My starter of Spanish baked prawns was delicious. And afterwards the filet mignon was buttery with just a hint of rosemary. Sienna chatted enough for all of us and I suspected that it wasn’t particularly because she was a chatterbox, but because her fiancé seemed to be generally the strong silent type, Luca hardly spoke two words and I couldn’t help feeling like a fish out of water.

Her fiancé had his arm around her waist throughout most of the dinner and his eyes gleaming like stars in the night sky as he watched her adoringly. Many a time it took my breath away just watching them and the striking difference between the warmth and adoration that shone through his eyes and the cold, detached gaze of Luca’s.

Then she started talking about the shoe business she had started, and with my still sprouting dream of working with flowers I asked genuinely curious questions when appropriate.

It was however extremely hard through all of this to ignore the presence of the man sitting so still beside me. His scent, combined with the warmth of the restaurant and the soft ambience blues, made my insides burn and burn.

With every one of his slight movements, my chest would contract, and at the delivery of his clear and curt responses a strong awareness would prickle underneath my skin. At one point a glimpse of his fingers as they handled the cutlery would bring flashbacks of those very same hands opening my legs, and pushing his fingers into my sex.

A gasp escaped my lips. Our two companions were too far away to hear it, but he turned. I didn’t dare look at him, but he watched me for what seemed like forever, before returning his gaze back to his brother, and my hands nearly ripped the napkin in my lap to shreds.

“It was good to see you both again,” he said as he signaled a waiter over.

I released a deep sigh of relief.

After he had signed for the bill, he rose to his feet. To my surprise, Angelo and Sienna did not come with us. They had another car waiting for them. Sienna pulled me into a warm hug.

“I hope to see you again soon,” she said.

I just nodded, even though I knew I would most probably never see her again unless it was by accident on the street or if I was waitressing at a party she had been invited to.

In the car Luca lapsed into somber silence. I got the impression that it had nothing to do with me. He was preoccupied with something else.

The moment we got in, Madam was waiting in the foyer. She offered to get us drinks and refreshments, but Luca waved her away and walked in the direction of his den.

I made my way back to my room. I felt strangely lonely and abandoned. I hoped Luca would come to my bed later that night so I ran a scented bath and soaked in it. I also washed my hair so it would be sweet smelling.

By the time I climbed into bed an hour had passed.

I lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Perhaps he would not come. Perhaps he was already bored of me. I curled my body into a ball and remembered Sienna mention the ‘accident’ and how he never invited guests to his home.

As I raised my hand to switch off the bedside lamp, the door opened and there he was. For a moment we stared at each other.

“Leave the light on,” he said, and came forward.

My hand fell back down on the bed.

He put his nose in the curve of my neck and inhaled deeply. I thought I heard him say something, but it was muffled. Then he raised his head.

“You are a witch, Skye,” he growled, as he pulled my nightgown up.

I was not wearing any underwear so he got on the bed and buried his head between my thighs. I sighed with pleasure. After he made me climax, he fucked me. There is no other way to describe how brutally he thrust into me. When it was over, he pulled his pants back on and left without a word.

I felt a sob rise in my throat, as the door closed. I switched off the light.

And the tears came.Chapter 35Luca

-The Sound Of Silence-Laughter surrounded me.

It was unrestrained and endless. A beautiful sound. We were in the pool, with floats strapped around his chubby toddler arms and his cheeks flushed from the heat of the sun. I held onto his waist while he kicked his legs underneath.

“Don’t let me go,” he cried out in his chirpy voice.

I felt my chest swell. Never. Rocca. Never.

I counted to three in my mind and once again loosened my hold from his. He let out a small scream as he began to sink into the water. “Keep kicking,” I told him. “Remain calm.”

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