"We're going to take this nice and slow," he said tightly to her or himself, she wasn't sure. All she knew was that nothing ever felt as good as Trevor Bradford sliding inside her.

She wanted to thrust back, but his weight on top of her stopped her from doing anything more than lying there. It was pure hell lying there and needing him so damn badly. He was barely halfway inside of her when he pulled out and slid back in.

"Nice and slow," he said through what sounded like clenched teeth as he continued his agonizingly slow pace that was killing her.

At this point she couldn't even find the words to beg him to move faster and she desperately wanted him to move faster. He felt so good, so incredibly good.

"You feel so damn good, baby," he said, turning her on more than she ever thought possible. She knew he didn't really mean the endearment, but right now she allowed herself to enjoy the way it made her feel.

"I could stay in you forever," he said, groaning as he pressed hot wet kisses against the back of her neck as he slowly thrust inside of her. She'd never made love to a man in this position, but there was something about having a man lying on top of her and taking her from behind and not being able to move that was intensely erotic.

"Do you like this?" he asked, pressing a kiss against the corner of her mouth.

"Yes," she said, tilting her head back so she could kiss him. The kiss started off slow, but soon turned hungry as Trevor slid his hands over her arms until their hands met and their fingers entwined.

His slow pace started to become a little less controlled and a little more frantic as he started to thrust into her harder. One minute she was kissing him and loving the way he made her feel and the next she was crying out her release.

She barely heard Trevor when he muttered tightly, "Next time, damn it. I'll make it good next time." Before she could register his words he was slamming into her from behind and she loved every single second of it.

Before her five year stint she'd had a few lovers. They were attentive and she'd guess they were good lovers since they always made sure she found her moment, but they never made her feel like they were desperate for her or couldn't get enough of her. They'd certainly never lost control like Trevor was currently doing.

"So f**king good," Trevor gasped, igniting the fire once again inside of her. It wasn't long before he had her screaming again as her body burst apart on an orgasm so intense that it left her gasping for air as little black spots danced around her vision.

Trevor's deep groan of satisfaction had her biting back a pleased little smile. She knew she hadn't done much, but it was still satisfying to know that a man like Trevor had enjoyed being with her and clearly he had. There was no way she could have misread his enjoyment. She wondered if this was the best sex he'd ever had as well.

"Thanks," he said, pressing a quick kiss to the top of her head as he pulled out and climbed off the bed.

That was it? Thanks? After the mind blowing sex they'd just had? Granted she hadn't had sex in five years and a thirty second romp in the hay probably would have earned an eight by default on her Richter scale, but still.......

She thought she deserved something a little more than a "thanks" like she'd just handed him the remote or something. It wasn't as if she was expecting his undying love or something, she wasn't an idiot after all, but something with feeling would have been-

"That was great," he said as he gave her bottom a little rub and a pat.

Well, that was something, she supposed as she blew a strand of hair out of her face. The great part was at least true, she thought with a sniff as she heard him moving around in her bathroom.

At least she didn't have to figure out a polite way to get him to leave. In the past she had a few boyfriends that she'd cuddled with and slept with, but Trevor wasn't a boyfriend and never would be. Not only was there no way in hell that he'd date someone like her, sex? apparently and shockingly yes, but men like Trevor didn't settle on plump, plain nobodies like her.

This was just going to be sex, mind blowing, life altering sex, but sex nonetheless and she was going to make damn sure she remembered that. Besides he never really treated her like she was anything special so she didn't foresee herself doing anything stupid like fall in love with him. He sure as hell wasn't going to fall in love with her. Just the thought of Trevor dropping to his knees and professing his undying love for her had her laughing softly.

As long as they both remembered this was an arrangement and nothing more there wouldn't be any problems, she decided as she rolled over, deciding that she could use a long soak in the tub before she took Toby out for his last walk for the night and went to bed.

"Where are you going?" Trevor suddenly asked, drawing her attention to the bathroom door where he stood na**d and hard, she noted with surprise. "Get your ass back on the bed, Zoe. We're not done," he ordered softly, as he ripped open a condom and slid it on.

"We're not?" she asked, unable to hide her surprise.

Shrugging lazily, he shook his head. "We need to catch you up," he explained as he walked back over to the bed, running his hand lazily over his condom covered erection and making it really difficult for Zoe to think at the moment.

"Catch me up?" she repeated numbly as she wondered how he got that thing back up. A few of the men she'd dated in the past had been able to go at it a second time, but that was much later and after a nap or a long break. The thing between Trevor's legs looked really angry as if it had been denied its own moment, making Zoe wonder if maybe it had. Could men fake orgasms? she wondered even as Trevor climbed on the bed and between her legs and gently pushed her back until she was lying on her back.

"Mmmhmm," he said absently, positioning himself between her legs, but not quite entering her yet. "Yes," he said on a heavy sigh. "I'm afraid we're going to have to keep having incredible sex until we've made up your five year dry spell."

"And um," she said, feeling her lips twitch with amusement, "you're willing to suffer through having great sex with me to do that, huh?" She couldn't help but feel pleased to discover that he'd enjoyed himself as much as she had. It did amazing things for her self-esteem.

"I said incredible sex," he corrected her, sounding put out, "but yes, I'm willing to make that sacrifice, because that's just the kind of guy I am."

"That's, um," she said, choking back a laugh as his wiggled his eyebrows playfully, pleasing her immensely since he was seldom playful or even joked around, "very generous of you."

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