“Um…..,” Dana started nervously.

“Her bottom and chest will be seen on screen. Don’t be so upset, it was done tastefully. Plus, she has nothing to be embarrassed about. Hell, if I had a body like hers I would take up that offer Playboy keeps pushing at her before the babies come.”

“Mom!” Amy snapped. “You wouldn’t do that!” she said, mostly trying to convince herself that her mother wouldn’t do that.

“Hey, you only live once,” Eleanor said, shrugging.

“So, let me get this straight, you did an actual nude scene with Lucas? Please tell me he wasn’t also completely naked.”

“Get over it, Edward, you’ve done love scenes before,” Eleanor pointed out.

“Never fully nude!” Edward snapped back.

“You should, you have a cute little bottom,” Eleanor said.

“Oh hell,” Edward sighed. Now he had a migraine.

“I don’t understand the problem. It wasn’t a  p**n o. I thought the script was excellent and Dana and Lucas did an amazing job. Everyone thought so,” Eleanor said defensively.

“The point, Mom, is that I don’t want every man in the world getting a good look at my wife’s body,” he said through clenched teeth.

“You know what? I’m not your wife yet. I cannot believe you’re acting like this.”

He opened his eyes, stunned. “Are you f**king kidding me? How did you think I would act when I found out you were parading your tits for the world to see?”

“Edward Andrew Pierce, never in all my life did I ever think I would hear you speak like that to a woman! Especially one you claim to love!” Eleanor said sternly.

Dana wiped a tear away with a shaky hand. “No, it’s okay, Eleanor. He’s allowed his opinion.”

“Glad you agree.”

“Given that, don’t talk to me for a while,” Dana said and turned to Amy. “Could you do me two huge favors?”

“You want me to get the kids going and you want to borrow my car,” she stated, looking at Edward. “I don’t blame you in the least, Dana. If he wasn’t my brother I would slap that look off his face.” She handed Dana the keys.

“I’m going to go get some things done. Call me when Rick and Eric want to meet, because I’m pretty sure they will,” Dana said.

“No doubt,” Amy said, hugging Dana. “Don’t let him upset you. He always was a spoiled brat.”

“Yes, he was,” Eleanor said sternly. She shook her head at him and left the room. Dana walked past Edward without a word and left him alone with Amy.

“Jackass,” Amy snapped as she walked past him as well.

“Daddy?” Elizabeth said.

Edward turned around to find his precious baby girl with mused hair, standing behind him wearing rumpled pink princess pajamas. “Yes, sweetheart?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” he answered, trying to force a smile. His head was killing him. “Baby girl, do you still love me?” he asked.

“Of course, Daddy.” She walked over to him. He picked her up and kissed her cheek loudly. “Good. At least one woman still does.”


Dana had one hell of a morning. First, she received a call from her father who screamed at her for embarrassing the family, again. He wouldn’t even allow her to explain herself before he hung up, but not before he told her she should consider herself disowned. That was special. It hurt, but not as much as it would have if they were even a little bit close. Then her ex-husband’s grandmother called, she was always close to her. She wanted to make sure Dana was okay. After Dana explained it wasn’t her and promised her everything was okay they said good bye.

Sebastian, the little boy she saved on the bridge, well the young man now, called. He'd been sent home early from school after getting into a fight with someone over the video. She explained it wasn’t her. She had to calm him down before he got himself in more trouble. He was very protective of her, always had been.

When Jeff started to treat her badly it was Sebastian who told him off. She promised he was still coming in a couple of weeks. He lived with his Grandmother and she couldn’t do much with the kids. They were well provided for, but she was too old to keep up with three teenage boys. So, Dana took him several times a year for a couple of weeks to help make up for it.

She drove home and walked around the property for a while. Her sheds were completely gone. Everything inside of them was toast. The yard was singed beyond repair. After seeing all the damage she couldn't help but feel happy that no one was hurt.

Needing a distraction from what could have happened and the drama with Edward, she decided to clean her house. She cleaned the house from top to bottom. She even put Edward’s things away and broke down the boxes. After four hours she took a shower and threw a fresh outfit on. Subconsciously she grabbed her favorite motorcycle outfit, a white long sleeve tee shirt and jeans. It wasn’t bad ass, but it was the most comfortable outfit she owned when she rode her motorcycle.

“The hell with it,” she said out loud, she was taking her bike out while she still could. First she called her doctor and ran it past him. He okayed it as long as she was careful.

She pulled on her helmet and went for a drive. She rode around the beaches, loving the feeling of the open road. Her phone went off while she was stopped at a red light. She pulled over and answered it. It was Amy telling her the meeting she had to have with Eric and Rick was in one hour at Rick’s office. There was no time to go back and grab Amy’s car or hers so she proceeded on bike. She was glad she did. It was a nice relaxing ride. That is until she pulled off her helmet and saw Edward’s horrified expression.

She rolled her eyes and ran a hand through her hair and walked past him still carrying her helmet. He went to the elevator, looking at her expectantly. She walked past him to the stairs and went the back way to the Rick’s office.

Dana strolled through the chaotic minefield that was Rick’s floor. People were hurrying here and there frantically. Rick’s office was dead ahead and she aimed for it.

“Dana!” a man said.

She looked up, surprised to see Nick. He was a handsome man, always joking, and flirting with her and a real sweetheart, well in his own way. He always read her books just to see what she was doing. “Nick!” She hugged him. “When did you get back?”

He lifted her off her feet and spun her around. “Yesterday. I read your new books, not too bad.” He set her down on her feet. “What’s this I hear you’re not only with Edward Pierce, but pregnant and engaged? Not my Dana. Not miss ‘I’m never going to date another man as long as I live,’ ” he said the last part mocking her Boston accent.

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