Only one request came to mind and it repeated itself over and over in my head. “No, I want you to fuck me,” I gasped as I jumped off the bench. I fumbled at the button of his jeans. I yanked the zip down hurriedly and reached into his briefs and pulled out his cock. It was as hard as a piece of rock. In moments the whole head was sheathed with my lips. I lapped him up from the base to the root and then took as much of him into my mouth as I could. I felt so greedy. So greedy for his taste.

For a while he let me suck him. And suck him I did. I sucked him as I had never sucked anyone before. Hungrily, as if I was devouring him. As if I couldn’t get enough. As if my life depended on it.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself when he wrenched away from my mouth and pulled me to my feet. “I want to come inside of you,” he growled. In seconds I was flipped around, my hands flattened against the platform and my legs spread apart.

He was going to take me from behind and my chest nearly collapsed with excitement.

Somewhere in the back of my head it registered that the room had a chill breeze blowing from somewhere, but in that moment I was surrounded by the waves of heat and urgency radiating from both our bodies. Desire was boiling through my bloodstream and my ears thrumming with the maddened pace of my heartbeat. He didn’t waste any time.

The head of his cock stroked through my cleft as he positioned it where it was always meant to be. From the first moment my eyes met his, my body already knew that. He slid in and my jaw clenched at the excruciatingly tight intrusion. Then grabbing my hips with both hands and bending his knees he plunged into me so hard that my whole body jerked forward.

I cried out.

He began to thrust. There was nothing slow or controlled about his pace as he drove his cock in and out of me, and my moans rang across the space. All I could do was clench my fist and slam it into the wooden table.

“Luca,” I cried out his name, sweating and quivering.

But he didn’t let up. He drove harder, his grunts urging me on to the force of his fucking. I worked my hips to meet the slam of his and the sound of his flesh smacking against my flesh was a song I knew would forever be etched into my mind.

At this pace, neither of us had any hope of lasting long and soon enough our hips were bucking. He gripped me, his hands wrapping around my waist to hold me in place as he sent a rapid burst of hard plunges into me. My entire pelvis went numb and the orgasm burst through me in a wet, heavy rush. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my brain shut down. I felt as if I was floating above my body. All that registered in the surreal moment of pleasure was his hot release flooding my pussy.

I reveled in every moment of it.

He buried his face in my neck to muffle his own groan and I would never know how long we remained in that position, tightly glued to each other and joined together as one, but he was the first one to move and with it came an overwhelming disappointment that he was once again about to be separated from me. He pulled out and a flow of cum dripped onto the floor. I stared down at the drops as I tried to catch my breath, unable to face him.

I stood there naked from the waist down, with one jean leg and my panties still attached to my foot while the other foot was shoeless. I couldn’t move so I just stood there like a dummy as he readjusted his clothes. I hoped with all my heart that he wouldn’t leave without saying anything further to me. He didn’t.

He went and picked up my shoe. Then he knelt down in front of me. As if I was a child he lifted my foot so he could pull my panties and jeans over it, before he put my shoe on. Then he stood and pulled my jeans up, zipped it, and even buttoned it up for me.

For some bizarre, totally inexplicable reason, I felt like crying.

“You okay?” he asked.

I shook my head.

I don’t know what I expected him to do, but I definitely didn’t expect him to freeze the way he did. Startled, I lifted my head and looked him in the eye. I knew my eyes were wet. He stared at me as if in shock. Then he took a step backwards, as if I was dangerous to him, or I had some communicable disease. I could only stare at him in confusion. What was going on? What had I done?

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