“It couldn’t hurt,” he said, kissing his way down as he shifted his hand away from her breast. He reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up slowly.

“We can’t stay married,” she argued weakly, tilting her head back and swallowed hard, trying to find the willpower to stop this before she did something foolish.

“I think we can,” he whispered, groaning softly as he rolled his hips, grinding his large erection between her legs.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, squeezing her eyes shut as she struggled to think of something else, anything else, to distract herself away from how good it felt to be in his arms and how desperately she wanted him.

She had to stay strong!

She needed to stay focused!

She needed….she needed…she……

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked as his hand returned to her breast and held it higher as he traced her nipple with the tip of his tongue.

“Maybe?” she groaned as her breaths came faster and she tried to remember why they shouldn’t be doing this.

“Maybe?” he asked, chuckling against her breast like the insensitive bastard that he was as she struggled to think things through.

“I’m thinking!” she snapped, opening her eyes to glare at the crisp white ceiling as she gasped and panted a bit.

“I tell you what, sweetheart,” he said, sounding thoughtful, pausing just long enough to gently pull her nipple between his lips before he allowed it to slip free with a soft groan, “if you really want a divorce, then I’ll stop. I’ll go get a room of my own. We can figure things out, talk to Garrett and have the whole matter cleared up quickly.”

She opened her mouth, determined to do the right thing and set him free when he reached down and slid his hand under the waistband of the boxers that she’d stolen from him. He ran the tip of his middle finger over her wet slit as he moved his hand over her until he was cupping her in his hand. He groaned with pleasure while she lay there, panting and licking her lips hungrily, weakening by the second.

He pulled his back as he leaned over her, placing his mouth near her ear as he pushed his hand back, sliding one indescribably long finger inside her. “Or,” he whispered, slowly pulling out that thick finger and sliding it back inside her as her eyes fluttered shut and a choked moan escaped her, “I could fuck you.”

“Darrin,” she groaned, chuckling weakly until he pressed his thumb down on her clit and gently rubbed it.

“Let me fuck you, sweetheart,” he whispered, continuing to rub her clit.


“I’ve missed you so much, Marybeth,” he whispered, kissing her neck as he slowly thrust his finger inside her. “I missed talking to you, holding you, kissing you and the way that you feel first thing in the morning when I slide inside you, hot, wet and so fucking tight.”

She moaned, unable to do anything else as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“Did you miss me, sweetheart?” he asked, kissing his way slowly back to her mouth.

He didn’t give her a chance to answer. Not that she really could at the moment.

“What do you want, sweetheart? Do you want me to fuck you or let you go?” he asked hoarsely as his fingers slowly slid inside, drawing out her pleasure. “Tell me what you want, sweetheart. Tell me to go or tell me to-”

“Marybeth?” Aidan suddenly said, cutting Darrin off and giving her a chance to clear her lust dazed mind and think straight.

“Thank God,” she mumbled, opening her eyes and-

Realized that she was possibly the biggest bitch that had ever walked the face of the planet when she peered up into Darrin’s eyes and saw just how much he loved her and just how much she’d been hurting him.

“Please don’t do this, Marybeth,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Please get off me,” she whispered back weakly, shifting her gaze so that she didn’t have to see the hurt in his eyes as she made what was probably going to end up being the biggest mistake of her life.

“Marybeth?” Aidan called her name again as Darrin slowly climbed off her and she forced herself to get off that bed and walk towards that hotel room door as her tee shirt dropped back into place. Taking a deep breath, and praying that Darrin would forgive her one day, she opened the door.

“I managed to talk the pharmacy into giving me a few needles to replace the ones that broke in your bag as well as replace the vial of B12 that was destroyed,” he explained as he handed her over a white paper bag.

“Thank you,” she managed to say, wondering how she could sound so calm at a moment like this.

“You haven’t seen Danny have you?” he absently asked around a yawn as he pulled out his phone and checked a text message.

“No,” she said, wondering if she could actually do this.

“Do you guys want to grab breakfast?” he asked, frowning down at his phone only to shake his head and shove his phone back in his pocket a few seconds later.

She cleared her throat. “I think we’re good.”

“Okay,” he said, nodding absently in that way that most Bradfords did when they were considering their food options.

“The buffet down the street is probably still serving breakfast,” she pointed out to buy herself a few more precious seconds.

“True,” he said, sounding thoughtful even as he turned around and headed back towards the elevator doors, instantly forgetting her existence in typical Bradford fashion and making her realize that her time was finally up.

Darrin was right, she decided as she slowly shut the door. It was time to end this game.

Knowing that that there was no point in putting this off any longer, she turned around and faced that man that she’d hadn’t realized until moments ago that she’d been hurting so much, and said the one thing that would set them free.

“Fuck me.”

Chapter 29

“No,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest in the hopes that the move would stop him from jumping off the bed and jumping her as he glared at the woman that was determined to drive him out of his fucking mind.

“No?” she asked, frowning adorably in confusion as she shifted her attention from his face down to the large angry erection sticking out of the front of his boxers, trying to get her attention before she looked back up.

“No,” he said, shaking his head as he silently cursed the large pink bastard poking out his drawers, trying to ruin everything. Fucking weak bastard, he silently cursed his cock as it jerked hard in a desperate attempt to reclaim Marybeth’s attention.

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