“You’d be bunking with one of your brothers for the rest of this trip,” she calmly explained while any other woman would probably have thrown something at his head, insulted that he hadn’t jumped at the chance to be with her, but not his Marybeth. She’d grown up alongside them and understood the dilemma that he faced probably better than anyone.

When Marybeth turned off the shower and stepped out a few minutes later, he was still standing there, shifting his attention between Marybeth and the snacks as he struggled to make a decision. She didn’t say anything as she dried off. She simply stood there, shaking her head and sighing until finally she was done.

“Pathetic,” she mumbled with a sigh as she dropped the towel, grabbed two of the chocolate fudge cakes and headed for the bed, leaving him standing there staring longingly at the snacks that she’d left behind.

He couldn’t just abandon them, he realized with a shake of his head. He just couldn’t do that. He glanced over his shoulder, spotted his wife on the bed and-

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked with a frown as he watched his wife unwrap one of the tasty morsels, lie back and place the small treat between her breasts.

“Making you a snack,” she said as she opened up the second treat, turned it over and pressed it against her right nipple before she pulled it away, leaving behind a chocolate fudge coated nipple and then did the same to the other nipple. When both nipples were covered in chocolate frosting, she placed the treat right below her navel.

“Oh…God…,” he muttered, stumbling forward as his eyes shifted anxiously from one tasty treat to the next as his over-stimulated mind tried to decide where to start first. When she solved the problem for him by spreading her legs and giving him an inviting smile that he was powerless to ignore, he decided then and there that marriage to the love of his life definitely had its benefits.


“We should get going,” she forced herself to say, because it seemed like the polite thing to do since they’d come on this trip to spend time with his family, but they both knew that if he stopped what he was doing that she would most likely kill him.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he growled approvingly as she reached forward, grabbed onto the edge of the small round table and held on.

“We should…we should, ummm…we should go,” she said, struggling to focus as she licked her lips and tried to push back against him, but he had her firmly locked in place.

“I love your ass,” he murmured instead, palming her ass as he slowly thrust inside her.

The only response that she could manage was a loud moan as she squeezed her legs together, amazed at just how good this position felt. She couldn’t move, couldn’t push back and for whatever reason that made what he was doing to her feel a thousand times more powerful.

“I could fuck you all day,” he said, groaning as he buried himself all the way to the hilt where he paused for several long seconds before he pulled back slowly and pushed back in.

Licking her lips, she squeezed her eyes shut and her grip on the edge of the table tightened as she struggled to hold off the orgasm that she knew was coming, too greedy to give up this feeling even for the powerful release that she knew was coming. Breaths coming faster, she focused on the large thick cock sliding inside her, hitting all the right spots before slowly leaving her, caressing those same spots and making her moan even louder as he slowly returned.

“Do you know the best part about being married?” Darrin asked softly as he leaned over her, his thrusts never slowing as he kissed her jaw.

“What?” she asked on a gasp as the new position sent him sliding back inside her at a different angle, hitting all new spots and sending pleasure racing through her body, threatening to send her over the edge.

“Being able to fuck you anytime I want,” he whispered, sending her over the edge.

Chapter 31

“Are you ever going to stop smiling?” Marybeth asked as they stood in the elevator, watching the numbers light up as they waited to arrive on the first floor.

Grinning wider, he shook his head. “No.”

“I see,” Marybeth murmured before she asked, “Are you ever going to take your hand off my ass?”

“No,” he said, giving the perfectly rounded cheek in his hand another appreciative squeeze simply because he could.

Laughing, she reached back and removed his hand from her ass. “You’re pathetic,” she said, smiling as they entwined their hands.

“No,” he said, returning her smile as he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers, “I’m a happily married man laying claim to my wife so that some poor unsuspecting bastard doesn’t make the mistake of checking out her ass and forcing me to beat the shit out of him.”

“Ah, so you’re doing a public service by groping me,” she said, sounding thoughtful as the elevator doors slowly slid open.

“It’s the least I can do,” he said, shooting her a wink as they stepped out of the elevator and headed towards the ATM machine when they spotted his mother in the lobby, talking to some guy with spiked bleached hair wearing a baby pink polo shirt that was too small even for his wiry figure.

“Oh!” his mother said, her whole face lighting up when she spotted them. “This is my son that I was telling you about, Patrick.”

When the guy sitting next to her glanced over his shoulder and smiled, Darrin realized that there was a very real possibility that he was going to have to have his mother committed. It was a shame, because she made the best chocolate chunk cookies, he thought with real regret as he gave Marybeth’s hand a gentle squeeze as they headed towards his mother.

“Maybe we should wait until after we get home to tell her?” Marybeth suggested as they headed towards his mother and the guy shooting him what could only be described as a welcoming smile.

“No,” he said, taking in the matching pleased expressions as he shook his head, “now’s good.”

“Don’t you want to wait for your Dad?”

“We can tell him later,” he said, deciding that the sooner that he put an end to his mother’s bullshit theory, the better.

“Hi, sweetheart,” his mother said, getting to her feet so that she could hug him. “I’m so glad to see you!”

He just bet she was, he thought, narrowing his eyes on Patrick as the other man threw him a wink. When Marybeth moved to pull her hand away so that she could hug his mother, he held on for dear life. He refused to give his mother a chance to shove him towards the man currently running an appreciative eye over him and judging by the look in her eye, that’s exactly what she wanted to do.

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