“Loud and clear,” came the response.

“Good.” She turned to me. “All you have to do is start talking to him. Start by complimenting his business prowess and show admiration for his skill, then show just a tiny bit of curiosity about his business. Don’t rush it. Get him to talk.”

I nodded. Then a sudden thought jolted my mind.

“What happens if he comes close enough to discover I’m wearing a wire and he’s as dangerous as you suggest then I’m dead!”

“Don’t let him get too close to you at the moment. Once you agree to let him let you stay longer we’ll be able to bug the house properly, and then you can get as close as necessary,” Gregory finished smoothly.

I was unconvinced, but I said, “Okay.”

“Good. We’ll contact you again tomorrow,” said Sarah Yale.


“Perhaps you can go to visit your friend again.”

“All right.”

She smiled encouragingly at me. “You’re doing the right thing.”

I did not smile back.Chapter 44SkyeOnce I left the restrooms I wandered around the mall for a bit. I needed to think. I went into a shop and pretended to look through a rack of clothing. I felt eerily calm. I called Sergio and told him to meet me outside the mall.

The air outside was frigid, but I didn’t feel it. Inside the car, I wrote out a long text. Then I closed my phone and looked out of the car. When we reached Torrington Hall, I came out of my daze and began to look around the snow-covered grounds. My hand touched the cold glass of the window.

“I will miss you,” I whispered, as the car drove up the long, tree-lined driveway toward the house.

I knew Luca would not be back until dinnertime so I got into the house and was about to head straight up to my room when my name was called.


My heart nearly stopped. I turned around and was able to breathe easier when I saw it was just one of his other men. The echo in the foyer had made his voice sound almost identical to Luca’s.

“Boss wants you in his study.”

My eyes widened. “He’s back?”

He nodded. “Come with me.”

I straightened my spine. So the deed could not be postponed until later, but done now. They were listening in through the wires they had attached to my body. This meant I couldn’t let Luca touch me intimately or he would find the device and everything would be ruined. I didn’t think however that that was going to be a problem.

Nervously, I followed the man until he arrived at Luca’s study and gave a hard knock on the door.

“Come in,” I heard the response.

The security guard pushed the door open, and stood back to allow me to enter.

A fire was burning in the fireplace and the study felt beautifully warm. Luca was dressed in a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up and he was working on his laptop, but he slid it away from him and his searing eyes found mine. No matter how many times I saw him I always felt that strange attraction build inside my belly.

Taking a deep breath, I set in motion the events that would change my life forever.Luca


-Words-I hadn’t seen her in thirty-six hours and I was desperate to crush her body against mine, but that look in her eyes made me stop and pay attention.

“What is it?” I asked softly.

She came forward. “Hello, darling.”

My eyebrows rose. I stared at her as she walked to my desk, then placed her phone on it. She pointed at the screen, then very gently pushed it towards me while she carried on talking. “I missed you so much and I was wondering if it would be possible to extend my stay with you?”

“Why?” I asked, pulling her phone towards me. I could see that it was a text message that she had composed to me, but had not yet sent it. As I read, she talked.

“I want to spend more time with you. I realized that you are the best lover I’ve ever had and since you don’t have anyone and I don’t have anyone it would be a good thing for us both to stay together a bit longer. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, I think it does. If you find someone, of course, I’ll leave immediately. What do you think?”

I finished reading her note. Her note said.

The FBI contacted me at the mall. They want to use me to get intel on you. I didn’t want to do it, but they threatened to put me in prison because I have neither paid nor put aside the sums due to the IRS for the money I got from Salvatore and you.

I am wearing a wire right now.

So when I ask you to let me stay a bit longer, please say no. Maybe we can argue about something and you can pretend to throw me out of the house today. That way it won’t be my fault and I will have no more use to them.

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