He pulls away and looks in at me, his face every bit of sincere and he tilts his head to one side…smiling.

“Why is that funny?” I ask sharply and go to push away from him.

He holds me still by my arms and forces my humiliated gaze, which is beginning to reflect resentment.

“I say that I’m not into you like that, Camryn, because…,” he pauses, searching my face, looking at my lips for a moment as if deciding whether or not he should kiss them again, “…because you’re not the girl I could only sleep with once.”

His words snap the thoughts out of me and my racing heart flickers behind my ribs. I can’t make myself understand what he just said and instead of trying to figure out exactly what he means, I pull my head together the best I can and try to gain back some of the composure I lost when I stormed out of his room.

“Look,” he says, moving to my side and slipping his hand around the back of my waist. Just feeling his fingers graze my skin causes shivers along that side of my body. What the hell is happening to me? I do want him…I mean, right now I feel like there’s no going back, that I would force myself to be a slut just for tonight just to keep him in the room. But what I don’t understand is why I feel like I want more from him than sex….

“Camryn?” His voice snaps me back into whatever it was he was trying to say moments ago. He guides me to sit down on the bed and then crouches down in front of me on the floor. He gazes up into my eyes. “I won’t have a one-night stand with you, but I will make you come, if you let me.”

A tiny jolt of electricity just shot through my belly and down in-between my legs.

“…What?” I can’t say anything else, really.

He smiles gently, deepening those dimples just a little, and he rests his arms across the length of my nak*d thighs, clasping his hands to my sides.

“No strings attached,” he says. “I’ll get you off and tomorrow morning when you wake up, I’ll be in my room next door getting ready to head out with you to our next location. Nothing will change between us—I won’t even bring up what happened joking around or otherwise. It’ll be like it never happened at all.”

I can hardly breathe. He just made the sweet spot between my legs swell with just a few direct words.

“But…what about you?” I manage to get out.

“What about me?”

He presses his fingertips into my sides a little more. I pretend not to notice.

“That doesn’t…seem fair.”

I really have no idea what I’m saying. I’m still shocked that this is happening at all.

Andrew just smiles up at me, unfazed by my observation and then suddenly he lifts up from being crouched on the floor and moves in-between my legs, causing me to slide backward a little on the bed. He sits in front of me and pulls me onto his lap, one leg over each side of him. I’m wide-eyed and practically biting into my bottom lip. He’s being so casual about this that it alone, the mere unexpectedness of it, makes me wetter.

He wraps his firm arms around my back and leans in, brushing the edge of my chin with his mouth. Chills attack me from head to toe. Then he pulls me closer toward his body and whispers near my mouth, “It’s fair. I want to make you come, and trust me; I’ll definitely be getting something out of it.” I hear the grin in his voice and I look down into his eyes and I can’t resist them. If Andrew told me right now to bend over and get on my hands and knees for him, I would without hesitation.

He brushes the other side of my jaw with his lips.

“Then why won’t you just sleep with me?” I ask quietly, but then try to re-word it, “I mean, if you wanted to do…something else to me—”

He leans back from my jaw and puts his three middle fingers over my lips to hush me.

“I’m going to say this just once,” he begins and his eyes are so bottomless, churning with intensity, “but I don’t want you to comment when I say it, alright?”

I nod nervously.

He pauses, moistening his lips with his tongue and then says, “If you were to let me f**k you, you would have to let me own you.”

A wave of unrestricted pleasure shudders through my entire body. His words shock me into submission. My heart is telling me to say one thing. My mind is telling me to say another. But I can’t hear what the f**k either one of them are saying because of this feeling between my legs that just keeps getting more and more impossible to ignore.

I swallow hard, searching desperately for saliva. It feels like every part of me that normally produces its own moisture has stopped working because all of the moisture has localized that to one spot in the center of my body.

I still can’t breathe.

Oh my God, he hasn’t even touched me yet and I already feel this way?

Am I dreaming?

“But what if I give you a hand-job, or something?”

I admit it; the idea of this is making me feel guilty.

He cocks his head to one side, smirking, and it makes me want to kiss him hungrily. “I told you not to comment.”

“I-I well, I didn’t comment on what you said, exactly, I just—” He slips his fingers underneath the thin fabric of my panties and touches me. I gasp, forgetting about what I had started to say.

“Be quiet,” he demands gently, though he completely means it. My lips snap shut and I gasp again when he slips two fingers inside of me and just holds them there, his thumb pressing on the outside against my pelvic bone. “Are you going to be quiet, Camryn?”

I shudder out the word, y-yes, and bite my bottom lip.

Then his fingers slide out of me. I want to beg him not to move them away, but he told me to be quiet in such a way that makes me utterly mad for him and equally submissive, so I say nothing. My eyes open carefully when he moves his wet fingers across my lips and instinctively I lick them, just a little, until he pulls them toward his own lips and takes in the rest of me on his tongue. I lean toward him, touching his mouth to my own, shutting my eyes softly just wanting to taste him and myself on him. His tongue snakes out to touch mine, but then he pushes me carefully back on the bed, instead of giving in to the ravenous kiss I so desperately want.

He slips both hands on the fabric around my waist and slides my shorts and panties over my h*ps and down my legs, dropping them somewhere on the floor.

Then he crawls up and lies next to me, draping one arm over my body and slipping his hand up the front of my shirt. I never did put a bra on earlier. He gently pinches one nipple, then the other and kisses me along the jaw again. Every tiny hair along the back of my neck rises when his tongue traces the curvature of my ear. “Do you want me to touch it?” His breath is warm against the side of my face.

“Yes,” I gasp.

He pins my earlobe between his teeth and his hand starts to slide down my belly, but it stops near my bellybutton.

“Tell me that you want me to touch it,” he breathes into my ear.

I can hardly open my eyes.

“I want you to touch it….”

He slides his hand down further and my heart starts pounding fiercely in my chest, but when I think he’s going to touch me, his hand moves to my inner thigh instead. “Spread them for me.” I let my legs fall gently apart, but he moves them apart further with his hand, the edges of his fingers pushing against my flesh until I’m completely exposed.

He lifts up from my side and leans over my body, pushing my shirt up to expose my br**sts and then pins my n**ples between his teeth, one after the other. Then he flicks the tip of his wet tongue over them and places his mouth around them, kissing each one of them hungrily. I wind my fingers through the top of his hair, wanting to grip it and pull it, but I don’t. Andrew makes his way down my chest and to my ribs, tracing each one with his tongue before my bellybutton.

He looks up at me with dominant, hooded eyes and says with his lips gently pressed against my stomach, “You have to tell me what you want, Camryn.” He licks my belly once so slowly that my skin ripples with shivers. “You won’t get it unless you tell me and make me believe you.”

I breathe in an unsteady breath that literally rattles my chest. “Please, please touch it….”

“I don’t believe you,” he says tauntingly and licks my cl*t once. Just once. He stops and looks at me across the landscape of my body, waiting for me.

Because I’m afraid to say the word, I whisper so softly, “Please…I want you to lick my p**sy,” that he pretends he didn’t hear me.

“What was that?” he says and licks my cl*t again, this time taking a little longer and a wave of shivers runs through me below. “I didn’t quite catch that.”

I say it again, raising my voice just a little, still too embarrassed to say that forbidden word, the one I’ve always found dirty and wrong and belonging only in a porno movie.

Andrew slides his hand between my legs and parts my lips with two fingers. He licks me once. Only once. My thighs are starting to tremble heavier.

I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

“A woman who knows what she wants sexually,” he licks me again, his hooded eyes always watching me, “and isn’t afraid to express it is so f**king hot, Camryn—Tell. Me. What. You. Want. Or, I won’t give it to you.” He licks me again and I can’t take it anymore.

I reach my hands down and grab fistfuls of his hair, pushing his face further between my legs, as much as he’ll allow me, and I say looking right into his eyes, “Lick my p**sy, Andrew; goddammit, lick my f**king p**sy!”

I catch the darkest grin I’ve ever seen on his face just before my eyelids slam shut and my head arches back when he starts to lick me and this time doesn’t stop. He sucks hard on my cl*t and works his fingers in and out of me at the same time and I think I want to faint. I can’t open my eyes; they feel drunk with pleasure. I buck my h*ps toward him and pull the shit out of his hair, but he never misses a beat. He licks me hard and fast and every now and then he’ll slow down to suck on me and roll the pad of his thumb over my swollen clit, before diving right back in. And when I start to feel like I can’t take it anymore and try to slide myself away from his face, he grasps my thighs and forces me to stay put until I come hard, my legs trembling uncontrollably, my hands gripping his head with all my strength. A moan shudders from my lips and both of my hands come up behind my head, clutching the headboard with my fingertips, trying to use it as leverage to pull away from Andrew’s lashing tongue. But he grips me harder, his hands curled under my thighs and over my hips; he puts so much pressure on me that it hurts, digging his fingertips into my skin, but I like it.

And as my shuddering body begins to calm and my labored breathing starts to slow, although unevenly, Andrew also starts to lick me more gently. When my body stops moving, he kisses the inside of both of my thighs and then right below my bellybutton before crawling upward towards my mouth, bracing his tight, muscled arms against the mattress on each side of me. His soft, wet lips fall on my neck and both sides of my jawline first and then my forehead. Lastly, he looks down into my eyes for a long moment and then leans in and pecks my lips softly.

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