Every Bradford was.

“I’m sorry, but there must be some mistake. I’m looking for Marybeth Dawson,” the man said, sounding hopeful that this had all been a mistake and bringing him back to the problem that he needed to take care of so that he could catch up on some sleep.

“She prefers to be called Caramel Butter,” he said, giving the guy a knowing smile and just to fuck with his head, a wink.

“Caramel…..Butter……..,” the guy repeated back slowly, making Darrin feel kind of bad. The guy looked decent enough. It wasn’t his fault that Marybeth was his, had been since they were little kids even though the stubborn woman refused to accept it. He opened his mouth to explain things to the guy only to end up shaking his head in disgust.

“Listen,” the guy said, licking his lips nervously as he glanced around, “I only have fifty bucks on me, but I can hit an ATM and be back here in ten minutes.”

Typical, he thought as he reached back and pulled his badge out. “Run,” he simply said.

“Oh, shit!” the guy said, stumbling back. “I’m gonna go now.”

“You do that,” Darrin said, shoving his badge back in his pocket and sighed in disgust.

He was going to have a word with Jake, he decided as he threw the lock on the front door, walked back in her apartment and dragged his ass back upstairs.

“Did you get rid of him?” Marybeth asked as he walked into her bedroom, not sounding terribly upset that he’d ruined her date, which of course pleased him.

“Yeah, he went running,” he said, smiling when he spotted her curled up in bed beneath the covers.

“Did you pull your badge out?” she asked teasingly as he pulled his gun free and placed it on the bureau next to her Bradford Construction baseball cap. He shoved his pants off as he made his way towards the bed.

“Had to,” he said, pulling the covers back so that he could join her.

“You couldn’t have just told the guy that I wasn’t interested?” she asked, snuggling back against him.

“I wouldn’t have to if you just told your brother that we’re together,” he said, pressing a kiss against the back of her neck.

“That would be lying,” she said, groaning softly as he wrapped his arm around her and cupped her bare breast.

“Would it?” he asked, pressing a kiss against her bare shoulder as he gently squeezed her large breast.

“Yes,” she said, turning her head so that she was looking back at him as she pressed her bottom against his erection, reminding him that he hadn’t had her since yesterday morning just before he’d left for his shift, “it would.”

He released his hold on her breast and reached down between them. He reached inside his boxers and pulled his eager cock out. He watched as she licked her beautiful pink lips as he gripped his cock and aimed seconds before he pushed inside her warm, wet core.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he moved his hand out of the way so that he could slide deep inside her.

She gasped as she went ahead and licked those beautiful lips of hers, driving him out of his fucking mind. He reached up and pushed a strand of her black hair out of the way as he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. “We can do this for the rest of our lives,” he pointed out as he moved his hand down her arm, over her breast, making sure to brush his palm over the large brown nipple that he loved to devour with his mouth, and down her soft stomach until he was tracing her wet slit.

“This is only temporary,” she reminded him as she spread her legs to give him better access.

He decided that it would probably be for the best if he didn’t remind her that they’d been doing this for over six years as he found her clit and gently teased it with his fingertip. He slowly pulled back, loving the way that she moaned as she reached down and gripped his hand to keep it right where it was while he pushed back inside her.

“I could fuck you all day,” he said against her lips, knowing exactly what that would do to her.

She moaned as her grip tightened around his hand. He deepened the kiss as he continued to slowly thrust inside her, his finger matching the rhythm of his thrust as he took his frustration out on the infuriating woman that refused to put him out of his fucking misery and marry him.

“My turn,” she said, allowing him one last thrust before she pulled away slowly, making him groan as his cock slid free.

After six years, he knew what she wanted and had no problem giving it to her. He brushed his lips against hers one last time before he moved back and sat up. He reached over and cupped her ass as she rolled over onto her stomach. By the time that she raised her ass up in the air he was already moving behind her and entering her.

Leaning over her, he pressed a kiss against her spine, on her shoulder and on her neck as he pulled back and slid back inside her. She felt fantastic, absolutely fucking fantastic, he thought as he placed his hands over hers and entwined their fingers.

“Move in with me,” he said, pushing inside her only to pull back quickly, hoping that it was enough to distract her into agreeing to his plans.

“No,” she said, panting as she turned her head in silent demand.

Chuckling, because honestly this woman was going to be the death of him, he leaned down and gave her what she wanted as he slowly pulled out, groaning against her mouth as he noted how wet she was, and pushed back inside. She was so damn stubborn, but that was okay, because he would do whatever it took, no matter how long it took, to have her.

“Then spend the day with me,” he said against her mouth, noting the exact moment that she went still beneath him.

“Ummm, I can’t,” she said quickly as she tried to entice him with a wiggle and a kiss that had him groaning and forcing himself to remain still, because he knew without a doubt that she was hiding something from him.

Chapter 2

“On your back,” Darrin whispered, pressing a kiss just below her ear and making her wince.

Damn it!

He knew!

“This is fine,” she said quickly, daring a glance behind her, wondering if she could make it to the door before he could stop her.

“On. Your. Back,” he whispered again, stressing every word and letting her know that there was no escape.

Not for her.

“This is good for me,” she said, sounding hopeful.

“You have ten seconds, Marybeth.”

“I’m not hiding anything,” she lied, squeezing her eyes shut as she swallowed nervously.

“Why don’t I believe you?” he asked as he slowly pulled out until the tip was at her entrance.

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