When she felt him kneel behind her she reached back and grabbed him by the back of his head and yanked him down for another kiss. While his tongue slid across hers she felt him grind his uniform pant covered erection against her bare bottom. She ground herself back against it, loving the way he felt and she knew that she'd never get enough of him.

He pulled back only to release himself and she cried out in relief when he ran the tip of the velvet head over her bottom. Just when she didn't think she could take any more teasing he gripped her hip and pushed between her legs until he came in contact with her core. She felt herself drip with excitement and knew that he felt it too when he let out a sexy little growl that had her arching her h*ps and pushing back until she felt the large head slide inside her.

As he released himself so that he could push further inside her he reached around and slid his hand beneath her shirt and over her stomach until he could snake a hand beneath her sports bra and cup a breast. She leaned back against him as he slowly slid all the way inside of her. They released moans of pleasure when he was fully inside of her.

His mouth never left hers as he took her on a slow deep ride. She loved the way he touched her, made her feel and set her body on fire and knew that she would never want another man. She loved him and no longer doubted his ability to stay with her and see this thing through. She'd been worried when he told her that he wanted to give them a chance. With his history she would have been a fool not to worry, but she loved him and couldn't deny him a chance to try.

It was the best decision of her life. She had the man that she loved and had never been happier, but thanks to the way her mother brought her up that made her nervous. This was almost too good to be true and she was afraid that it wouldn't last. She'd been raised to believe that good things didn't happen to people like her and it was hard to accept that right now her life was perfect.

"Are you okay?" Eric asked, pulling away to look down at her, but thankfully he never stopped his slow thrusts in her because she was pretty sure she'd kill him if he did.

"Yeah," she said huskily as she wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss.

It wasn't too long before she needed more. Keeping one arm wrapped around his neck she reached down between her legs and traced her fingers over her open wet slit and over his shaft as it slid inside of her. She carefully ran her nails over his exposed shaft and nearly came when he let out a loud growl of approval.

"Don't stop," he whispered against her lips as his hold on her breast tightened. He pinched her hard nipple between his fingers and gently twisted it, sending a shocking surge of pleasure throughout her body.

For the next few minutes she ran her fingers from his shaft to her cl*t as he continued to take her slowly. When she managed to reach between them and run her wet hand over his balls he slammed into her so she did it again and again until he let out a ragged curse and pushed her down onto the floor where he followed. He wrapped an arm around her waist and with his other hand he grabbed a fistful of her hair and gave it a tug until she tilted her head back for his kiss.

His thrusts became hard and punishing, leaving her barely able to breathe as pleasure like nothing she'd ever known before coiled between her legs. When his hand slid down her stomach to dive between her legs she screamed and didn't stop screaming until she felt his c**k harden impossibly further inside her. He groaned long and loud in her ear as she felt him release inside of her.

Minutes later as she struggled to catch her breath he slid out of her and got to his feet. When she could only lay there watching him, he let out a long suffering sigh and reached down and pulled her up onto her feet.

"You might want to get ready. We're going to be late for work," he said, giving her bare bottom a little pat and squeeze before he headed for the door, whistling, she noted.

"I was ready twenty minutes ago," she pointed out, even as she struggled to pull up her panties.

"Uh huh, sure you were," he said, tucking himself back in and zipping up and just like that he was ready for work and she needed to head back to the bathroom to get ready again. Sometimes it really sucked to be a woman, she decided as she stumbled thanks to the pants around her ankles.


"Is it true?" Jeff asked the second Eric stepped into the station.

"Is what true?" he asked, noticing that every conversation had stopped and all eyes were on him.

"About you and Joe? Mark's sister claims that she saw the two of you making out at the movies Sunday night," Jeff said, looking a little too interested for his comfort.

After ditching his mother and brother at a chick flick they'd gone to see an action flick and the moment the lights went out his mouth was on hers until some kid with too much acne and a flashlight asked them to leave. Before he could bitch the kid out Joe was dragging him out of the theatre and to his car and demanding that he move his ass. He would have argued with her, but she chose the moment he started driving to reach between his legs and caress his aching erection.

"Yeah, so?" he asked, wondering what the big deal was.

Jeff grinned hugely at that little announcement. He turned to the group of men playing pool. "Pay up," he said, holding his hand out as several men slapped money in his hand.

"I didn't think Joe was that desperate," one of the men grumbled.

"I'm not," Joe said, walking past him. "I lost a bet," she said with a helpless shrug that earned a laugh from the men and admiration from him. He didn't think he could love a woman more than he loved her.

"Is our third rider here yet?" he asked as he stepped behind Joe to punch in.

That quickly ended whatever amusement the men felt. "Yeah, the cocky little bastard is out in the garage hanging out with Teddy," Jeff said.

"Bill really f**ked up when he had him do a third ride with that ass**le," another man grumbled.

"Did he ride along this weekend?" Joe asked as she walked over to the open kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

"Uh huh," Dan, a firefighter of fifteen years said. "Teddy volunteered to work with him and guess what? The little shit got his first write up for talking shit to a nurse."

"And he's still here?" Eric asked, shocked that he hadn't been given his walking papers then and there. The man wasn't union and Bill usually didn't put up with that type of bullshit.

"Bill tried to give him the boot, but his uncle called in another favor. They're hoping the two of you will get the little shit to mellow the f**k out," Bret, an EMT, said as he walked into the room. "Personally I'd love to bitch slap the little bastard, but Bill already asked me not to do that."

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