As depressing as that thought was, and it really was, she forced herself to push past it and focus on what he was offering. He might not know how to use it properly, but she was pretty sure that she could figure it out. She had to bite back a smile when she realized that this little plan of hers would allow her to use Connor's incredible body in any way that she wanted and she definitely wanted.

She held up her hand and crooked a finger. With one of those sexy grins of his, he walked over to her, pulling her in his arms even as she reached for him. As his lips met hers, she couldn't help but sigh. At least he knew how to kiss, but then again, according to local gossip she shouldn't expect to see much of that skill later. That was fine, because she was sure that she could find other things to focus on, she mused as she dropped her hands away from him.

When she grabbed the hem of her camisole to pull it up, she found her hands gently brushed away. He continued to kiss her as he slowly pulled her shirt up, taking his time to run the back of his knuckles over her stomach and br**sts. They both moaned as his knuckles glided over her ni**les, causing the already sensitive tissue to tighten almost painfully in need.

He broke the kiss, but only long enough to pull her shirt off and then his mouth was back on hers, taking his time to tease and caress her tongue as he pulled her closer until that impressive erection of his was pressed against her stomach. He felt good against her, but not good enough. She wanted more and had no problems with taking it.

She just prayed that he'd allow her to enjoy herself before he took back control and she knew that he would. There was just no way that Connor was going to be able to sit back and let her call the shots. His pride wouldn't let him. Until that moment came, she planned on doing everything that she'd ever dreamed of and yeah, she'd thought about getting Connor into her bed a time or two. There weren't many women in town that hadn't, she reminded herself, not really liking the idea of another woman fantasizing about him so she forced it out of her mind.

He wasn't hers and most importantly she didn't want him to be, she told herself as she broke off the kiss and stepped away from him. She watched as his eyes moved from her face and slowly traveled down her body. When they reached her br**sts, they became hooded as he hungrily licked his lips.

She couldn't help but wonder just how hungry he was as she turned around and slowly crawled onto his bed. She felt the bed dip behind her and wasn't too surprised to feel him behind her as she lowered herself onto the bed. As she turned to lie on her back, Connor leaned over and took her mouth in a hungry kiss, picking up right where they left off as his hand came to rest on her stomach.

As she enjoyed the way he kissed her, she waited for his hand to move, knowing that it was just a matter of time before he tried to take control. When several minutes passed and he didn't move his hand she was surprised and admittedly frustrated. While he'd been kissing her, she'd been imaging just how good it would feel to have his hands roam over her body. It was something that she desperately wanted.

"Touch me," she whispered against his lips, loving the little groan that he released as he moved to do just that.

He trailed his fingers up and between her br**sts. Just when she thought that he was going to put her out of her misery and touch one of the br**sts that craved his touch, he continued to move his hand up until he was cupping her face, gently caressing her jaw and ramping up her frustration.

When she reached up to take his hand and put it exactly where she needed it, he moved his mouth away from hers. His mouth trailed kisses down to the opposite side of her neck as his hand moved back down and cupped one of her br**sts in his large, warm hand. She bit back a small cry as she dropped her head back, giving him more access to kiss, suckle and tease her skin with his lips and early morning whiskers that were driving her out of her mind.

His hand, with a slight roughness from years of hard work, moved from one breast to the other with whisper soft touches that were only interrupted by the occasional kneading or a gentle caress. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he continued to worship her and that's exactly what it felt like. There were no rushed or awkward moves. Connor was taking his time learning her body and she honestly couldn't remember ever feeling more wanted than she did in that moment.

But still she wanted more.

Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she widened her legs until she felt her right leg brush against his erection. As she hooked her leg over his, she placed her injured hand over his roaming hand and with a slight push he took the hint and allowed her to guide his hand away from her breast, down her stomach and between her legs where it came to rest over the place where she needed his touch the most.

Connor pressed one last kiss against her neck before he pulled away and returned to her mouth as he cupped her possessively. The pressure felt good, but it felt even better when he started to rub his hand up and down, teasing her and giving her what she needed all at once. When she felt his hand move and start tugging at her panties, she didn't hesitate in raising her h*ps and helping him pull her panties down and kicking them off when they were low enough.

He gave her one last kiss before he pulled back and looked down to watch as he returned his hand between her legs. A groan escaped him as he traced her slit with the tip of his finger. He licked his lips hungrily as her breath sped up and she registered his erection slowly grinding against her hip.

"You're so f**king wet," he said in a daze as he slid his finger inside of her and that was all it took.

If she'd been born a male she probably would have been horrified at how quickly she came, but as her body bowed, his name left her lips in a half strangled scream and she felt her body throb almost violently around his finger she couldn't find the willpower to care. As she screamed through the most powerful orgasm that she'd ever experienced, she barely registered the fact that Connor was no longer by her side.

However, when she felt his tongue replace his finger she definitely registered that move as a second, more powerful orgasm ripped through her body, leaving her helpless to do anything but scream.

Chapter 23

"I thought that you were going to let me call the shots tonight," Rory said, panting hard as he continued to leisurely lick her out.

"You are," he promised as he pulled back so that he could trace her slit with the tip of his tongue. "Tell me to stop and I will," he semi-lied.

He would stop, eventually, but right now he was enjoying himself too much to really mean it. Making love to her with his mouth was one of the most pleasurable experiences that he'd ever had. He'd be honest and admit that this sort of thing normally wasn't one of his favorite things to do for a woman. It was usually something he did for a woman he'd been dating for a while and he only did it when he could no longer pretend that she was the one that he wanted. By the point that he was willing to do this for a woman, it had been out of desperation.

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