“And they suggested doing this?” she really couldn’t help but ask, because as seriously disturbed as their advice could be, which was saying a lot since they were Bradfords, she really just couldn’t see them suggesting that he use sex to fix this.

He chuckled as dropped his head for another lick. “They suggested that I grovel and beg for forgiveness,” he said with a careless shrug as she sat there, helplessly watching as he leaned down and dragged his tongue up between her slit, hitting all the right spots and momentarily making her forget that they were supposed to be talking this out.

“And you were against that plan…why?” she asked, panting and shifting around a bit, desperate for more.

“They don’t know you as well as I do,” he pointed out, rewarding her with another lick that had her sighing with pleasure. That is until he added, “Because if they did, they wouldn’t suggest trying to reason with you.”

“You son of a-Oh God, yes!” she ended on a shout when he decided that this was the best time to slide his tongue inside her.

“You were saying?” he asked, seconds or maybe minutes later, when he shifted his attention back to her clit, which was more than happy to welcome him back.

She licked her lips hungrily as she answered him, but she refused to tell him everything. “I’ve decided to grab an earlier flight home,” she answered, deciding that it wouldn’t matter if he knew that she was leaving early.

“Why?” he asked, not missing a beat.

“I have a few things that I need to do at home,” she said, not technically lying since she did have quite a few things to do before her surgery on Friday. She needed to talk to Uncle Jared about finding someone to run her crew for the next couple of months, get pre-surgery labs done, clean out her fridge, pack everything that she was going to need for the next few weeks and prepare herself for all the beef broth and green Jell-o that her mother was going to shove down her throat.

“Like what?” he asked, leaning down to leisurely lick her, paying special attention to her clit.

“Things?” she repeated, wondering why that came out like a question and really wishing that he’d stop teasing her like this and slide that very talented tongue back inside her.

“Would any of those things have to do with your surgery being moved up to the end of the week?” he asked casually, letting her know that there was no reason to lie to him.

“Yes,” she said, closing her eyes in defeat.

“And you weren’t going to tell me. Were you?”

“No,” she said with a simple shake of her head.

“Why’s that?” he asked as he slowly slid a finger deep inside her, apparently still determined to continue with this line of interrogation.

“Because I didn’t want you there,” she admitted on a soft moan as he slowly withdrew his finger and slid it back inside her.

“Because you thought I’d look at you differently,” he guessed as he continued to slide his finger inside her.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said, shifting her gaze away to-

“What the hell is that?” she asked, trying to make sense out of what she was seeing.

“Hmmm?” he murmured distractedly as he reluctantly looked away from her bare breasts, and did she really want to know how he got her naked and cuffed to the bed without waking her up?

No, no she really didn’t.

He followed her gaze to the economy sized packs of Double A batteries, massage oils, strawberry flavored personal lube, bottle of chocolate sauce and the small pink tube that matched the one that she had at home, waiting for him on the nightstand.

“Backup,” he said with a shrug as he returned his attention back to her.

She swallowed nervously as she stared helplessly at the disturbing collection. “Backup for what exactly?”

“Just in case Plan A doesn’t work,” he said, leaning over and taking one of her large nipples into his mouth.

She licked her lips hungrily as he gently sucked her nipple. When his teeth lightly grazed the sensitive tissue, she shifted her hips desperately against his hand. “And what exactly is Plan A?” she asked, groaning when he suddenly abandoned her nipple and kissed his way to the other one, eagerly awaiting his touch.

“Well,” he said, pausing so that he could bestow the same attention to her other nipple before he continued, “I figured since there was probably nothing that I could say that would make you see the way that I see you, I decided that sex would probably be more effective.”

“And how exactly do you see me?” she couldn’t help but ask as he added a second finger and slid them inside her.


Chapter 38

“I’m not who-Oh, my God, stop doing that!”

“Then stop arguing with me,” he said, sliding his tongue back inside her and nearly coming on the spot when he felt her passage tighten around his tongue, desperate to keep it inside her.

“Bastard!” she gasped as he reluctantly pulled away, but not before he ran his tongue through her slit one last time.

“You are an incredibly beautiful woman, Marybeth. You’ve always been beautiful,” he whispered reverently as he slowly kissed his way up her body. “Any man would kill to have you as his wife,” he whispered against the swell of her breast as he reached down between them and released his cock.

She moaned softly as he ran his tongue over her large breast and licked her firm nipple before taking it in his mouth and gently sucking on it as he shifted between her legs. He slid his cock against her wet slit, loving the way that she wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to pull him closer.

“I was never meant to be any man’s wife,” she stated so simply on a gasp that he knew without a doubt that she truly believed that bullshit.

He released the firm nipple from his mouth and continued to kiss his way up, savoring the sweet taste of her skin against his tongue as he pulled back and slowly entered her. They moaned as she welcomed his cock, coating it with her arousal as he reached between and cupped one large breast in his hand when he finally reached his destination.

“You were always meant to be my wife,” he informed her just as he leaned down and kissed her the way that she was meant to be kissed.

“You deserve better, Darrin,” she argued even as she moaned.

“I deserve the best and that’s you,” he told her firmly as he pulled back slowly, teasing them both and making it more difficult with every passing second not to give in and fuck her hard and fast and put them both out of their misery.

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