I wanted to take back control and began to kiss every inch of skin that I could reach. When I felt his finger slide into my sex the jolt to my heart was excruciating and I almost wanted to give in to the exquisite pleasure I knew he could give.

“No,” I muttered, and pulled his finger out. “You first.”

He frowned, but before he could get the chance to refuse I moved out from underneath him once again and sat astride him. I could feel his cock on my wet pussy and the temptation to just let him fuck me was almost too much to resist, but I pushed at his chest. He allowed himself to fall back against the fur. With the pad of my thumb, I flicked the disc of his hardened nipple and then leaned forward to cover the bud with my mouth. I sucked deeply on it, then moved to the other.

By the time I came up for a breath his arm was over his eyes.

With a smile, I followed the light trail of dark hair down his torso till I returned once more to his cock.

I closed my hands around the slightly curved length, gently and almost apologetically for the neglect and then once again took him in my mouth, my lips hollowing to pull him deep, all the way to the back of my throat. I had never had a man this deep before and I was afraid I was going to spoil it all by gagging, but to my surprise I didn’t gag. I loved him so deep in my mouth. His heady scent filled my nostrils and I couldn’t stop.

“Fuck,” I heard him swear.

My tongue flicked out and licked hungrily along the damp flesh. With my hand at the root, I began to fist him as my lips sucked feverishly on the head.

His hips bucked, his hands finding their way to my hair and I relished the tight tug as more than anything it relayed the effect that my teasing was having on him.

“Faster,” he growled.

I obliged him.

As he pumped his cock into my mouth I met every thrust with a tighter, deeper hollowing of my cheeks.

It was so stimulating I could feel my sex begin to clench with pure lust. I focused on milking him, spurred by my passion and his and in time he was releasing into my mouth. I kept my lips firmly locked around him as his burst shot down my throat, the liquid deliciously hot and thick.

I swallowed it all, and his growl of pleasure reverberated through the room.

His arm was still over his eyes, hiding his face from mine, but I sat back on him and pulled his arm away. He looked into my eyes then. What I saw shocked me. He wasn’t a monster. He was beautiful. Unbearably beautiful. Like a fallen angel. I didn’t want to see him like that and it was clear he didn’t want me to see him as he really was either.

I didn’t know what to do. I tore my gaze away from his and turned to the only thing I knew could move me from that place I was in. Sex. I was here for sex. What we had was just sex. Yes, I was so wet and aroused I could no longer remain still so I began to rub my sex against his semi-hard cock.

His hands came to my hips and suddenly strong arms gripped my waist and I was lifted clean off his body.

I gasped in shock. Before I could even recover my pussy was hovering over his face. Then his mouth covered the soaked, pulsing flesh, and I cried out, my yearning finally attended to. The wave of molten pleasure spreading through my body was incredible.

My back arched and my breasts jutted out as his tongue drove into me, then curved. While I moaned helplessly he lapped at the juices leaking from me, before he moved over to my swollen clit and sucked hard in a maddening rhythm.

My fingers dug into my own scalp as I writhed wildly against his face and soon I was coming. I completely gave in to the climax that tore through me. It sent violent tremors through my body and my cries resounded inside the underground chamber.

His lips burned a trail along my inner thighs and then back to my sex for one last kiss. I gasped in surprise as he slid me down over his chest and stomach until my cleft was stroking the length of his cock. Pulling me forward he rolled me until the soft fur was on my back.

The head of his cock slid into my slickness, and the crackling of the fire was like fireworks going off in my ears. I gripped his ass, the thought occurring to me that at some point he had taken his briefs off, but I was so out of it I hadn’t even noticed. He pushed the rest of his length into me, and a long moan tore out of my throat.

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