“I’m glad you liked it.” He smiled.

“Are you making a sequel for the movie?” a man piped in.

“I’m not sure yet if the studio is picking it up or not,” he answered. He hated these types of questions. They could easily become demanding and hostile. He knew of course that they were. He was contracted for two more movies, and he looked forward to it.

“They just released the sneak preview of Rogue today. That movie looks really good!” a woman said.

“Yeah, I saw that! My mother was upset. She didn’t think those ten seconds of the love scene should have been shown on television. She was livid. I mean it was pretty erotic, but they didn’t show any more than they would normally show in a soap opera of a drama. It’s ridiculous,” a teenager with shaggy brown hair said.

“They released the preview?” Edward asked. He hadn't known that.

“Yeah, you want to see?” The kid pulled out a hand held computer. He opened a saved file and the preview started. Edward found himself glued to the screen.

The preview started with Dana walking down a street at night, she came upon a group of hoods and turned and walked back the way she came, ducking into an alley. She came to a skidding halt when she saw a man shoot two men. She screamed, making the man look at her. The video flashed to another scene of her crying in the middle of a hotel room, a knock at the door made her stand up and answer the door. Lucas stood there holding a badge.

“FBI, Ms. Jorgenson, I need to have a word with you.”

The screen changed to them running away from speeding cars, gunshots, and then she was behind the wheel nervously trying to drive while they were being shot at. The screen changed to them arguing on the side of the road. He didn’t catch what they were saying to each other but it looked good, passionate.

“Here it is,” the boy said.

The next scene had Dana slapping Lucas and turning to run away from him. He grabbed her arm and yanked her back silencing her with a deep kiss. The next scene showed them practically na**d in bed with Lucas devouring her body for several long seconds, the scene ended with a steamy kiss, the next scene she was hiding in a dark room. She was crawling towards a computer. When she made it to the computer a hand grabbed her from behind and the screen went blank.

“She’s a pretty good actress,” the old woman said. “I’m going to see that.”

“That’s what everyone is saying. They can’t believe she’s an author. She’s really good.”

“Yes, she is,” Edward said, smiling. She did great. The sex scene looked steamy, but having done sex scenes himself he knew how uncomfortable and unsexy they really were with twenty people watching you and ordering you around.

“Oh my God! Edward Pierce!” a girl screeched.

Edward looked back to see a large group of girls exiting one of the theatres. They all started screaming and pointing his way

“Oh my,” the old woman said as thirty girls ran towards him screaming at the top of their lungs.

“I would run if I were you.”

Edward left the line and pushed his way through the lobby to get to Dana. As if they were a flock of geese the girls moved in on him as one. He found Dana standing in line looking nervous. Several men stood around her. From their body language it was clear they were bothering her.

The fact that she was carrying another man’s children and wearing an engagement ring didn’t seem to stop them. She looked relieved when she saw him until she saw the girls running towards him.

Edward reached out and took her arm. He pulled her against his body protectively. One of the men reached out to take hold of Dana. “You don’t own her!” he snapped.

“Wanna make a bet?” he snarled, pulling her towards the door, but a large group of girls blocked the exit.

“Where are all these girls coming from?” Dana asked. She looked up at the movie listings and saw the reason, a Mason brother’s movie. They were the latest boy band group. They had millions of girls obsessed with them.

“Edward, I love you! I want you!” Please be mine!” girls screamed. Several others screamed his name and their undying love for him. “I’ll have your baby!” another yelled.

Edward looked around. They were now completely blocked. The girls were forming a huge thick circle around them. He pulled Dana into his arms tighter. “No! She can’t have him! I hate you, Dana Mathews!” girls screamed.

“I don’t think they’re going to let me join your fan club,” Dana mumbled.

He chuckled. “Yeah, I think that route is out for you.”

“Damn, I was really hoping to get the key chain and matching tee shirt.”

He sighed heavily. “I’m really sorry, baby. I tried.”

She wrapped her arms around him making the girls scream and cry. “I think if you kiss me right now they’ll tear me apart."

He held her tighter, afraid it was true. “Girls, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I need to get her home right now,” he said loud and clear, hoping some of the girls would use some common sense and move out of the way.

“No! She’s a bitch! I hate you, Dana! You could have any man in the world why’d you take him?” they screamed.

The girls were crying hysterically and moving closer to him. “Back off!” he snapped. They paused for a short second before continuing.

“This is about to get really bad,” Dana whispered.

He pulled out his phone and dialed 911.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“My fiancé and I are being surrounded by crazed fans at Hoyt Cinemas on Chestnut."

“Sir, is this a joke?”'

“No! Can’t you hear them screaming?” he asked.

“Yes, how many girls would you say are there?”

“More than a hundred.”

“What’s your name, sir?”

“Edward Pierce, I’m with my fiancé Dana Mathews. They have us trapped. There’s too many of them. I think the manager is trying to stop them, but it’s not working.” He felt an arm wrap around his neck. “Hurry!”

“Sir, I have a unit close by.”

“Unit? You’ll need more than that…..get your hands off her!” he yelled, dropping his phone. Girls were trying to grab Dana. He moved back towards her. Someone jumped on his back and was holding onto him. He felt a wet kiss on his neck. Girls were grabbing at him, trying to pull him away from Dana.

Dana turned around and was gently pulling girls off of both of them. “You girls need to calm down. Relax,” she said firmly yet gently.

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