“Shit,” he muttered, dropping his towel as he rushed over to the nightstand and snatched up the remote. As soon as his thumb found the power button, he was pressing it, praying to God that the home movie shut off before it got to the part where Marybeth showed him just how wet she was.

It took him several long seconds to realize that it wasn’t shutting off. Cursing, he banged the remote against his hand, but it didn’t help.

“What are you doing?” Marybeth asked, sounding breathless as he glanced back at the television in time to see the scene jostle a bit as the camera was placed down on the bureau.

“Freeing my hands.”

He stared at the television, frozen on the spot as he watched himself walk over to the bed, his cock sticking out of his pants and bouncing with each step. Without a word, Marybeth leaned over with a smile and took the head of his cock in her mouth.

In the next second he was at his bureau, hitting the power button on the DVD player, but the scene continued to play out, loud moans vibrated throughout the room as he turned his attention to the television and tried shutting it off, but it wouldn’t shut off.

“Why don’t you get on your hands and knees, sweetheart?”

“Fucking hell!” he snapped, giving up on trying to turn the television off and grabbed hold of the bureau. He dragged it away from the wall, leaned around it and-


There was an outlet box covering the plugs. He tried to pull it out, to free the plug, but there was no give. He pushed away from the bureau and headed for his bedroom door, desperate to get away before things got worse. He grabbed the doorknob, yanked open the door and was forced to slap a hand against the doorframe when his legs threatened to give out on him.

“Going somewhere?” Marybeth asked with that mischievous smile that had his cock jerking happily against his stomach, desperate for her attention as the sounds of moaning grew louder.

“It’s not going to work,” he bit out, trying to ignore the sounds of Marybeth begging him to fuck her harder from the television as he stood there glaring down at her.

“Really?” she asked with a careless shrug as she walked into the room.

He opened his mouth to tell her exactly why it wasn’t going to work when a strangled groan tore from his lips when the little tease ran her fingertip down the underside of his cock. She shot him a knowing smile as she walked away, leaving him standing there, panting and licking his lips as he watched while she pulled off her shirt and tossed it aside, leaving her completely naked.

He stood there, feeling helpless as she crawled onto his bed and laid back, letting her legs fall open and gave him an unobstructed view of her swollen wet lips.

“Are you ready to put an end to this?” she asked softly, chewing on her bottom lip as she absently traced a finger between her breasts, drawing his attention to the fact that her large butterscotch nipples were hard and desperate for his mouth.

God, yes…

He raised his foot, ready to beg for mercy when he saw it, the triumphant gleam in her eye that told him exactly what she was doing.

She was playing him and doing it well.

Jaw clenched tightly, he forced himself to walk away, afraid that if he opened his mouth that he’d fuck up everything by telling her exactly how badly he wanted to put an end to this. It was only the reminder of what was at stake that kept him from doing just that.

Chapter 18

Life was good, she decided, unable to stop smiling as she waited for the cashier to finish bagging her breakfast. She normally settled for cereal or pop tarts in the morning before work, but today she felt like treating herself to a few slices of apple crumb coffee cake and an apple fitter from the best bakery in town, which also just happened to be the one that Darrin was banned from.

There really was no better way to celebrate, she mused as she gestured for the cashier to add another apple fritter to her order. Actually, that wasn’t true, she realized with a sad shake of her head as she pulled her phone out and snapped a quick picture of all the yummy looking Danishes and muffins laid out for the morning rush. She placed her money on the counter, grabbed her bags filled with baked goods and headed for the door as she hit, “Send.”

She wasn’t exactly surprised when he didn’t respond to her text. He was avoiding her after all, had been since last week when she’d commandeered his television. Since then she’d had him on the run. Anytime he saw her, he’d curse and abruptly head in the opposite direction. If she called him, he’d answer, ask if she was okay before she could say anything and as soon as he knew that everything was fine, he’d hang up on her. If she sent him a text, he read it, but never responded. She should probably back off and give him some space, but that would only give him a chance to regroup and come after her from a different angle and she knew damn well that he was trying to figure out another way to break her.

Sooner or later he’d figure out that he didn’t have a chance in hell of winning and by the time he did, it would be too late. She’d turn the tables on him and make him beg before she let him have his dirty little way with her and put an end to this dare once and for all. Then she’d be free to enjoy the remainder of their time together without having to deal with another heartbreaking conversation about the future.

Sighing with relief, she opened her truck door and climbed in, gently tossing the bags full of goodies that she was going to have to eat before she made it to the worksite down on the bench seat next to her. Five minutes later she was driving down one of the backcountry roads, humming along to one her favorite songs and reaching into one of the white bakery bags when she heard the chirp of a siren.

“Crap,” she muttered with a groan as she looked up into her rearview mirror and spotted the flashing lights coming up behind her.

Resigning herself to a speeding ticket, she pulled over to the side of the road and put the truck in park. Very familiar with the drill, she reached over and began the long tedious search through her backpack for her license and-

“Please step out of the vehicle, ma’am,” the painfully familiar voice said, making her shake her in disgust, because this was sad even by Bradford standards.

Giving up her search for her license, she turned her attention to the large bastard standing outside her door, looking smug as he waited for her to comply. Curious to see what he had planned and admittedly eager to torment him some more, she opened her door and-

“Please place your hands on the hood of your vehicle, ma’am,” Darrin said firmly, sounding a tad bored as he waited for her to do as he’d asked.

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