His phone went off. “Hello?” he answered as he drove them towards home.

“Edward, how is she?” his mother asked.

“She’s more than good. She just has to eat more,” he said, giving Dana a sideways glance.

“Good, I was going to tell you that you should stay here tonight. The media is going crazy at your house and the police said they are going to be there for a long time. Don’t tell Dana this, wait can she hear me?” his mother asked.

Edward looked at Dana, she didn’t seem to act one way or the other. “Nope go on.”

“It was an active bomb. I think they called it a fire bomb or something. When activated it sent out a huge ball of flame.” His hand tightened on the steering wheel. “Pulling the card would have activated it instantly. Also, it was set on a timer. It went off seconds before the bomb squad was able to get to it. I’m sorry, Edward, but it looks like all the vegetation and the sheds in the backyard caught fire. The girl overdid it on the chemical she placed in it. They said it created a twenty foot circumference of fire. She had airplane fuel in it.”

“Holy shit.” He thought of what his mother didn’t dare say. Dana would have been killed instantly. He fought back tears as he drove.

“Baby, what is it?” Dana asked, placing a comforting hand on his thigh. He shook his head, too afraid to answer.

A loud honk behind him caught his attention. He looked in the rear view mirror and saw several cars trailing them. “Uh, Mom, maybe I should take her to a hotel for the night. We seem to have several paparazzi following us.”

“Nonsense, our house is secure. The house is set back on the property behind trees so we have privacy and if any of them enter the property I’ll call the police immediately. She needs home cooked food and her children tonight,” his mother stressed.

“Okay, we’re on our way. Do you want us to pick up anything?”

“Milk for the kids.”

“Milk it is,” he said. “Tell the kids we’re on our way.”

“Bye, kiddo.”

“Bye, Mom.” He hung up and dropped his phone into the cup holder. He took Dana’s hand into his. “We’re going to stay with Mom and Dad just for tonight our house is a mad house at the moment.”

“Okay.” She tightened her hold on his hand. He raised their hands to his mouth and kissed the back of her hand. “It will be okay.”

"I know," she said, giving his hand a squeeze.


He pulled in front of a convenient store. “I have to grab milk for the little monsters. Do you want anything?”

“Yeah, I’ll come in. I’m not sure what I want yet.” She got out of the car before he could argue.

Edward took her hand and led her inside, holding the door for her. She tugged her hand free and headed for the snacks while he made his way to the milk.

“So, you already have cravings?” a man asked Dana. She looked up to see the paparazzi had followed them inside. Three of them were in the store, snapping pictures and watching their every move.

She forced herself to remain friendly. “Nothing specific.” She reached for a granola bar and added it to her basket.

“That’s a hell of a rock. When’s the date? Did he propose before or after he found out you were pregnant?”

“You guys never take a break do you?” she asked.

“Nope, so?”

She chuckled. “Sorry, guys, no easy answers today.”

They shrugged casually. “That’s okay, we don’t mind a challenge.”

“I can see that,” she said, smiling.

“So, were you guys using birth control or was this planned?” he pushed.

She ignored his question. “You know if you guys plan on following me around you could at least make yourselves useful and make a few suggestions here.” She gestured towards the snacks.

“You can’t go wrong with chocolate. My wife is in her third trimester and that always seems to make her happy,” the larger man suggested.

She nodded and grabbed a few bars of chocolate knowing Cole would sneak one for himself and his sister. “You can eat that much chocolate?” one of the men asked, probably hoping to discover if she was a secret chocolate addict.

“No, I have two children, a fiancé and some in-laws to think about.” She moved onto something salty, just in case.

“My sister swore by those breakfast bars when she was carrying my nephew,” the smaller man said.

“Sounds good to me,” she said, grabbing a few. “Well, gentlemen, you’ve been very helpful.” She made her way to the register.

“Here,” Edward said, placing the milk on the counter in front of her. He also placed several fruit pies on the counter. “I’m getting these before you send me out again like last night.”

She shrugged shyly. “I got a craving.”

He laughed and kissed the top of her head. “That’s okay.”

Dana pulled out several folded bills the same time Edward pulled out his wallet. “You let a woman who's carrying your children pay for her food?” one of the men asked in mock disgust.

She sighed and put her money away knowing Edward would never let her pay with or without an audience. She turned to look at them. “You guys are so helpful.” They chuckled guiltily.

Edward paid and carried the bags out. He held the door for her and ignored the paparazzi as he helped her into the car. “Aren’t you afraid she’s going to get fat eating like that?”

He grinned and shook his head. “She’s carrying twins, and she eats very healthy ninety-nine percent of the time. Give her a break.”

“Will you still love her if she gets fat?” one of the men asked.

Edward ignored him and sat down behind the wheel.

“Well?” she asked when he shut the door.

“Well what?”

“Will you?”

“Oh, of course I will. It will just mean more of you to love and more cushion for the pushing.” He wagged his eyebrows for her. She playfully slapped him as a flash went off.

“Uh uh, looks like they just got a story of you beating me,” he said, laughing.

“That’s not funny!” she said, trying not to laugh.

“I don’t think so either. I think it’s about time it came out about the beatings and abuse you inflict on me,” he teased.

“Yeah, but you like it,” she said sensually.

He looked at her and grinned hugely. “Damn straight.”

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