No matter what any of his old girlfriends thought, he tried. God, how he tried to feel something for them, to want and need them, but he couldn't. He just couldn't. No matter what they did or said, he could never get past the fact that he couldn't force himself to feel anything for them. For the longest time he lived in denial and fear as he tried relationship after relationship, but nothing changed.

When he was younger he hadn't cared and never bothered trying, going from one woman to the next had made little difference to him. Over the years, things changed, he'd changed and he wanted more in his life, but no matter what he did nothing changed. He'd dated some wonderful women that would make any other man drop to his knees and thank god that he was alive, but not him.

He hadn't been able to return their feelings and it just about killed him when he couldn't force himself to love them. He could easily think of five of his ex-girlfriends that would have probably given him a good life as they grew old together, but he hadn't felt anything for them. He couldn't love them. Hell, he couldn't even get it up for them without thinking about the woman currently running her fingers through his hair as she urged him to continue with soft little moans that had his c**k jerking in appreciation.

This was the woman that his body craved day and night and it would accept no substitutes. It was something that he'd have to worry about, but later. Right now he was going to enjoy the freedom to touch her. Whatever happened later he'd deal with it. Right now, nothing else mattered but the woman moaning his name.

"Stop," Rory said, panting hard as she tried to catch her breath.

Stopping was the last thing that he wanted to do, but he did. He wasn't an ass**le and would never force a woman to do anything that she didn't want. It was a struggle, but he somehow managed to pull away from her.

As soon as he made a move to go to her and make sure that she was okay, he found himself shoved down onto his back. By the time the movement registered in his mind, Rory was already climbing over him and gripping his c**k by the base as her pert little ass wiggled above his face. He didn't waste any time in raising his face to continue lapping at her slit as his arms wrapped around her body, holding her still.

"So much better," Rory said on a throaty whisper as she stroked his cock.

When she ran her tongue from the head to the base, his h*ps jerked up in response and when she wrapped her lips around the tip and lightly suckled, he swore that he saw God. As his head hit the bed he brought her down with him, too greedy for her to allow even a second of separation.

Her hard ni**les brushed against his stomach, back and forth as she moved her mouth over his cock, taking it as far as her talented mouth would allow while she rode his mouth. He gripped her ass, restraining some of her movements so that he could slide his tongue in and out of her core to mimic what she was doing to his cock.

He ran his tongue slowly between her slit, loving the moan Rory released around his cock. What she was doing to him felt f**king fantastic, but what he was doing to her was life altering. As they both took their time licking, suckling and nibbling, the only sounds that could be heard in his room were moans, groans and whispered pleads never to stop.

* * * *

A loud cry escaped her lips as she struggled to continue giving him pleasure, but she couldn't. She just couldn't take it any longer. With another strangled cry, she released him from her mouth and was forced to rest her head on his hip less than an inch from the large erection that she'd been worshipping only seconds earlier. Her body tightened as her back bowed, seconds away from what she already knew would be another powerful orgasm.

She bit her lip as she pleaded with her body to hurry before he stopped and she knew that he would stop. He hadn't yet, but in a few seconds he would realize that she'd stopped pleasuring him and he would demand that she continue. Men could be selfish jerks, she thought as she licked her lips hungrily.

Just when she thought that he was finally going to stop, he didn't. Oh no, not even close. His arms tightened around her, holding her securely against him as he devoured her and there really was no other way to describe what the man was doing to her. It felt good, so good......too good.

She tried to pull away, but the damn man refused to give her an inch. Her good hand clenched into a fist, gripping the soft comforter in a death grip as a scream of pleasure like nothing she'd ever heard before ripped from her throat, taking her breath away. The surge of pleasure that rocked her body left her boneless and barely able to softly cry "Stop" as Connor continued, making her body prepare for another orgasm that would no doubt kill her.

"Shhh, baby, it's okay," Connor said soothingly as he pulled away and gently rolled her off and onto her back where she lay panting as her overstimulated mind tried to figure out what just happened.

Connor hadn't stopped, hadn't demanded that she continue pleasuring him or thrown a fit. Instead, he did everything that he could to make sure that she enjoyed herself. Why did he have to keep confusing her? she wondered as Connor laid by her side and pulled her into his arms. He gently brushed her hair out of her face as he pressed a tender kiss against her lips all while the proof that the man hadn't found any relief pressed against her hip.

"You okay?" he asked, giving her another one of those tender kisses that she was really starting to like.

"Mmmmhmmm," she sighed happily as she found herself leaning in and kissing him. More than okay, she thought as she wondered just what else the women in town had lied about. Clearly someone had lied about his aversion to kissing and foreplay, but now wasn't the time to worry about that. Right now, she couldn't think past how good he made her feel, how much she wanted him, needed him and suddenly nothing else mattered but them.

Connor growled in approval as he returned her kiss and his c**k brushed against her too sensitive skin. She reached between them as they took their time kissing and when she found what she was looking for, she didn't hesitate in running her hand over it. She couldn't remember enjoying the way a man felt in her hands like this before. The hot, silky skin that covered the large erection felt incredible and she realized as she took her time running her hand over him that she wasn't in a rush to finish this.

She'd done this for most of her boyfriends, well, the ones that she'd become intimate with, but she'd never really enjoyed the act. It was difficult to enjoy something when all she heard were complaints or aggravated groans. Then again, when she usually did this sort of thing for a man she didn't usually enjoy it, but with Connor she was finding herself aching all over for him.

It shouldn't be possible, especially not after the incredible orgasms that he'd just given her, but she couldn't help it. The sexy little growls he made every time her hand skimmed over the large head had her shifting her legs as she tried to ignore the need growing inside of her until she couldn't ignore it any longer.

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