Of course she knew that if she truly wanted sex that all she had to do was yell his name and he would have come running, which was part of the problem. She needed a little space to make sure that this wasn't just about sex for either of them. Although she'd missed touching him and holding him she'd actually missed just being with him more.

She missed his smile, the way he glared at her when she teased him, the way he pouted when he ran out of food, and she even missed his bossiness. She just missed him and up until a few hours ago she hadn't been completely sure if he wanted her for just her or the arrangement, but after his little cute antics she knew that he loved her.

His attempts to see her were so sweet and entertaining. When her hot water suddenly stopped working, she almost called out to him, but then she heard him in his bathroom muttering to himself for her to hurry the hell up so he could turn the hot water tank back on before the pipes burst. So with a little pleased smile she sat back, curious to see what else he'd do.

When he snuck into her apartment to entice the dogs out with his underwear it had taken every ounce of strength she had not to laugh her ass off and pretend to be asleep, especially when the dogs managed to steal the underwear out of his hand and make a mad dash for it. For about five minutes she discretely watched as Trevor did his best to chase after the dogs without making much noise. She had to admit that for a man his size he did a pretty good job of quietly running after her dogs, except for the occasional curse that is. When he finally had the two dogs and shut the door behind him she had to bury her face in her pillow as she laughed until it hurt.

He was just so damn cute.

Her favorite moment of course was when he was outside jacking up her car while his cousins and uncles all stood along the sidewalk taking pictures and laughing their asses off at him. Except for the few times he'd flipped them off, he ignored them as he struggled with frozen nuts and bolts for almost two hours straight. Of course he probably would have finished a lot faster if his family hadn't thrown snow balls at him while he worked.

They really were an entertaining family.

Still she held out, curious to see what else he would do. When that something else was shutting off her heat she gave in and came over, even more curious to see how far he would take things.

Except once he had her where he wanted her he left her alone. She couldn't even begin to describe how disappointed she'd been when he didn't join her in the bathtub. An hour later, disappointed and wrinkly, she climbed into bed waiting for him to join her there. She'd really been looking forward to falling asleep in his arms, but the jerk never showed up so she decided that maybe it was her turn to make a move.

"But we're going to do it my way," Trevor announced just before he took her mouth in a quick, too quick, passionate kiss.

"What's this now?" she asked in a daze.

"I said we're doing this my way. While I work, you'll talk," he said, grabbing the hem of her oversized tee-shirt and yanked it up and off her in a matter of seconds, leaving her completely nude. Trevor's rough sound of approval sent shivers of anticipation throughout her body.

"Talk?" She watched as he devoured her body with his eyes and she was thankful that the room was dim enough to make her feel comfortable.

"Uh huh," he said, pulling her forward. "You tell me all about this new arrangement while I make up for seven days, sweetheart."

She opened her mouth to answer, but the only thing that came out was a loud strangled moan as Trevor closed his lips around one of her taut ni**les and sucked, hard. She had to grab onto his shoulders and hold on before she fell over.

He wanted her to talk? Now? He really couldn't be serious.

"W-we can talk later," she suggested, hoping he'd do that little thing with his teeth and tongue that she loved.

He did.

But then he pulled back and she nearly whimpered.

"I think," he said, leaning forward again and running the flat of his tongue over her nipple, "that this is the perfect time for you to tell me just what you had in mind."

"But later would be better," she said, sounding a little desperate and not really giving a damn. The man had a gifted mouth and she was more than willing to let him use that gift on her.

"I think now is perfect," he murmured, tracing a line with his tongue from one nipple to the other. He traced around the nipple that practically begged for his attention before he drew it into his mouth and sucked.

"Now?" she choked out.

"Get talking, woman," he said around her nipple.

"About?" she asked hazily.

He chuckled around her nipple before he flicked it with his tongue and pulled back. "This new arrangement of yours," he reminded her.

"Oh right, the arrangement," she said numbly.

"Get talking or I stop," he said and just to prove that he was serious he pulled away from her breast.

"Okay, okay," she said, grabbing the back of his head and yanking him back to where he belonged. With a small chuckle he took her nipple back into his mouth.

She forced herself to ignore how unbelievably good he felt or the fact that he held her hip tightly so she couldn't move against him and focused. If they were going to have any hopes for a future there were a few things they needed to clear up.

"How many children do you want?" she asked, knowing that this was by far the most important question. If he was hell bent on only having one kid it was going to become a bit awkward.

"As many as you're willing to give me," he said, pulling back and releasing her nipple with a wet plop. "Next," he said, burying his face in the crook of her neck as one hand continued to squeeze and caress her breast the other slid from her hip to her bottom where his talented hand kneaded and squeezed, forcing her cradle his erection.

"Next....okay, um," she said absently as she tried to rub herself against him and this time he allowed it. "If um, if we get married we're going to need a bigger home," she said, remembering his offer to buy them a house. She wasn't sure if he meant right away or sometime in the future, but with twins, Bradford twins, they were going to need more space soon. Not to mention a large kitchen with more storage space and maybe a larger fridge.

"I'll build you a house, sweetheart. Anything you want," he promised against her neck.

"I just want you, Trevor," she said, knowing nothing else really mattered as long as she had him.

"You have me, sweetheart," he said, pulling away just far enough so that he could look into her eyes. "I promise you will always have me."

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