I frowned. “It’s yours.”

Her eyes widened. “This is mine to keep?”

“Of course. What would I do with it?”

“Wow. I don’t know what to say… or how to thank you.”

I smiled slowly. “I know exactly how you can thank me...”

She smiled back. “I hear these kinds of planes always have beds in them.”

“This one certainly does,” I replied, my voice suddenly throaty.

Her teeth sank into her bottom lip. “Can I see your bed?”

And my cock ached for her. Since we were already in the air and the seatbelt signs were turned off… “I thought you’d never ask,” I said, as I rose to my feet and held my hand out to her. She put hers in mine and I took her to the bedroom.

I let her precede me into the room, then shut the door and leaned against it.

“That’s a big bed,” she murmured before she turned around to face me.

There were no words in my head. I hooked my hand into the band of her jeans, my gaze on her beautiful face. All I wanted was to be inside of her once again, and to feel her so completely attached to me.

Her hands came to the top button of my shirt and began to slip it out. Impatiently, I waited for her to finish unbuttoning. She took her time, bending her head to kiss and suck at the skin she was exposing. As the last button was undone I pulled it off and tossed it to a corner.

Then I began to move her towards the bed. When she was settled under me, I released the button of her jeans and yanked the zip down. I kissed her through the lace of her underwear and her back arched off the bed.

“Luca,” she shivered.

I relished the sound of my name on her tongue. It felt as if I hadn’t had her in months, even though it was only last night I had been inside her.

I ripped her panties off and flung them aside. I needed her, quickly, and urgently.

Her mouth opened into a gasp. Covering her mouth with mine I plunged all the way into her hard, and her surprised cry was lost in my mouth. She grabbed my forearms as I thrust into her. Again and again. Until we became one.We arrived past midnight in Sicily, and were immediately driven to my father’s large villa by the coast.

Staff were waiting to take us upstairs to our bedroom. Skye was so tired she went to sleep almost immediately. I stood over her and watched her for a while. It was incredible how vulnerable and young she looked when she slept. I could hear the restless sea from one of the windows left slightly ajar and I wished Skye was awake. I wanted to take her down to the beach. Where we could walk barefoot in the cold sand.

Unable to rest I went downstairs in search of my father. I knew I would find him in his polished oak study. He was an insomniac who hardly ever slept. He was seated in his usual place, on a dark green sofa, a goblet of cognac in one hand, and magnifying glass in the other. He was reading the newspapers. He was multilingual and had newspapers from all over the world delivered to him. He liked to read them at night when everyone else was asleep. He turned to look at me. I knew he was happy to see me, but there was no smile or welcome on his face.

“I heard you arrive,” he said in Italian, putting the magnifying glass down and leaning back.

I walked to the bar and poured myself a drink before I went and sat opposite him. “Mama is asleep?’ I asked.

He made a sound of dismissal. “She tried to stay awake to wait for you and your new bride, but she fell asleep. Wait till tomorrow morning.”

“I will,” I replied.

“Where did you meet her?” he asked.

“At a party,” I replied.

He frowned. “I heard you bought her from the useless frog, Salvatore. Doesn’t this make you question her character?”

“I know her character,” I replied coldly.

“Hmmm. Time will tell.”

“Time will tell,” I echoed softly.

He accepted my words and moved on to a different topic.Chapter 48SkyeI slept much better than I expected and by the time I woke up the following day, it was already late morning. I couldn’t believe how tired I was. I was never usually this tired. Ever. Luca was no longer around.

But when I tried to get up the world spun around me and I fell back onto the bed. The worrying moment passed quickly, but why did I feel so weak and unbalanced? Perhaps it was hunger? I could only remember eating small bites and portions over the last several days, so the first thing on my agenda was a huge breakfast.

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