“Does it have a good seal?” he asked. “I don’t want it to hurt you.”

“It doesn’t hurt,” she assured him breathlessly.

He shifted over her to kiss her sweat-moistened belly worshipfully, tracing the chain resting against her stomach with his nose.

“When I first saw your belly chain, I immediately thought of how this invention would look against your skin. I knew you’d do it justice. I’ll get the vibration going in a minute.”

“Vibration?” Holy Hell, he was trying to drive her insane.

He grabbed the chain that was resting against her belly and gave it a firm tug. It pulled on both ni**les and her clit simultaneously. Her breath caught as ripples of ecstasy radiated through her pu**y in teasing spasms.

“I think it’ll hold. Wait for me, baby. I have to get myself ready now.”

Get himself ready? She had no idea what he meant. He reached for the second, smaller package but hid its contents from view. He offered her a crooked grin and her heart rate kicked up another notch, ready for whatever else he had in store for her. “Hurry, Gabe,” she whispered. “Please.”

He climbed from the bed and pulled his shirt off over his head. She drank in the sight of his well-formed muscles contracting beneath his skin as he unfastened his jeans and removed the rest of his clothes. Her hand trailed to her belly to toy with the chain. If she pulled it just a bit, the pleasure intensified, making her br**sts ache and muscles deep inside twitch uncontrollably. She couldn’t imagine how amazing Gabe’s invention would feel if it actually vibrated.

Admiring the ink on Gabe’s hip, which now aroused her instead of frightening her, she watched him wrap a thin leather cuff around the base of his c**k and snap it in place. He stroked himself until his c**k was thick and erect. She longed to trace the torturous veins beneath its smooth skin with her tongue. To feel the swollen head rubbing against her inner walls and his tight balls bumping against her twitching ass as he f**ked her deep. Deep and hard. She wanted dig her nails into his back, her heels into his ass, and take it as good as he was willing to give it. She groaned at her own thoughts, praying he hurried. She couldn’t wait much longer. She feared she’d implode if he didn’t fill her soon.

The raspy hitch of his breathing as he stroked himself had her dripping wet in an instant. She rhythmically tugged the chain in time with his hand as he rubbed his length. God, watching him make himself hard for her was such a turn-on. Everything. Everything about him was a turn-on.

He applied a condom and then attached a slender rod to the top of his modified leather c**k ring. The attachment was several inches long, had a small knob on the end, and ran parallel to and a few inches above his cock. The small attachment appeared to be made of highly polished wood. She couldn’t begin to guess what the hell it was for. Did it interact with the contraption on her clit? While she let her imagination run wild, Gabe crawled up on the end of the bed with something hidden in his hand that he wouldn’t let her see. His intense gaze sent a trickle of apprehension down her spine. She’d never seen him look so serious. So determined.

He rolled her onto her belly and then lifted her up onto her knees. Before she could let him know that doggy style was not her favorite position, he entered her several inches.

She whimpered.

“I just need to adjust this, baby. Hold still for me.”

She felt the rod he’d attached to his c**k ring press against her ass, and then something cold squirted against that bit of virginal territory. With the exception of his finger the night before, she’d never had anything in her back door. He rubbed the slippery substance over her tense opening, using his fingers to work it inside. Lube. If he rammed his enormous c**k in her ass, it would probably kill her.

“Wait,” she gasped.

He shifted forward, and the ball at the end of the slender rod popped into her ass while his c**k pressed deeper into her pu**y.

“Gabe, wait, I . . . ”

“Does it hurt?”

No, actually it felt f**king amazing. But she didn’t like things in her ass. At least that’s what she’d anticipated. She wasn’t exactly an expert at anal play.


“I’m not sure,” she admitted, rubbing her hot face against the covers. She concentrated on what she was feeling back there. The rod was so slender and his c**k was so thick, she couldn’t feel much of anything inside her ass at all. It felt cool and wet, but she felt no pressure inside. “I can’t really feel it much now.”

He pulled back and the knob at the end of his attachment popped out of her ass. She cried out in bliss.

“Did you feel that?” She could hear the smile in his voice.


“And did it feel good or did it hurt?”

“Good.” It was the longest sentence she could manage.

“Okay, I’m going to turn on the vibration now. Are you ready?”

“Good.” She rocked backward, seeking double penetration again. “Feels good.”

He reached around her body and pressed something between her legs. The device attached to her clit hummed to life. Her entire body went taut, and she moaned.

“My goal is to make you scream my name. Give me what I want, but make me work for it.”

He leaned against her back and reached under her, gathering the chain that was dangling from her belly into one fist. The pull tugged on her ni**les and clit with just enough pressure to send jolts of pleasure through her br**sts and womb, yet it put a stop to the vibration against her clit. Gabe then loosened his grip, which eased the pull on her sensitized flesh but buzzed her clit again. He alternated between pulling the chain and allowing it to loosen—between tug and vibration—over and over again. It brought her to orgasm in seconds. Before she recovered, he began to pump his hips, filling her clenching pu**y with thick c**k and popping that little knob in and out of her ass until tears were streaming from both eyes and she was begging for mercy. He tugged the chain with each thrust, pleasuring so many parts of her at the same time that her body was lost to sensation and ecstasy.

God, she was coming hard, so hard, and she couldn’t stop.

“Gabe,” she cried. “Gabe! Gabe! Too much. Please.” And then she really was screaming his name. Loud and repeatedly. The only other word she could manage to scream was “fuck”.

When her voice grew hoarse and eventually failed her, she comprehended he was chuckling at her insanity. “You need to practice some orgasm delaying techniques, Mel,” he said. At least that’s what she thought he said. Her ears were still ringing with her own screams. She fought to catch her breath, whimpering now, still consumed with pleasure, but too drained to scream anymore.

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