Since he really didn't feel like spending the night in the hospital he decided to take pity on her and just let her know the new arrangement, besides all her violent little thoughts probably weren't good for the baby.


He still couldn't believe that he was going to be a father. Truth was he hadn't been sure that he wanted to have kids. He didn't want to pass down his problems to a child or have to deal with any of the bullshit that came from having a family, especially if it didn't work out and things ended in divorce. He never wanted to be responsible for giving his kid the kind of pain his father gave him even unintentionally.

With Zoe as his child's mother he would never have to worry about it, not that he planned on letting her go, but he knew without a doubt that she'd kick his ass up and down the street if she thought even for a moment that he somehow let their child down.

After the slight panic attack he had after Jason calmly explained what Zoe's prescriptions were for, he realized that he was actually pretty excited about having a family with Zoe. She was so damn sweet, attentive, kind and he loved her. He couldn't wait to have babies with her. Once he convinced his cousins and uncles to get off of him and let him up off the floor he started making plans.

Sure Zoe was probably going to get pissed and she wouldn't talk to him for a few days or weeks, but this really was for the best and when she realized that she would no doubt thank him for taking care of everything.

"Well, since you moved in here I really didn't have much choice but to move my stuff in there," he pointed out.

"Moved in with you? What the hell are you talking about?" she asked, but he saw the moment she realized that all of her kitchen belongings were now in his kitchen. Of course he made sure to use her stuff and box his shit up to make her happy, which she'd probably appreciate once she stopped scowling.

"I did tell you that my family was over here last night. It took a few hours and the guidance of Haley and my aunt, but I think we did a pretty good job," he said, glancing around the kitchen.

"Please tell me you're kidding and that you really didn't move my stuff in here," she mumbled as she looked around the kitchen as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing, which was kind of insulting since he'd worked pretty damn hard to make the kitchen "cute" for her. Did she not see the matching puppy dog oven mitts that he bought for her?

"Of course I did." He walked over to the fridge and grabbed a Coke for himself and a bottle of apple juice for her. When she only frowned down at the juice he explained, "You can't have caffeine while you're pregnant."

She rolled her eyes. "I don't want juice. I want you to put all of my stuff back into my apartment."

"Why would I do that?" he asked, frowning as he stepped past her and headed into the living room where his boys were lounging in front of the couch.

"Gee, I don't know," she said, storming into the living room after him. "Maybe because I never told you that I wanted to move in here or perhaps because I ended things with you and I believe I told you that I was moving out. Take you pick, Trevor, but put my stuff back in my apartment."

"First off," he said, pausing to finish off his soda, "I believe you cried tears of joy when I asked you to move in." When her mouth dropped open in stunned disbelief he decided to continue and press his luck. "Secondly, I really don't remember you ending things and I really think I would have remembered that," he said, deciding that Jason's theory was correct and it didn't count if a woman was pissed when she did it. The man was a Harvard grad after all so who was he to argue with the man's logic?

"Are you serious?" she demanded. "I broke things off with you yesterday and you damn well know it!"

"Thirdly," he said, ignoring her as he leaned back and tried to get comfortable since this looked like it was going to take a while, "I can't move you back in there not only because it would be a waste of time since I'd just have to move you again when we bought a house, but it would also be pretty weird being married and living separately, don't you think?"

"Married?" she practically screeched, not sounding all that pleased, which left him feeling a little offended. "We're not getting married."

He snorted at that. "I may have let you have your naughty little way with me for the past couple of months, but that doesn't mean I'm going to allow you to keep treating me like some dirty little boy toy. If you want to live with me then I expect you to put a ring on my finger," he said, holding up his left hand and wiggling his ring finger to punctuate his words.

"Naught little...," she mumbled, shaking her head in disbelief as she tightened her hold on her towel and dropped into an overstuffed chair. "Oh my god, you really are insane."

"Probably," he said with a shrug, "but don't worry I doubt it's hereditary so the baby should be fine."

Her eyes widened at that announcement. "Great one more thing to worry about," she sighed and he did his best to ignore the fact that she was only wearing a towel, a really large towel, but a towel nonetheless.

"There's really nothing to worry about," he said with a shrug.

"Nothing to worry about? There are about a million things to worry about and apparently having you committed is one of those things," she snapped.

"And when we get married you can legally have that done," he said brightly, grinning hugely when she scowled his way.

"Why in the hell would you want to marry me? I thought you were done with this little arrangement of ours," she pointed out, sounding frustrated and more than a little confused.

"Because I love you," he said simply even though she really should know that by now.

Apparently she hadn't.

For a moment she could only stare at him, looking as though she'd been hit between the eyes with a hammer. It was actually a bit disconcerting and he was starting to wonder if she was okay.

Finally she said, "You don't love me, Trevor."

"Yes, I do."

"No, you don't," she said, sounding irritated.

"Of course I do and you love me too," he said, sounding smug, but he didn't care. He knew the woman was head over heels in love with him so he wasn't overly concerned that she hadn't professed her undying love to him, much.

"I'm not in love with you?" she declared and he really couldn't help the shit eating grin at that little declaration.

Her little growl pleased him as well. "Fine, okay? I'm in love with you," she snapped, but that doesn't change anything, Trevor. You don't love me."

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