“I know you were beautiful once. What happened to you, Luca?”

Suddenly, it was too much. I turned away from her.

But she wrapped her arms around me and laid her cheek on my back. Then she began to kiss me, her lips tracing down my back. Then her hands in front began to move, across the muscles of my torso and then downwards into my track pants.

She gripped my cock and began to pump it, gently at first but then increasingly faster until she settled into sweet, rhythmic strokes. I clenched my eyes shut and reveled in the enthralling feel of pleasure coursing through my veins. He was not gone from the cavity in my chest but the pain in my chest was gone. She coaxed out all of the tension from my limbs. She knew exactly what I needed in that moment without even having to say a word.

Her strength and her pace would never be enough alone to get me off, and I needed to see her beautiful face, so I caught her hand and turned around to gaze at the woman before me.

She was a goddess, with water pouring down her hair, her alabaster skin looked even more pale and perfect. Her eyes sparkled and as I stared down at her, I felt something shift in my chest.

Before I could pay too much attention to analyze what it was, I tilted my head and took her lips in a deep kiss. My heart slammed painfully into my chest at the contact and it fueled my craving for more. Holding her face in position, I sucked hard on her lower lip. She whimpered like a little animal. I slipped my tongue into her mouth to dance with hers.

I pushed her against the tiles. There, I ran my hands possessively down her body and then her behind to grab her ass.

“Take me,” she breathed.

I hoisted her off the floor, and her legs wrapped perfectly around my waist. My cock thick and hard, curved against her wet pussy. She rocked the slick flesh against me eagerly. With a hand supporting her body I slipped my hand into the small space between us and positioned my cock at her entrance. Now I truly wanted to disappear… into her depths, into the bliss that she was. Where there was no pain, no thoughts, just heaven on earth.

She tore her mouth away from mine with a cry when I slid into her and stretched her walls taut and grated deliciously on the sensitive tissues.

She moaned as I sucked and nipped on the exposed skin of her neck. I was gentle with her. I could tell by her swollen eyes that I’d made her cry. I didn’t want to make her cry. Her life was sad enough without that. When I was a boy I once rescued a small squirrel that had its head stuck in a can. It struggled and scratched my hands until I cut it free. When it was free it did not thank me. It darted away as fast as it could up a tree and disappeared, but when I looked at my bleeding hands I felt good.

It felt good to have saved Skye. In the end my hands will be bleeding, but it would have been worth it.

I drove my cock into her until the fire of our joining burned so bright and beautiful she opened her mouth in a scream and lost her mind. Her head thrashed from side to side under a cascade of water and her body twisted and writhed. Her scream became mewling cries that resounded in the enclosed space as the orgasm rocked her to her very core.

That was when I let myself go over the edge.

I shut my eyes and savored every last bit of the fire in our joining. I burned it into the archives of my memories as vividly as a brand, needing it to be there and available for the time when she would no longer be mine. Out of my mouth came a growl, wild and impossible to contain and it combined beautifully with her unrestrained cries.

We collapsed against the other, limp and spent and neither of us wanted to move. She clung to me like a second skin, shaking her head when she felt I was about to peel her off me. It was the first time she’d held on so tightly and it flooded me with a dangerous warmth.

I stopped trying to get away from her. This was only temporary. One day it would be no more. Why shouldn’t I enjoy it. There was so little happiness in my life. Until she had come it had been completely barren. All I had was money and power, but my soul was broken and crying out. I would never trust a woman again, but for now, she was here and so was I.

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