There was no way that he'd just heard what he thought he did. He knew Rory pretty well and knew that she would never use her sex appeal to get what she wanted. She wouldn't bother wasting the energy for all that bullshit. She would just kick his ass to get what she-

"I want sex, Connor, and as long as you make it worth my while we're going to add it to our deal," she said as she somehow managed to back him up until his back hit the wall before adding with a teasing note, "to get into character of course."

He opened his mouth to make sure that he'd heard her right when she took advantage and slid her tongue in his mouth, taking him off guard and leaving him with no other choice but to give into the stubborn woman. She wanted him. Rory James, the woman he'd been fantasizing about since he'd first noticed girls, wanted him and he wasn't going to do something stupid like question it or bitch about her methods.

It took a minute for her words to sink in and when they did, he turned the tables on her and pressed her up against the wall. As he slid his tongue against hers, enjoying the way she couldn't seem to get close enough to him, he placed his hands against the wall by her head. After allowing himself another minute of enjoying her decadent mouth he broke the kiss, but he didn't go far.

When Rory fisted his hair and yanked him back for another hungry kiss, he indulged her for another moment before he pulled back. When she let out a rather vicious growl, he chuckled and leaned in, but only allowed his lips to brush against hers. Before she could deepen the kiss, he pulled back.

"Make it worth your while?" he repeated, making sure that he'd heard her correctly.

"Mmmhmm," she said, moving her good hand down his neck, over his shoulder and down his chest, her touch light and teasing as she traced his tattoo.

"So this is my audition?" he asked, loving the way she touched him.


"What exactly am I auditioning for?" he asked, already having a pretty good idea, but he wanted to hear it from her.

"Well, if you pass-"

"I will," he said tightly, insulted that she expected him to suck in bed.

"-then for the next five months," she continued as if he hadn't spoken all while she ran her hand down his chest, "we're going to give in and enjoy this disturbing attraction that's going on between us."

"Who says that I'm attracted to you?" he asked softly as he looked into her beautiful blue eyes.

She smiled coyly as her hand slid down between them and over the erection straining his boxers to get to her. When she gave it a light, teasing squeeze, the air in his lungs rushed out as his legs threatened to buckle and drop his ass to he floor. "This does," the tease said as she slowly stroked him through his boxers.

He'd heard several men bitch about Rory's performance in bed. Granted, he beat the shit out of those men, but not before he got an earful. Seems the men that Rory dated didn't appreciate an aggressive woman in bed. They wanted a woman that allowed the man take the lead, call the shots and decide their pleasure.

They were all f**king idiots.

There was nothing hotter than a woman who knew what she wanted and went for it. Nothing turned him off more than a woman that let him call the shots and just laid there while he took her. It was boring and only made him lose interest faster. With Rory, he knew that he'd never get bored and taking the next step with her was dangerous, but he'd worry about that later. Right now he had the woman of his dreams giving him a chance to fulfill every fantasy that he'd ever had about her.

"What are the rules?" he asked, already knowing that Rory had something in mind.

"This doesn't interfere with the project or our lives," she said, licking her lips as she worked her hand between his legs and gently massaged his balls, making him hiss in a breath.

"Fine. What else?" he asked, trying not groan as she continued to drive him out of his mind. His hands clenched into fists against the wall as he struggled not to grab her and turn her around so that he could rip off her panties and bury himself deep inside of her.

"It's just to get into character. It means nothing," she said, leaning up to brush her lips against his and for some reason that pissed him off, but not enough to turn down what she was offering.

He didn't like the idea of her trying to play this off as something that she was going to do just for her project. She wanted him and they both knew it. No matter what she said, she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. For right now he'd accept what she had to offer, but sooner or later he knew that she'd stop kidding herself. He didn't expect a future with her, but that didn't mean that he was willing to accept anything less than the truth.

"Anything else?" he asked as she went back to caressing his c**k through his underwear.

"That's it for now," she said, sounding a little breathless.

"Then since this is my audition," he said, pausing long enough to break away from her so that he could bend down and scoop her up into his arms, "I think it's about time that I showed you what I have to offer."

* * * *

"That's really not necessary," Rory rushed to explain, so close to crying.

She'd been enjoying herself. Would it have killed him to let her call the shots? It was probably the only way that she would have enjoyed herself, but like all the guys before him, Connor wasn't interested in what she wanted. It was not a good sign of what was to come, she thought with a small pout. Just once she'd like to find a man that wasn't greedy in bed and could handle a woman that knew what she wanted.

When he placed her on her feet, she prepared herself for a few quick kisses, a couple of gropes before she was expected to lie on her back and accept what he had to offer her. It wasn't exactly thrilling and it was starting to kill the mood. Maybe she should-

"What are you doing?" she found herself asking when Connor dropped his underwear, revealing the most impressive erection that she'd ever seen, and simply stood there, watching her expectantly.

"Letting you call the shots, Rory," he said with a hungry expression that quickly reignited the flame that had been threatening to die out only seconds earlier.

"You're going to let me call the shots," she repeated, clearly not believing him as she ran her eyes over the hottest body that she'd ever seen. She swore that when her eyes landed on the large appendage between his legs that it actually grew, which should have been physically impossible.

"Yes," he said with absolutely no hesitation as realization dawned on her.

He really didn't know how to use that thing between his legs.

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