“So you’re no longer lusting over the awkward band geek with braces?” he asked.

Unable to resist the temptation, she pushed her hand into his front pocket and shifted his c**k in her palm. So long and hard and huge. Her pu**y throbbed with longing. “I don’t know. Was that guy as well hung as you are?”

His breath caught and his abs tightened beneath her other exploring hand. She trailed kisses over his back while gently stroking his c**k through the soft cotton of his pocket lining.

“Yeah, but he didn’t know how to use it.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand out of his pocket before turning to face her. “Fortunately, I do.”

As his heated gaze roamed her chest, her smart remark died on her tongue. His hand moved to her back to unfasten her bra with practiced ease. He removed the bit of pink lace and underwire and dropped it on the floor. “Beautiful,” he murmured. His fingertips brushed over her taut ni**les, and her back arched involuntarily. Gabe’s hands slid down her belly and unfastened her belt. The button of her fly popped free. He tugged her zipper down, inch by inch.



Too f**king slowly.

She was on fire.

Melanie reached for his belt. She unfastened it and opened his fly. Before he could stop her, she jerked his pants down his thighs to reveal the tattoo on his hip. She squatted in front of him for a closer inspection—a lion?—but found the gorgeous hard c**k in front of her far more interesting than any artistic design. Veins bulged beneath the darkened skin of his dick. The tip curved upward pleasingly. Its swollen head glistened with a hint of pr**cum. Melanie’s tongue darted out to sample a taste of him and Gabe groaned in torment. Smiling at his response, Melanie pressed her palm against his hip and used her other hand to direct his c**k into her mouth. She rubbed her tongue against the thick ridge on the underside. Sucking hard, she pulled back until her lips bumped over the crown of its head, before surging forward to take him deep within her mouth.

Gabe drew a sharp breath through his teeth. “Melanie . . . Wait.”

She tilted her head back to look up at him. He stroked her hair from her face with one hand.

“Don’t get me anymore worked up than I already am; I have surprises for you.” He glanced over his shoulder into the suite. “In my luggage.”

She tugged her head back, releasing him from the tight suction of her mouth. “What kind of surprises?”

“I’ll show you. Just . . . if you keep doing that, I’m gonna come and then I’ll probably fall asleep afterward.”

She stared up at him in disbelief. “I’ve never known a guy to turn down o**l s*x before.”

“At least let me reciprocate.”

He wrapped both arms around her, pressing her bare br**sts firmly into his chest. The piercing in his nipple rubbed against her areola, and she thought she’d explode with lust. That forbidden piece of jewelry made her feel so naughty. So reckless. He made her feel that way. She loved all the unconventional things about him. She was starting to see why Nikki was so attracted to bad boys.

Belly-to-belly, Gabe walked her backward into the large open living area of the suite. When she turned her head to take in the lushly decorated room, he paused. She looked up at him in question and he caught her mouth in a deep kiss. Melanie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him in return, making no protest when he pushed her jeans down over her hips. He grabbed her ass in both large hands and pressed her more securely against him, his thick c**k prodding her in the belly.

He started moving her backward again. This time he didn’t stop until her legs came in contact with the bed. He eased her down onto the mattress, still kissing her. When he had her where he wanted her, he lifted his weight onto his hands, tugged his mouth free of her eager lips, and stared down at her.

“Your pants are in my way,” he murmured.

She tried to struggle out of them—they were in her way as well—but their bellies were plastered together and he had her jeans trapped against the edge of the bed with his lower body.

“Don’t rush,” he said. “I want to look at you first.”

He shifted away and climbed to his feet, leaving her alone and disoriented with her legs dangling off the bed. He grabbed her jeans and pulled them off in one tug. He left her panties and her high-heeled sandals in place. She squirmed toward the middle of the bed, using her elbows and heels to propel herself across the mattress. He seized one ankle just above the strap of her shoe, and she stopped.

“Show me how you like it,” he said.


“I couldn’t tell if you like it gentle or rough, so show me.”

“How am I supposed to show you?”

“Touch your br**sts.”

“Gabe, I’d like anythi—”

The look he gave her threatened to melt her panties right off her body. “Show me, Mel.”

She flopped onto her back and grabbed her br**sts in both hands. Wasn’t the entire purpose of having a partner to get her off so she didn’t have to do it herself? She plucked at her ni**les until they were sufficiently hard and then dropped her hands.


He chuckled. “Not even. Take off your panties.”

“Gabe . . . ”

“Take them off.”

She huffed and reached for her panties, jerking them off over her butt.

“Not like that.” He leaned across the bed and covered her hands with his to slow her motions into a leisurely, deliberate tease. “Look at me while you slip them off,” he said. “So I can’t decide if I want to stare into your eyes or catch my first glimpse of your swollen pu**y. Is it wet?”


His gaze shifted down her body and he shuddered, his teeth worrying his bottom lip as if he was restraining it from seeking the heated flesh between her thighs.

How decidedly delicious that Gabe was telling her what he liked, telling her in the same way he’d asked her to tell him. She’d never been with a man who gave instructions, and she’d never bluntly told a lover exactly what she wanted from him in bed, but maybe with Gabe it wouldn’t be awkward. Maybe for once she wouldn’t have to fake her orgasm.

“I understand,” she whispered. “I’ll follow your instructions.”

Their eyes met, and she tried to hold his gaze as she slowly worked her panties down her legs. He glanced down to check her progress and took a stuttering breath before returning his gaze to her eyes.

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