I rose to my feet, and after pulling on a warm jacket and walking shoes, I strolled out of my den.

Outside it was snowing steadily. The dark silhouettes of the trees beyond were covered in the soft white tufts. I breathed in the cold air. Strange, how different everything felt. Mateo and two of my other bodyguards suddenly appeared behind me shocked to see what I was doing. They knew I only ever went from the house to the car so guarding me was easy. This time because of the size of the estate they had no plan for me just strolling away from the house.

I told them to relax and remain at the house and started to walk in the direction of the greenhouse. It was as if I was a blind man seeing for the first time. I saw things I normally would not have noticed. There was beauty everywhere I looked.

It was actually breathtaking.

I told myself I should do this more often. Soon the greenhouse came into view. The moment I arrived in the glass encased space, I heard the sound of shuffling and ceramic clanking exertion. It smelt of moist earth in here. And it was warm. I strolled through the rows of plants and soon she came into view.

The sight she made was quite interesting.

She had just emerged from the storage room holding a tray of pots. The moment she spotted me however she dropped the tray and all the pots crashed onto the ground. While some survived the fall, a few didn’t make it. There were broken shards, whole pots, and dark soil all around her.

Ignoring the mess, she stared in shock at me. “What are you doing here?”

I shrugged. “Just came to see what you were doing.”


Small teeth sank into her bottom lip. It was not a sexual gesture, but one of uncertainty, but as my cock hardened, I turned away quickly and focused my attention on my surroundings.

She crouched down and started to put the unbroken pots back on the tray. Standing, she put the tray on a wooden platform nearby and ran the palms of her hands down the sides of her jeans. My eyes were immediately drawn to the curve of her hips.

I took a step towards her. “What are you planting?” I asked. My voice sounded strange, foreign almost.


I took another step towards her. “Why?”

“Because I love flowers,” she said, taking a step towards me.

“Why not just buy them?” I asked as I stepped closer.

“Because I like the idea of putting a seed into the soil and watching it grow.”

We were only a couple of feet apart now. Daylight had filtered in through the glass now and she looked incomparably beautiful.

She was wearing a bulky, dark blue hoodie that stopped at her waist. The rest of her lower body was then encased in skin-tight dark jeans that molded to her flesh, revealing to the eye every dip and curve of her body. My libido was already thrumming at the sight especially when she had turned around to pick up a shard earlier. At the jut of her ass, I felt a painful ache in my balls. I needed to slip my cock between those cheeks and plunge into her depths.

However, I knew better than to give in to the crazed urge. I was not an animal. I could control myself. As I watched her however, I wondered if that ship hadn’t already sailed, and of what consequence that would be to me to sail along with it.

I had long cultivated the habit of deliberately denying myself of something I wanted in order to strengthen my will. It served to expose any vulnerability inside me and for me to take steps to kill whatever it was. However, she was exposing a vulnerability inside me that was startling and there was not a thing I could do about it.

I was like an addict. I knew it would destroy me, but I couldn’t help myself. With my fists clenched I said, “Well, have a nice day.”

I turned around to leave but she stopped me.

“John’s not here, and I need some help with a bag of soil in there. Could you help me, please?”

For a second I didn’t do anything. No one had ever asked me to do something so menial. Ever. In my whole life. Those things were done by servants. Slowly, I turned around.

“Could you help me, please?” she asked. Her eyes were enormous.

I should tell her to wait for John. Dirt and soil were not my thing, but to my surprise I found myself saying. “Where is it?”Chapter 31Skyehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_zHQ6kFuQ0What the hell was I doing?

There was no freaking bag of soil in there! I had already taken most of it out the previous day and spread them across the available pots and trays that I had in preparation for the seeds. However, from the moment he had walked into that greenhouse, I had lost the ability to think with my brain. My sex was pulsing, wet with arousal, as though it recognized the person that had lavished it with attention the previous night.

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