Nick winked as he leaned forward and slowly ran the tip of his tongue between her slit. It felt so good, but it wasn’t enough. She needed more. She needed him.

Taking a deep breath, and praying that her legs didn’t give out, she somehow managed to step away from Nick and moved into the middle of the large bathroom.

She looked over her shoulder to find him getting to his feet to come after her and that’s when she did the most brazen thing of her life.

She got down on her hands and knees and offered him up a view that she hoped he couldn’t resist. It was funny how she’d only been ha**ng s*x for less than a week and she couldn’t seem to get enough. Maybe she was playing catch up, she thought as she felt him grip her h*ps and rub the tip of his penis over her bottom.

He slid a finger inside of her as he continued to tease her bottom with the large soft velvety tip of his erection. The combined sensations had her panting harder and desperate for release as she pushed her h*ps back and rode his finger.

He released an approving growl that had her mumbling incoherently and begging him to take her. When she felt his finger slide free and the tip of his erection take its place she nearly wept with joy.

Of course the loud banging at their door had her near frustrated tears. When the banging didn’t stop after a minute, Nick moved away from her, cursing up a storm that was pretty impressive. When he left the room she decided to stand up to make it easier for her to attack him and have her dirty little way with him before someone else could interrupt them.

When Nick came back into the room, looking close to killing someone she knew their morning playtime was over. He already had a pair of black pants on and was pulling on a light green shirt when he saw her. It was hard to miss the large bulge in his pants or the way it jerked when he saw her. It was actually flattering, but unfortunately it turned her on even further.

“What’s going on?” she asked, unable to tear her eyes away from that bulge.

“That was Holly,” he said tightly. “Apparently someone in the office got the times mixed up and the convention starts in fifteen minutes, not two hours.”

“Oh,” she said, unable to stop from pouting.

Nick closed the distance between them and cupped her face in his hands as he pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. “We will finish this later, Jamie, but right now we have to haul ass so that we don’t disappoint your fans.”


She watched as Nick headed her way, but once again Holly stepped in front of him, blocking his path and grabbing his attention. This had been going on since they came here five hours ago. Every single time she needed to speak with Nick, Holly intervened and whenever he finished with one problem and started to walk towards her, Holly would catch his attention and point out another problem for him to handle.

Why exactly was the woman here if she needed Nick to do absolutely everything, Jamie wondered as she shot another hopeful look towards the bathroom. She’d been desperate for the bathroom for the last two hours, but she could never seem to get anyone’s attention. Every time she tried to get Holly to manage the line of people waiting to speak to her so that she could use the bathroom the woman got distracted.

By Nick.

The woman was constantly hovering around him and whenever he was alone Holly would rush over to him. She seemed desperate to be around him.

Unfortunately she didn’t seem to realize that Nick looked rather annoyed with all the attention. If she didn’t have to pee so badly she’d probably find the whole thing entertaining.

Okay, the whole thing did amuse her but she really had to go and soon.

Deciding that there was no way she could hold it any longer she got to her feet and thankfully spotted Pat, the really nice even coordinator that she’d met earlier. After quickly explaining the situation she took off like a shot towards the bathroom only to be intervened by none other than Holly.

“Where are you going?” Holly asked even though it really should be selfexplanatory since she was heading straight for the woman’s room.

“I have to use the bathroom,” Jamie explained as she tried to step around the woman.

“There’s a bathroom set up for the authors,” Holly explained, gesturing for Jamie to follow her. When she didn’t immediately move to follow the woman, who was giving off “Caitlyn vibes” as she liked to refer to bitchy vibes, Holly added, “It’s to make sure that you can use the bathroom in peace without having to worry about fans harassing you.”

Oh, well that kind of made sense, Jamie decided as she followed the woman out of large convention room and through a back door marked “Employees Only”

and down a long hallway. By the time they took a right down another long hallway Jamie couldn’t help but wonder how exactly this was convenient for authors because she was finding it very inconvenient at the moment.

When Holly suddenly stopped she nearly did a happy dance only to discover that none of the doors were marked in any way indicating that they were restrooms.

“I thought we should have a talk, woman to woman,” Holly said as she faced her.

“Now?” Jamie asked, not bothering to hide her exasperation at the situation.

“You can’t wait until after I use the bathroom?” she asked, moving to step past the woman, more than willing to hunt down a bathroom on her own at this point.

“It’s about Nick,” Holly said with a worried expression.

Yeah, she just bet it was, Jamie thought, moving once again to step past the infuriating woman when she added, “He’s going to get fired.”

Now that had her attention.

She turned so that she could face the woman. “What are you talking about?”

Holly made a show of worrying her bottom lip as she wrung her hands together. “I really shouldn’t say anything, but if I don’t I know Nick will get in a lot of trouble.”

“What exactly would he get in trouble for?” she asked, already having a pretty good idea where this was going.

“For his relationship with you,” the woman said, confirming her suspicions.

“I see,” Jamie murmured as she looked around the long hallway again for any signs of a bathroom. It was close to becoming an emergency.

“He’s a really nice guy,” Holly said on a broken sob. “I really don’t want to see him get into any trouble, but if he continues to see you then Rick will fire him.”

Jamie kind of doubted that since Nick had hauled her onto his lap in front of Rick and even kissed her a few times. Rick looked more amused than anything, which reminded her that she wanted to ask Nick about that.

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