The ceremony began and then it was completed. They were pronounced man and wife. Angelo grabbed his wife and kissed her passionately. The entire audience applauded and hollered. Even I had to smile at such a wonderful display of love.

Then it was time for the reception. It was being held in the gardens of the Abbey. We melted into the crowd and moved with them towards the great marquee.

Sienna’s wedding planner had done a wonderful job. In the golden light of the sunset everything was breathtakingly stunning. I took in the spectacular Abbey flanked by sheer cliffs on either side, and its beautiful renaissance gardens connected by pergolas of blooming wisteria. The terraces were alive with colorful gardenias.

John and I had already begun the task of planning the flower beds at Torrington Hall. Next year, if we worked hard, we could have a truly splendid show of color. I could hardly wait to see our efforts. I caught myself when I realized I had absolutely no idea what next year held. I turned quickly away from the thought as today was about joy and a wonderful occasion.

There was laughter, champagne was flowing, and a seemingly endless table of all kinds of food, but my eyes searched for only one person. Angelo and Sienna made a reappearance and everyone clapped and cheered. I saw him then. Just behind them. Suddenly, our eyes met. So he was looking for me too! I stopped breathing. All noises came to an end. The world stood still. There was nothing. No one else. Just us. My heart cried out for him. My lungs began to burn and I could feel my mouth opening to take in a breath.

Then he turned his eyes away.

I gasped for breath as I watched Matteo whisper something in his ear. I saw him frown and look around. There was a troubled expression in his eyes.

Someone called. “Time for photos, everybody.”

I thought I was well hidden, but I saw his father walking toward me. I saw his eyes drop to my belly, then he stood in front of me. “Come and join the family for a picture.”

I was dumbfounded. He’d given me the impression he didn’t want me to be part of his family when we went to stay at his house in Sicily.

“This is my father, Pete, and my stepmother, Laura” I said. I turned to my father. “This is,” I realized I didn't even know his name, “Luca’s father.”

He nodded politely at my father, but it was absolutely clear he had no interest in him at all.

“Come with me,” he invited again.

“Be back soon,” I told my father and Laura.

“Yes, yes, go. We’ll be waiting here,” they both said.

I went with his father. To my surprise I saw Luca running towards us. His face was contorted with terror. He was shouting something. It was the last thing I saw before his father grabbed my hand and pulled it so hard, I lost my footing and started to fall forward. I heard a shot. A scream of shock tore out of my throat as my hands rushed forward to break my fall and protect my baby.

The entire place descended into chaos as chairs and tables and ceramic flew in the air and shattered. The shout continued for another second and then there was another shot. It sounded too close to my ears and I screamed again.

Everything happened so fast, that I couldn’t make up a reasonable sequence for the disaster unfolding around us.

The bullet had sounded too close for comfort, but I didn’t feel any pain so I knew I hadn’t been shot. Next to me I could see that Luca’s father was unhurt. I turned my head to look for my father and Laura as I heard two more gunshots but I could see that they were on the ground cowering with all the others.

“Skye!” I heard Luca call sharply.Chapter 54Luca

-You Are The Reason-It felt as if I was losing my mind. I could not believe what I was seeing. It could not be. It just could not be. I dropped to my knees next to her. My hands were shaking. Jesus, God, no. Not her. Not her. Not my miracle.

She was looking up at me, with a strange expression on her face, as if she was surprised to see me, as if it was me that was hurt, as blood was oozing out of her wound and spreading into her stomach area of her lavender dress. The assassin had been aiming for my father, but he had hit her instead. Despite my father no longer being in the head of a Mafia family this was his fault. His past. You can leave the family but the past can find you anytime. It is the son of an old enemy out for revenge.

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