“To make plans,” she announced with relish as she pushed the rickety old carriage down the aisle, deciding that it was time to bring the bastard to his knees.

Chapter 17

“Shit!” he muttered with a cringe as he shot a nervous glance towards Marybeth’s apartment door as he waited for any sign that she’d heard him.

When he didn’t hear anything after a minute, he practically tiptoed the short distance to his door and slowly turned the doorknob all while shaking his head in disgust at himself. Fucking pathetic, he thought even as he shot another nervous glance over his shoulder to make sure the little tease wasn’t coming to destroy the last thread of his self-control.

He still couldn’t believe this was happening. One minute he’d been so sure that he finally had her where he wanted her and the next he was standing in front of the generic Head and Shoulders, explaining to the assistant manager that he didn’t need any fucking help as he struggled to get his cock to behave. Now, two hours later he was sneaking into his apartment like a coward, all so that he could get a chance to clear his head before Marybeth could take advantage of his momentary lapse of control.


He just needed to put a little space between them so he could clear his head and gain control before he continued with his sensual assault. He briefly considered coming up with a new plan, but just as quickly decided that this was his best chance to finally make Marybeth his. Now all he needed to do was to make sure that his cock was on board with his plan and everything would be fine.

Tomorrow he’d take up where he’d left off, but tonight he was going to take the night off and recoup, he decided as he closed the door behind him. After a slight hesitation, he locked the door behind him and threw the deadlock to make sure the little tease wasn’t able to sneak inside and take advantage of his weakened state. With that in mind, he moved his ass and made sure that the backdoor was locked as well, making sure that Marybeth wasn’t lying in wait, ready to strike.

When he didn’t find her lurking in a corner somewhere, ready to torment his poor misguided cock with her mischievous little smiles and generous curves, he went upstairs, swallowing nervously as he came to his closed bedroom door. He tried to summon the courage to open that door and face whatever was waiting for him inside, but he couldn’t move, not when there was a real possibility that Marybeth was in there, waiting for him, naked, eager and wet…

Oh, hell…

He should turn around and leave while he still had the chance. He could stay at his parents’ house or with one of his brothers or cousins. It would be the smart thing to do, he told himself, but he couldn’t stop himself from reaching for that doorknob as he licked his lips, anticipating the moment that he saw her, laid out and waiting for him.

He was so fucking weak.

The doorknob turned with a small click, his cock jumped with anticipation even as everything in him told him to run. He had a fucking plan and it was working. He just needed to be strong and push through this, he thought numbly as the door swung open, revealing…

An empty room.

He was not disappointed, he told himself as he walked into his room and slammed the door shut behind him. He stormed over to his bureau, yanked open the top drawer, grabbed a pair of boxers and slammed the drawer shut. He stalked off towards the bathroom, shooting the empty bed where Marybeth should be waiting for him, naked and begging him to fuck her as she professed her undying love for him.

Pissed, because this was taking longer than he’d expected, he tore his clothes off, turned the shower on full blast and stepped inside. Jaw clenched, he washed up, determined to ignore his neglected cock as it jerked hard against his stomach, begging for release, but he couldn’t give in to his body’s demands without forfeiting the dare and losing the best chance he had at making Marybeth his wife.

Without resorting to kidnapping, that is, which he was willing to do, but only as a last resort. He’d rather have her cooperation, especially since it would make the honeymoon more enjoyable. Christ, just thinking about the honeymoon and all the things that he wanted to do to her had him licking his lips in anticipation.

He’d take her to a tropical island, somewhere where they could spend their days making love on the beach with the tide washing over their bodies as he slid inside her, cooling their skin from the hot sun beating down against them. At night, he’d lay her down in front of a fire and worship her body with his hands and mouth. He’d take his time with her, relearning every curve of her body, the feel of her skin against his tongue as he traced her curves, suckling and kissing every inch of her skin until he came to the very center of her.

His hand wrapped around his cock as he licked his lips, imagining just how good it was going to feel to slowly slide his tongue between her wet slit. He’d use the tip of his tongue to tease her clit as he gripped her thighs and pushed her legs open so that he could bury his tongue in her-

“Shit!” he snarled, dropping his hand away from his cock as he dragged in a deep breath, praying for control when all he wanted to do was find Marybeth and fuck her raw.

He wanted to-

“Are you going to fuck me, Darrin?”

The question froze him on the spot.

She was here?

“Marybeth?” he said, shutting off the water as he stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel.

“Well?” Marybeth asked in that teasing tone she got when they were in bed, the one that made him groan and want to bury himself inside her and stay there.

“Are you wet for me, sweetheart?” he heard himself ask, only he hadn’t said anything.

Frowning, he opened the bathroom door and glanced over at the bed to find it empty.

What. The. Hell?

“Why don’t you come here and find out for yourself?” Marybeth suggested in that same tone, drawing his attention against his will to the television.

Oh, fuck no…

“Why don’t you show me?” he heard himself ask as the camera zoomed in on Marybeth, who was lying on his bed, half-naked, smiling and pleasantly buzzed from the champagne they’d served at his parent’s anniversary party.

He swallowed hard as he watched Marybeth send the camera a playful glare even as she reached down and shimmied out of a pale pink lacey thong. She drew up one of her legs, exposing her wet sex as she threw her panties at the camera.

“Do you want a closer inspection, Officer?” she asked, reaching down to trace her wet slit as the camera moved closer.

“Yes, ma’am,” he heard himself say as the unmistakable sound of a zipper being dragged down came through the television speakers loud and clear.

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