“You know what I find interesting here,” Hank said.


“The ex-husband.”

Trevor sighed in the microphone the same time Edward groaned. He looked back to make sure Elizabeth was still rocking out to her MP3 player, she was. He was just killing time driving around now. She didn’t have to be to school for a half hour. The snacks were still in the trunk, well sealed so he didn’t have to worry about those. He knew Elizabeth wouldn’t complain. She was only allowed her MP3 player when she earned it so right now she was in heaven.

“Oh, don’t get me started on that prick. What kind of man first off neglects a woman like her, I don’t care if she was carrying extra weight after giving birth. She had two kids almost back to back and was partially paralyzed. Give her a break!”

Edward hated hearing about that. Jeff left her by herself all day. She struggled to do everything and had no help with the two young children. If it had been him he would have busted his ass so she never felt an ounce of pain or discomfort.

“True, then the prick cheats on her with, I’m sorry I realize I’m about to receive hate mail, but a dog and then marries her! What the hell?”

“Do you think Edward would cheat on her?” Hank asked in a serious manner.

“Hmm, I’ve given that some serious thought. I don’t think so. He could have easily slept with hundreds of women, but he was known for being a bit of a prude before he met Dana. He had a few model girlfriends and dated a few actresses, but he didn’t go nuts. All of his ex-girlfriends have said he’s a nice guy, too nice. So no I don’t think he will. He seems to be crazy about her if the tape is any indication.” Just to add emphasis to his point they played another clip. “God I missed you so much, Dana….I love you…..I love you.”

“I think we’ve gotten off track here, Hank. We’re supposed to discuss the ex.”

“Oh right, my bad, Trevor. I think the guy has balls of steel to give up his kids. You noticed he didn’t give a rat’s ass when the little one, what’s his name, Cole?”


“Cole gets burned because some psycho babysitter is too drunk to watch the kids, which I must say is every parent’s nightmare. My heart goes out to Dana and Edward on that one. My wife freaked out and now has Nanny Cams all over the house because of that. Anyway, they catch him on film and tell him what happened to his biological son and the son of a bitch shrugs and walks off,” Hank said.

“True, I did want to bitch slap him myself.”

“But this hits the air and a little comment about his size is involved and the guy is flipping out giving interviews to every Tom, Dick and Harry. What the hell?”

He was beginning to love these two guys. His hand twitched towards the phone, he couldn’t help it. He opened the phone and dialed.

“Oh my God, I’m being told that Edward Pierce is on the phone right now.”

“Are you kidding?” Hank asked, sounding truly surprised.


“Well, let’s put him on!”

“Good morning, Edward.”

“Good morning, guys."

“I’m a little surprised by your call. Isn’t your wife going to kill you?” Hank asked.

Edward chuckled. “No, she has faith in me and thankfully is a very forgiving person when I mess up.”

“Good to know. So, Edward, let’s cut to the chase, is this tape real?” Trevor asked with an edge to his tone. They expected him to deny it.

“Yes,” he said, knowing there was no point in lying.

“Sweet Jesus!” Hank yelled.

“I only have a few minutes to talk guys,” he said, looking at the clock. “So, we have to make this quick.”

“Damn, okay….um, wow, I’m so excited,” Trevor said.

“Me too. I don’t know where to start.”

“Oh, has Dana cut you off?”

Edward chuckled. “No, it was an unfortunate incident, but we love each other very much and have no problem showing it. It really upsets me that someone saw my wife and decided to take advantage. It should have been a very private moment between us and it was exploited for cheap thrills.”

“As hot as the tape is I would have to agree with that. She sounded like she was in a great deal of pain. Hell, my wife cringed when she heard it,” Hank said.

“I was sorry for that too, but it’s a side of effect of giving birth and I know my wife doesn’t regret our boys. I wish I could have spared her further pain, but it was unavoidable,” Edward said.

“True, damn, Edward Pierce. I have to say you’re a stand up guy…with one hell of a hot wife,” Trevor said, making Edward chuckle.

“Come on, Trevor, we only a few more minutes, let’s get to the juicy stuff before he hangs up. We have a responsibility to our listeners to ask.”

“Yes, yes we do. Okay, Edward, we have to know. Does she feel as good as she looks?”

“You guys are going to get me in so much trouble,” Edward groaned, trying not to laugh.

“Come on, please! Millions of men around the world will never experience it, you could at least let us know. Please!” Trevor begged.

“Better.” Edward grinned.

“I knew it!” Hank yelled.

“They’re real too, right?”

“Guys, come on, I have to get going so ask better questions,” Edward said.

“Oh, I have one. This is something a lot of listeners, admittedly men, have asked. Will you consider letting Dana pose for Playboy?”

“Oh, that is a good one,” Trevor breathed excitedly.

“Hmm, let me think about that, how about….No!” Edward said. The men grunted and complained, making him laugh.

“Are you going to the awards show tonight?” Trevor asked.

“Yes, we’re presenting.”

“Sweet, make sure you stop and say hello to us.”

Edward looked at the clock. “Oops, guys I really have to go now."

“Wait, can you get your wife to sign a copy of her Maxim magazine issue and send it to me?” Trevor asked.

“Me too!” Hank said eagerly.

“I tell you what, gentlemen, get me off the air right now and I will give you the number for my assistant. Give her your addresses and I’ll ask Dana.”

“Get him off the air!” Hank snapped.

In a minute he was off the air, music was playing and he was giving up Amy’s number. They thanked him for the interview and for the autographs. They begged him to bring Dana to the studio and to do an interview. He told them he would consider it, and he would. The guys were pretty decent, pigs, but decent pigs. There was a difference after all.

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