I raised my head and looked into those dangerous eyes watching me. Set against the charcoal eyelashes the irises were so light they looked like a wolf’s eyes. The grainy long-lens photos I’d seen of him in magazines did not do him any justice. For a few seconds, I stared into those amazing eyes, intrigued by how beautiful they really were. Not beautiful like a wonderful tropical sunset, or a perfectly formed flower, but beautiful like a highly-colored poisonous snake.

Then my gaze dropped to the white scar running down his left cheek. Were the rumors true? Was it from a tiger’s claws? Probably not. He was so elusive most people didn't even know what he looked like. My fingers itched to run down the raised, shiny skin, but of course, I did no such thing.

His nose was proud and aristocratic. Reminiscent of those marble statues from ancient Rome with their perfectly flared nostrils. I let my gaze move lower down his face. If not for his mouth, his face would have been unbearably cruel. His mouth alone made him human. The lips, full and sensuous, especially the bottom one. I could almost imagine how soft it would be if I went over and kissed him. Obviously, I had no intention of doing anything of the sort.

My gaze travelled down to that strong jaw. So perfectly masculine it should have belonged on a photo-shopped magazine spread. I let my eyes follow that smooth line down to the golden-brown column of his throat. Thick, raven hair grazed the crisp white collar of his shirt.

I followed the broad shoulder of his flawlessly cut suit jacket down his arms all the way to his hands. One big hand lay lightly curled and relaxed on his thigh and the other was cradling his drink. My eyes moved on from the powerful muscles showing under the stretched material of his pants upwards. To the bulge between his legs.

For a second I stopped and stared. Inside me, I tried to arouse the instinctive revulsion I’d felt the first time Salvatore had touched me, but there was nothing. I was quite numb. I let my eyes rise up the belt, up the shirt, and back to those merciless eyes.

“What’s it to be?” he asked.

“You will pay my father’s medical bills until he is completely better?”


“Even if it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars?”


“I will have that in writing?”

“Of course.”

I felt my whole body go limp with relief. Would my father finally be cured?

“Are you on the pill?”

“Yes, I am, but we have to use condoms.”

He shook his head. “You will have to undergo some tests. Once the results come back if you are clean we will not use them.”

“What if you are the one with the STD? Will you take the tests too?”

His lips twisted. “I’ve kept myself disease free and you’ll just have to take my word for it.”

Even though he’d refused to take the test, the fact that he needed me to take one before he would sleep with me meant he was extremely careful about his sexual health. It all just sounded too good to be true. Why would a man like him pay that much just to have a woman like me? Especially, as he’d said, he’d had other more beautiful women than me. There had to be a catch and I suddenly thought I knew what it would be.

Everything about him gave the promise of ruthless brutality. Once when he looked down the sooty thickness of his lashes against his cheek seemed to soften the severity of face, almost giving the illusion that perhaps he wasn't dangerous. However, when he looked up again and stared straight at me, the light, almost translucent grey of his eyes was piercing enough to make a shiver run through me.

I swallowed hard. “Will I have to do anything kinky?”

He shook his head. “You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“I don’t want to sleep with you,” I couldn’t help shooting back.

His watchful expression didn’t change at all. “Are you sure about that, Skye?”

I felt heat rush up my face as I lied to him. “Yes.”

One eyebrow rose sardonically. “Prove it.”

“W-what?” I stammered in shock.

“Come here and prove it,” he taunted softly.Chapter 5Skyehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwYN7mTi6HM

-Go Ahed And Jump-He remained still, but his pupils grew. Hypnotized, I stared into their bottomless depths. Looking into them was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Then without warning, the atmosphere in the room changed. The air became thick and charged. My skin tingled with electricity. Something began to slither inside my belly. A need. It was irresistible. It wanted me to go over and… oh God, mate with him. To my shock I became wet for him.

At that moment nothing else existed, but my clawing need for that cold, calculating monster.

I wanted to tell him to fuck off, or stand and tell him to keep his damn money… but I couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t even breathe. The breath had been sucked out of my body. I could only stare in utter shock.

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