Owen inched lower. As his chest came into view, she couldn’t help but pull against her bindings so she could kiss the hard-muscled flesh before her. He nudged the knotted rope out of his way with his nose and latched onto her nipple, sucking hard. She caught the glinting barbell in his nipple between her teeth and tugged. He groaned.

“I shouldn’t have moved,” he said.

The glorious motion of Kellen’s tongue against Lindsey’s flesh halted as he lifted his head. “That’s not part of our ritual, Owen.”

“Your ritual,” Owen said. He sounded a tad testy.

Lindsey tilted her head back and gazed longingly at the hard ridge in Owen’s jeans. She could almost feel him inside her, rubbing her inner walls. Stretching her. Filling her.

She squirmed excitedly. Kellen latched onto her clit and sucked in rhythmic pulses. Was he intentionally matching the pull of Owen’s mouth on her nipple? The two were in perfect synchrony.

Lindsey was building again. She gasped and shuddered, fighting release this time. Not wanting to come when she was empty inside.

Kellen lifted his head. “She needs you to do your part now,” he said.

Owen moved in a flash. He bounded off the bed, shucked his jeans and was tearing open a condom before Lindsey could comprehend what was happening. Something metallic glinted just beneath the rim of Owen’s swollen cockhead. He carefully unrolled the condom down his length and moved to the end of the bed behind Kellen.

Lindsey lifted her head to try to track their motions, but it pulled a rope at her back uncomfortably so she closed her eyes and relished in the sensation pulled from her quivering flesh by Kellen’s skilled mouth. Without Owen to divide her attention, she was quickly overwhelmed with sensation, mewing in pleasure as another orgasm teased her with promise.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I’m coming again. I’m…”

Kellen moved aside and Owen took his place. He found her and slid deep with one hard thrust. Her eyes widened in surprise when she felt there was something inside her other than just flesh. Whatever that metallic bead near his cockhead had been felt amazing.

“What is that?” she asked.

“It’s pierced,” he said simply and then he slowly withdrew.

His modification rubbed down her front inner wall. He found a particularly sensitive spot a few inches inside her and she gasped brokenly as the piercing rubbed against it. A devilish smile lit Owen’s devastatingly handsome face and he thrust quick and shallow, rubbing that little spot inside her until she thought she’d go mad. When the first throes of another orgasm gripped her, he thrust deep and held. She stared up at him unable to comprehend what he was doing. When her breathing stilled somewhat, he pulled back to that special spot again and took her with rapid shallow strokes. Rubbing. Rubbing. Rubbing against that perfect spot.

“Oh God, that feels good.”

Owen grinned at her and thrust deep again. She realized he was just as bad as his friend, Kellen. Teasing her within an inch of a mind-blowing orgasm, yet withholding it from her at the last instant. She didn’t know rather to curse them or sing their praises.

The mattress beside her sagged as Kellen moved to kneel at her side. He was naked now, having shed his jeans. She watched him, in total awe of his masculine beauty. He seemed so at ease with his nudity. Even with his enormous, engorged c**k fully exposed and standing proud and rigid before him. She’d never seen a man so perfectly put together. So silently powerful. So…

She groaned as Owen shifted his hips and the metal ball on the underside of his c**k stroked her rear wall as he thrust into her slow and deep.

Lindsey cried out as an orgasm unfurled within her again. She hadn't thought she was capable of coming three times in one night, but dear Lord, she was coming and having Owen's thrusting c**k inside her brought her the full satisfaction she craved at last.

"She's getting off hard with you," Kellen said as if commenting on something far less amazing than the pulsing pleasure shattering Lindsey with bliss.

"She's not screaming the way she did with you," Owen said, shifting his hips and grabbing the ropes at her shoulders so he could f**k her harder.

Lindsey was too incoherent to scream. She could scarcely breathe. He had to stop. She couldn't take it. “Please, stop. No more. No.”

"I think she's had enough," Kellen said, his fingers tracing the ropes that were digging into her upper arms. "Take it easy on her."

"S-sorry," she whispered. She wanted Owen to finish. Wanted him to take his pleasure while buried deep inside her, but she had reached her limit.

Owen slowed his thrusts and when she stopped shaking, he pulled free with a wet sound. As soon as he was free of her, she wanted him back. But he had already moved to kneel across from Kellen on her opposite side.

Kneeling across from each other on opposite sides of Lindsey’s body, the pair of men stared straight ahead, locked in each other's gazes. Kellen's eyes were dark brown and intense, Owen's brilliant blue and glazed. She wasn't sure what they were doing, but it was as if she was no longer in the room, much less bound between them.

Kellen's hand moved to encircle his cock. He stroked himself slowly from base to tip, working slick oil down his length. Owen stripped the condom off his c**k and mimicked Kellen's motions on himself. His body tensed and his mouth fell open to emit gasps of pleasure. Lindsey watched them, partially puzzled, partially turned on by the perfect synchronicity they displayed as they stroked their cocks over her lower belly.

Owen's eyes drifted closed after a moment. Kellen smiled that wicked little smile of his and reached forward to take Owen's c**k in his hand. Lindsey's gaze darted from their faces, to the action below, back to their faces. Owen shuddered in pleasure and shifted his hand from his c**k to Kellen's.

They tugged at each other in unison. Eyes closed, Owen was twitching uncontrollably at Kellen's hand. Kellen watched him gauging his reaction. His hand moved faster. Faster. Skimming over Owen’s flesh with practiced eased.

Owen fell forward and Kellen caught him against his shoulder still stroking him, his long strong fingers rubbing over the piercing in Owen's c**k with each tug.

Lindsey had never seen two guys stroke each other's cocks before. She wasn't sure why it had her so hot and bothered. She was lying to herself. Watching them got off on each other was the hottest f**king thing she’d ever seen in her life, even if she did feel like an intruder in her own threesome.

"Kelly," Owen whispered. "Can I come? Let me come. Kelly?"

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